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Islamic dreams about Someone Leprosy find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Someone Leprosy dictionary!
Someone Leprosy dream interpretations

Leprosy Dream Explanation — Leprosy symbolizes:  (1) A cloth without ornament.  (2) Money. Dreaming of being piebald  (black and white) means one will contract leprosy. It is always better to dream of oneself having such dreadful diseases than of others. The logic behind this is that, seen on others, leprosy, scabies, and the like give the dreamer an acute and unpleasant sense of repulsion.

Leprosy Dream Explanation — (A blood disease; An infectious skin and nerve affecting disease; Albino) To see oneself as a leper in a dream means that one may receive an inheritance, money, or a garment without ornaments. Leprosy in a dream also means working in vain, or losing the benefits of one's deeds because of one's arrogance toward his Lord, and consequently, he will earn Allah's displeasure.

Leprosy Dream Explanation — It also means being innocent from false allegations, or being subject to people's slanders. If one's leprous condition spreads throughout his entire body in the dream, it means a lasting prosperity. If one sees himself praying under leprous condition in a dream, it means possessing unlawful and forbidden earnings, or forgetting whatever one has memorized from the Quran. (Also see Albino)

Leprosy Dream Explanation — It symbolises the acquisition of abundant and pure wealth.

Leprosy Leontiasis Dream Explanation — • Having leprosy leontiasis  (the lion’s disease):  (1) Endeavours will be foiled as the dreamer is arrogantly defying God.  (2) The dreamer is the victim of false and ugly accusations, though innocent.
• Dreaming of the symptoms of leprosy, including mutilations and swelling in the body:  (1) Will have money that will last.  (2) Will inherit some clothes.
• Performing a Muslim prayer while plagued with leprosy: The dreamer is forgetful of the Holy Quran.

Smallpox Dream Explanation —   (Also see Leprosy.)
• Having smallpox: Wealth will increase and the dreamer will obtain money from a ruler along with worries and the fear of being annihilated  (as in the case of dreams involving ulcers or sores and measles).
• The dreamer’s son having smallpox: Welfare for both.

Scabies Dream Explanation —   (Also see Leprosy.)
• Scabies with no water: Trouble and worries caused by relatives.
• Scabies with water: Money but not without toiling.
• A poor person dreaming of scabies: Will find a fortune.
• A rich person dreaming of scabies: Will become a leader or a chief.

Elf Dream Explanation — (Abnormal; Albino; Elf; Leprosy; Whitish) An elf in a dream represents a person of evil nature who creates disunity and enmity between people through backbiting, insinuations, slanders and who advises them against good deeds. In a dream, an elf also represents poverty, sorrows, humiliation, or adversities caused by people who wander between towns and cities as a habit. If an elf visits a sick person in a dream, it means death.

Ink Dream Explanation — (Knowledge) In a dream, ink signifies honor, dignity and the rising of one's star. If one's shirt or garment are stained with ink in a dream, it means disgrace, though one will eventually overcome his adversities and regain his former status. Seeing a spotted garment with ink in a dream could mean leprosy, or perhaps that ink will soil one's shirt as seen in one's dream. Ink in a dream also signifies power and dominion. Writing with ink in a dream means strength and authority. Using ink or seeing someone using it in a dream means honor, rank, assisting others, and it may represent a learned person, or a religious scholar.

Testicles Dream Explanation — • Seeing one’s testicles inflated and stronger than they really are:  (1) Will be protected from any harm.  (2) Will have many girls.
• Seeing one’s testicles having been cut or destroyed: (1) An amount of money is due by the dreamer, of which two thousand, two hundred, or simply two currency units are missing. (2) Will be deprived of God’s blessings, have no more children, and face hard times. (3) Will divorce. (4) Will betray one’s country for personal benefits. (5) Will lose one’s children. (6) Will lose one’s purse or money altogether. (7) Will lose the consent of the bride’s sponsors. (8) Will lose one’s family or other relatives. (9) Will no longer be decent.  (10) Will contract a skin disease, in particular; alopecia  (loss of hair), commonly called fox’s evil; or leontiasis leprosy, known as lion’s evil.
• A dreamer seeing his testicles being cut off or infected with a disease: 


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