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Islamic dreams about Frankincense find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Frankincense dictionary!
Frankincense dream interpretations

Frankincense Dream Explanation — (Incense) In a dream, frankincense represents the occasion for which it is burned. (Also see Incense)

Frankincense Dream Explanation — it symbolises the correct understanding of Deen with a person will acquire from some auspicious and blessed person.

Incense burning Dream Explanation — (See Aloe perfume; Civet; Incense; Frankincense; Ud)

Incense Dream Explanation — The elements encompassed herein include; richness after poverty, knowledge after ignorance, peace with one's adversaries, bribery, divulging one's secrets, ingratiating oneself to a superior for personal gains, or adulation. Incense in a dream also represents the heat of one's love or passion. In a dream, perfuming oneself with incense also means using an amulet or a charm to repel jealousy, or to break through the stratagem of sorcery. Incense in a dream also means using charm to bring peace, tranquillity and profits if one intends so in his dream. (Also see Aloe perfume; Civet; Frankincense; Ud)


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