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Islamic dreams about Throat Swelling find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Throat Swelling dictionary!
Throat Swelling dream interpretations
Swelling Dream ExplanationSwelling in a dream means increase in one's earnings, or earnings that will be quickly spent, or it could mean increase in one's knowledge. Swelling in a dream also signifies pride, self-adulation, or a hidden claim. If a swelling from inflammation subsides in a dream, it means the return of a traveller, calming the fury of an angry person, controlling the exasperation of an outraged person, things returning to normal, appeasement of a repulsive person, or loss of one's job. (Also see Pimple)

Throat Dream Explanation — Dreaming of pulling hair or threads from one’s throat endlessly without much managing to cut them off means one will remain needy and on bad terms with one’s superior for quite a long time. If the dreamer is a merchant, he will go bankrupt.

Swelling Dream Explanation — Dreaming of a swelling indicates:  (1) More money and assets.  (2) Money obtained after worries and a lot of talk.  (3) The dreamer will be better off.  (4) The assimilation of knowledge. The dreamer will be thrown in jail or harmed in one way or another by the ruler.

Throat Dream Explanation — (Life; chastity. See Body "

Pharynx Dream Explanation — See Throat.

Wounds, Bruises Etc Dream Explanation — wounds, bruises, ulcers, sores etc. appearing on the body symbolise wealth that will be acquired by the observer of such a dream. The extent of the wealth will depend on how old such wounds, bruises etc. Are, Likewise, any obesity or swelling means acquiring of wealth equal to the extent of the obesity or size of the swelling.

Pimple Dream Explanation — (Abscess; Boil; Postulate; Pus; Swelling; Tumor; Ulcer) When one sees that he has contracted pimples that open, and if pus starts running from them in the dream, it means benefits or a booty. In general, open wounds and pimples in a dream represent money and profits, unless if they appear in high concentration or cause sufferings in the dream. Thus, pimples could represent money that keeps coming as long as the pus has not dried in the dream. (Also see Swelling)

Tonsils Dream Explanation — Dreaming the tonsils have swelled till they almost obstructed the pharnyx or throat means the dreamer has an obsession for collecting money and is niggardly even with himself and his life will soon be over.

Pluto Dream Explanation — The God of the Underworld. See Satan POISON. Dreaming of drinking poison, swelling, and seeing the pus or suppuration means the dreamer will have as much money as there was matter. If there was no pus, the same dream would mean worries and misery. Deadly poisons symbolize death.

Testicles Dream Explanation — • Willingly giving away the left testicle to somebody: An illegitimate boy will be born to the dreamer and will bear someone else’s name.
• Contracting a hydrocele  (swelling of the scrotum around the testicle):  (1) Will make gains and give them away to the enemies.  (2) Will lose something.
• A woman dreaming that she has a pair of testicles: Might get twins.
• Seeing one’s testicles having been severed, though the penis is still there: Will have no more daughters.

Forefront Dream Explanation — The forefront represents the person’s aspect and prestige. Any defects in it reflect on those two things.
• Having a forefront bigger than usual  (but not a swelling): Will have a son who will prevail over his folk.
• Having an iron or copper forefront or one made of stone is a good dream for the policeman or the protege of some powerful person; but the same dream would be negative for others, as the subject of such a dream would become repulsive.
• An ailment in the forefront: Lack of prestige.

Stream Dream Explanation — (Brook; Creek; Irrigation; Rivulet; Watering) In a dream, a stream represents the course of one's livelihood, his source of income, his shop, his trade, travels and the like interests. A stream in a dream also could mean festering wounds, waterskin, watering irrigation, the resting area on the highway, one's throat which is the watering access of his body, or it could represent life if it is public property. If it is a private property, then it represents the life of the person who digs out such a stream. A stream in a dream also represents a good life, or the comfort of its owner. If its water flows over its banks in the dream, then it represents sorrows, crying, or sadness.

Leprosy Leontiasis Dream Explanation — • Having leprosy leontiasis  (the lion’s disease):  (1) Endeavours will be foiled as the dreamer is arrogantly defying God.  (2) The dreamer is the victim of false and ugly accusations, though innocent.
• Dreaming of the symptoms of leprosy, including mutilations and swelling in the body:  (1) Will have money that will last.  (2) Will inherit some clothes.
• Performing a Muslim prayer while plagued with leprosy: The dreamer is forgetful of the Holy Quran.

Pregnancy Dream Explanation — (9) He brings together men and women.  (10) A robber will break in his house.  (11) A wicked woman will hide in his place.  (12) He is sowing in the wrong land.  (13) He will steal something and hide it.  (14) He will perish by the cord  (a homonym for pregnancy in Arabic, the word for both being habl).  (15) He will get ill after eating dates.  (16) He will have a dropsy  (kind of swelling).  (17) A foreigner dear to the dreamer will be buried at his place.  (18) The dreamer is a liar who brags and pretends that he can do impossible things.  (19) He is concealing his corrupt faith and creed.

Knee Dream Explanation — The dreamer’s knee alludes to the person’s toil and endeavours to earn his living. The strength of its skin is the strength of his position. The two knees are an indication of the condition and good or bad functioning of the body. Interpretations are a bit contradictory.
• A skinned knee: More toil and fatigue.
• A thick-skinned knee or a swelling in that area: Money earned the hard way.
• A sick person having pain or any ailment in the knee: Will die.
• Having two sound and strong knees: Will travel, take some action, or make an important move.

Knee Dream Explanation — (Brotherhood; Health; Kneeling in prayers; Movement; Partnership; Prayers; Servants) One's knee in a dream represents his efforts, toiling, purpose and share in earning his livelihood. If the skin covering the kneecap appears healthy and flawless in the dream, it means that one's livelihood will become easier to manage, and his financial standing will become stronger. However, if the skin of one's kneecap is detached or hangs loosely in the dream, it denotes coming hardships. If the skin looks rough and swelling in a dream, it means that his hard earned money will be lost in a bad investment, and subsequently his earnings will be scarce and hard to get.

Pear Dream Explanation — (Fruit) A pear in a dream means money, blessings, or a sickness. Eating it in season in a dream means benefits, income, or it could denote the arrival of a long awaited person. Eating pears out of season in a dream means a sickness or swelling, though if a sick person eats a pear in a dream, it means a cure for his illness, or it could mean earning unlawful money. Receiving a basket, or a plate of pears in a dream means receiving an inheritance. As for a pregnant woman, pears in a dream represent a son, and for an unmarried woman, they means marriage. Pears in a dream also signify the death of an ailing person and his burial.


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