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Islamic dreams about Journey Umrah find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Journey Umrah dictionary!
Journey Umrah dream interpretations

Umrah Dream Explanation — (arb. Minor Hajj; Pilgrimage; Visiting Allah's House in Mecca) Performing the minor pilgrimage to Allah's House in Mecca during the great pilgrimage season signifies the end of one's life, or it could mean reaching the peak of one's illness. Performing the minor pilgrimage also known in Arabic as Umrah in a dream also could mean increase in one's wealth, longevity, success in one's life, or acceptance of one's prayers. (Also see Pilgrimage; Rituals of the pilgrimage; Sai)

Umrah Dream Explanation — See Pilgrimage.

Journey Dream Explanation — (See Return)

Nocturnal Journey Dream Explanation — (See Aqiq canyons; Night of Power)

Returning from a journey Dream Explanation — (See Debt; Return)

Minor Hajj Dream Explanation — (See Umrah)

Visiting Allah's House in Mecca Dream Explanation — (See Pilgrimage; Umrah)

Reciting Surah Hajj Dream Explanation — He will perform Hajj and Umrah. But if he is ill he will die.

Pilgrimage Dream Explanation — • Going for the pilgrimage in due course:  (1) If the dreamer never performed hajj before, he will be granted that honour.  (2) If the dreamer is ill, he will recover.  (3) If the dreamer has debts, they will be settled.  (4) Fears will disappear.  (5) The dreamer will return safe from a journey.  (6) Business will turn profitable.  (7) Post and dignity will be restored. Total rehabilitation.  (8) If erring, the dreamer will come back to the right path.  (9) Relief will come.
• Missing the pilgrimage mission:  (1) Loss of a high post. Isolation.  (2) Business losses.  (3) The dreamer will be intercepted by highwaymen.  (4) The dreamer will fall ill.
• Dreaming of having performed the pilgrimage or the Umrah  (minor or out-of-season pilgrimage): The dreamer will be reformed and have a long life.

Hajj Dream Explanation — (arb. See Feast of Immolation; Pilgrimage; Responding; Umrah)

Arafat Dream Explanation — (Mecca; Mount Arafa; Mount of mercy; Plain of Arafat; Reunion of beloveds) If one sees himself standing in prayers in the Plain of Arafat during the pilgrimage season on the 9th day of the Arabic month of Zul-Hijjah, it means the return of a long awaited traveller to his home, a happy reunion, a family reunion, reconciliation between friends or peace between two individuals. Seeing Mount Arafa or the Plain of Arafat in a dream also could represent the pilgrimage season, or performing a pilgrimage, visiting Mecca on Umrah (See Umrah), or it could mean the Friday congregational prayers, the sixth day of the week, a marketplace, or engaging in a profitable business.

Pilgrimage rituals Dream Explanation — (See Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Mina; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Responding; Sai; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

Rituals of the pilgrimage Dream Explanation — (See Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Mina; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Responding; Sai; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

Twisting a rope Dream Explanation — (Splice; Entwine; Twine) To splice a rope or a thread, or to twist a rope around oneself, or to whorl it around a spindle, or to make a bobbin in a dream means undertaking a journey. If it comes out thin in the dream, then the outcome of one's journey is meager. If the rope comes out thick and strong in the dream, it means that the outcome of one's journey is beneficial.

Crane Dream Explanation — This bird symbolizes a poor, weak, and incapable stranger or sociable people who like to share and participate. It augurs well for travellers and anyone who wishes to get married or have a boy.
• Seeing a crane:  (1) Will embark on a long journey.  (2) Will return safe and sound to one’s family from a journey.

Mina Dream Explanation — (Pilgrims camp; Pilgrimage) Seeing oneself in Mina in a dream means fulfilling one's wishes in this world and in the next, and it could mean dispelling all fears. (Also see Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Pilgrimage; Responding; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

A Spinning Wheel Dream Explanation — A spinning wheel used for separating the seed from cotton symbolises journey to be undertaken. If a man sees himself as spinning wool, hair or camel hair it means hew will soon undertake a journey and return with halaal provision in abundance and wealth which will be a means of great barakah and blessings for him. If he sees himself as pinning cotton or the bark of tree such as is normally done by women it means he will undertake a journey and will return with goods. But such goods will be regarded as undesirable or unclean by the people. If a woman happens to see the same dram it means that her relative who is absent will return soon.

Incident - The father that hid his money Dream Explanation — A man hid his money inside his house and went on a journey. On his way back home, he became sick. The man also owed money to some people, and he thought of telling one of his companions about the place of his money and to ask him to pay his debt, but he aspired for recovery and hoped to return home and pay his debts in person. During his journey, the man died. His son saw him in a dream and asked: "What did God do to you?" The father replied: "My condition is in abeyance, and it depends on some debts that must be paid first. I have some money hidden in such and such place. Please go and dig them up, pay people what I owe them, and enjoy the rest."

Muzdalifa Dream Explanation — To see the sacred station at Muzdalifa (arb. Mishar Al-Haram) in a dream means observing Allah's commandments and fulfilling the divine injunctions. If one finds himself standing before the sacred station of Muzdalifa, seeking refuge in its sanctuary in a dream, it means that he will receive guidance and dispel his fears. (Also see Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Mina; Pelting stones; Pilgrimage; Responding; Sai; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

Omar Dream Explanation — (The commander of the believers, Omar bin Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him.) Seeing him in a dream means longevity, trustworthiness and praiseworthy deeds. One who sees him in a dream will speak the truth, be just and call people to the straight path. He also may be able to attend to the Sacred House in Mecca in an auxiliary pilgrimage (.Umrah). If one shakes hands with Omar bin Al-Khattab in a dream, it means that he will prosper and live a pious life, and he will be a vigilant and a strong believer, the value of whose deeds will surpass his fame.


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