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Islamic dreams about Whale find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Whale dictionary!
Whale dream interpretations

Whale Dream Explanation — (Fish; Jonah; Sea life) In a dream, a whale represents an oath, the temple of righteous people and the prayer mat of the devotees. Seeing a whale in a dream also means strains, depression, loss of rank, or a growing anger. Seeing the whale which swallowed Allah's prophet Jonah (Alayhi-Salam) in a dream means dispelling one's fears, prosperity for a poor person and the coming relief for someone in distress. In a dream, a whale also represents the chief minister of sea life, while the ocean represents the king or the ruler. (Also see Fish) Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Fish Dream Explanation — (Sea Life; Human being) In a dream, if their number is known, fish represent women, but if their number is not known, then they represent money from a doubtful source. If one sees a fish colony gathering at seabed, where he is fishing, bringing them up and eating them raw as he pleases, or if he places them into baskets and divides them into lots in the dream, it means that he will prosper and invest his wealth in different ventures and savings plans. A whale in a dream represents the minister of sea life, while the sea itself represents the king or the country. A whale in a pond with his jaws opened in a dream represents a prison. A large fish colony in a dream represents despised earnings, or earning a large amount money one is accountable for its expenditure. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Vessel Dream Explanation — Likewise, the ship represents prison, especially when it stands still, in view of the story of the prophet Yunus  (Jonas), who was locked like a prisoner in the stomach of a whale after his ship was wrecked. Other interpretations include knowledge that saves the dreamer from ignorance. Witness the story of Moses, who boarded a vessel with a wise man called Al-Khidr on a very instructive journey.  (See Musa.) Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

Earth Dream Explanation — (Country; Farm; Floor; Glob; Land; Locality; Place; Property) In a dream, each locality has a particular meaning that relates to its substance and conditions. To see the land of the great gathering on the Day of Resurrection in a dream means the fulfillment of a promise, or that the person seeing the dream is worthy of keeping secrets. Earth in a dream also means becoming rich after poverty, or having peace after experiencing extreme difficulties. It also means a marriage to a beautiful young virgin, or it could mean receiving guidance and attaining a high ranking and an honorable position in the world. To see the glob being carried on the back of a whale or a steer without changing its conditions in a dream means that the king of the country will be dethroned. He will either step down or be replaced by his minister. Sweeping the floor and caring for the floor mat or carpet in a dream means to care for one's community or family. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Fish Dream Explanation — If one sees himself attempting painstakingly to catch a whale in a small pond in a dream, it means money that he will fight for, though he cannot get hold of it without having to cross major obstacles. If one finds a pearl or two in the belly of a fish in a dream, it means that he will marry a rich woman and conceives one or two sons with her. If he finds a ring in the belly of the fish in a dream, it means that he will gain authority and might. Finding fat in the belly of a fish in a dream means acquiring money from a woman. Seeing oneself fishing on a dry land means committing adultery, a sin, or it could mean hearing good news. Catching a fish with excessive bones and scales denotes the necessity to pay one's dues or to distribute alms tax on one's liquid assets, because one cannot enjoy his catch unless he first cleanse it. Seeing sea fish swimming toward sweet waters, or river fish swimming toward the sea in a dream means hypocrisy, falsehood or the rise of an innovator or an impostor. If one sees fish swimming on the water surface in a dream, it means ease in attaining his goals, exposing secrets, unveiling hidden past, reviewing old books or redistributing an old inheritance. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Arabic months Dream Explanation — (Lunar months) : 1- Muharram; 2- Safar; 3- Rabi-ul-Awwal; 4- Rabi-al-Thani; 5- Jamada-al-Awwal; 6- Jamada-al-Thani; 7- Rajab; 8- Shaaban; 9- Ramadan; 10- Shawwal; 11- Zul-Qidah; 12- Zul-Hijjah) Seeing a dream during the month of Muharram means that the dream is most true as it is seen. Thus, having a dream during the month of Muharram could be even called a vision and it never fails. Such a dream means success, relief from difficulties, release from a prison, or recovering from an illness. If the person had retreated from his town, he will return to it. This interpretation is based on the story of Allah's prophet Jonah, Alayhi-Salam, after he emerged from the belly of the whale. Perhaps the person in the dream may face a great spiritual challenge in his life, or it could mean the death of a great man of knowledge or the emergence of such a Gnostic or wise man in that city. If the person seeing the dream is a sinner, it means dream means will repent of his sins, for Allah Almighty has accepted the repentance of Adam, Alayhi-Salam, during that month. If the person in the dream is one who hopes for a station of honor, he will attain it, because Allah Almighty has raised the prophet Enoch (Idris) Alayhi-Salam, to a high station during that month. If a traveller sees a dream during that month, it means that he will safely return home from a long journey, because it is the month in which the prophet Noah Alayhi-Salam, was saved with his people, and it is the month in which the arc settle on top of Mount Judiyyi. If the seer desires a son, then he will beget a righteous son, because it is the month in which Allah's prophets Abraham and Jesus, Alayhi-Salam, were born. If the person he is dream is suffering from tight financial circumstances and if he desired a wayout, it means that he will see the light or escape from the danger of his enemy, because this is the month in which Allah's prophet Abraham Alayhi-Salam was saved from the fire of Nimrod, or perhaps, if he had followed a path of innovation and falsehood, he will turn back to Allah Almighty and repent of his sin, because it is also the month in which Allah Almighty forgave the prophet David, Alayhi-Salam. If the person in the dream is impeached from his leadership position or stripped from his status, he will return to his office and regain honor, because it is also the month in which Allah Almighty returned the prophet Solomon to his kingdom. If one is bedridden, it means that he will recover from his illness, because it is the month in which the prophet Job (Alayhi-Salam) recovered from his illness, or perhaps it could mean that one will be sent as an emissary with a mission, or as an ambassador, because it is during this month that Allah Almighty spoke to His prophet Moses Alayhi-Salam. As for the second lunar month, known in Arabic as afar, having a dream during it could be interpreted as follows; If one is pessimistic about what he saw, then it could mean the opposite. If he is sick, it means recovering from his illness. If one is needy, it means that his needs will be satisfied. If one is suffering from stress and worries, it means that they can cause him no harm. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin


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