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All cookies at MyIslamicDream are safe and secure, and is used to provide users a comfortable browsing experience. For more information about cookies, please visit: http://www.aboutcookies.org.uk/.

Below are a list of cookies which are needed to provide users a smooth experience and for performance monitoring. At MyIslamicDream we also use a 3rd party advertising company Google Ads to provide a more personalised and related selection of adverts. Without the following cookies the website may not function appropriately.
Necessary Cookies
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Cookie Purpose Duration
device Used for saving user preference for viewing our website on a mobile device. 1 week
cookie_policy Saves user's cookie preferences on our website. 1 year
cookies_enabled To recognise if the user has cookies enabled or not. 1 hour
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Google Analytics Tracking user performance and recording website statistics.
Google Ads Tracking pay per click advertising on the website
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Google Showing advertising media across MyIslamicDream. See Google Advertising.
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