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Islamic dreams about Someone Throat Cancer find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Someone Throat Cancer dictionary!
Someone Throat Cancer dream interpretations

Cancer Dream Explanation — (astr. See Moon)

Throat Dream Explanation — Dreaming of pulling hair or threads from one’s throat endlessly without much managing to cut them off means one will remain needy and on bad terms with one’s superior for quite a long time. If the dreamer is a merchant, he will go bankrupt.

Throat Dream Explanation — (Life; chastity. See Body "

Pharynx Dream Explanation — See Throat.

Tonsils Dream Explanation — Dreaming the tonsils have swelled till they almost obstructed the pharnyx or throat means the dreamer has an obsession for collecting money and is niggardly even with himself and his life will soon be over.

Moon Dream Explanation — Seeing the moon in the position of Taurus in a dream means losses for a business traveler. As for seeing it in the position of Gemini in a dream, then it means profits from a ranch and raising livestock. Seeing the moon in the position of Cancer in a dream means good time to get married and conceive children. Seeing it in the position of Leo in a dream means bad business for partnerships, securities, or mixing capitals. Seeing it in the position of Virgo in a dream is good for health and fitness oriented people. Seeing the moon in the position of Libra in a dream means water loss for a pregnant woman.

Stream Dream Explanation — (Brook; Creek; Irrigation; Rivulet; Watering) In a dream, a stream represents the course of one's livelihood, his source of income, his shop, his trade, travels and the like interests. A stream in a dream also could mean festering wounds, waterskin, watering irrigation, the resting area on the highway, one's throat which is the watering access of his body, or it could represent life if it is public property. If it is a private property, then it represents the life of the person who digs out such a stream. A stream in a dream also represents a good life, or the comfort of its owner. If its water flows over its banks in the dream, then it represents sorrows, crying, or sadness.


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