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Islamic dreams about Shop find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Shop dictionary!
Shop dream interpretations

Shop Dream Explanation — In a dream, a shop represents one's wife, child, life, death, property, pride, servant, vehicle, or personal secrets.

Sweets shop Dream Explanation — In a dream, a sweets shop represents faith in Allah Almighty and submission to His will.

Jewelry shop Dream Explanation — A jeweler's shop in a dream means happiness, celebrations, a wedding, ornaments, Adam's apple, or a Quran study circle. (Also see Jeweler)

Luxuries shop Dream Explanation — (Amenity; Extravagance) Luxuries salesman in a dream means enriching oneself at people's expense. Luxuries shop owner in a dream means enslaving others, or he could represent a cattle merchant, or celebrating happy or sad anniversaries.

Pastry shop Dream Explanation — (See Seasonal sweets; Sweets; Sweets maker)

Thrift shop Dream Explanation — (Also see Used clothing)

Tripe shop Dream Explanation — (See Sheep; Trotter)

Flower shop owner Dream Explanation — In a dream, he represents someone who has gratitude and contentment, or someone who faces his adversities with patience.

Masjid Dream Explanation — Expanding a Masjid in a dream means increase in one's good deeds, repentance from a sin, adopting good conduct, or being just. Seeing oneself inside a new Masjid one does not recognize in a dream means attending the pilgrimage to Allah's House in Mecca during that same year, or joining religious circles to learn about one's religion. If one's shop becomes a Masjid, or if the Masjid becomes a shop in the dream, it denotes lawful earnings, or it could mean mixing lawful and unlawful earnings.

Extravagance Dream Explanation — (See Luxuries shop)

Amenities Dream Explanation — (See Dwellings; House; Luxuries shop)

Dirt Dream Explanation — (Earth) Dirt in a dream represents woman's money or property. Walking on dirt means soliciting money. Collecting dirt in a dream means saving money. Sweeping dirt in one's house in a dream means swindling money from one's wife. Sweeping dirt in one's shop in a dream represents lawful earnings. Dusting the ceiling of one's shop and throwing it outside in a dream means business losses. Carrying dirt in a dream means circulating rumours, and it also means dispelling distress, or overcoming depression. (Also see Earth)

Fire in the Market Place Dream Explanation — Fire seen in the market place or shop is an indication that much loss will be sustained in business..

Goodwill Dream Explanation — (Alms; Generosity; Secondhand; Thrift shop; Torn garments. See Used clothing)

Thumb Dream Explanation — If one measures a house or a shop with his thumb in a dream, it means that he will own that place. (Also see Measure)

Perfumery Dream Explanation — (Perfume shop) In a dream, a perfumery represents happy news, marriages and children. (Also see Amber; Marketplace; Musk)

Jar Dream Explanation — The water jar symbolizes the dreamerís warehouse, shop, or wife, since it contains his water, says Ibn Siren. The same applies to the wicker bottle.

Linen merchant Dream Explanation — (Linen shop) A linen merchant in a dream represents trials with women, depression, distress, toiling, adversities and humiliation.

Saddle cloth Dream Explanation — In a dream, a saddle cloth represents marriage, a judicial or a political appointment, moving to a new house, moving to a new shop, or it could mean travels.

Barn Dream Explanation — In a dream, a barn represents profits, provisions, fodder, food, savings, coffer, bag, one's house, one's shop or one's farm. (Also see Carriage house; Stableman)


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