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Islamic dreams about Rice find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Rice dictionary!
Rice dream interpretations

Rice Dream Explanation Raw rice: Money obtained by swindling and causing trouble and worries.
Cooked rice: Gains.

Rice Dream Explanation In dream, rice means money which is earned with toiling, distress, or passion.

Rice Dream Explanation It symbolises wealth which the observer is after and which he will obtain after toiling hard.

Rice pudding Dream Explanation In a dream, rice pudding means celebrations, a reception, a wedding, a contract, knowledge, or prosperity.

Rice flour Dream Explanation In a dream, rice flour means a blessing or a favor. (Also see Flour)

Rice drink Dream Explanation (See Amazaki)

Amazaki Dream Explanation (Japanese fermented rice drink; slightly sweetened and a non-alcoholic drink also found in Egypt) Drinking amazaki in a dream means comfort and prosperity. If an unmarried man sees himself drinking this fermented rice drink in a dream, it may mean that he considers it lawful to live unmarried with divorced women.

Flour Dream Explanation (Wheat; Rice flour; Semolina) In a dream, flour means money or blessings. Semolina in a dream represent a husband who is compatible with his wife. Flour in a dream also means acquiring exalted knowledge, travels, money, shop, tools, castle, defence, religious nature, guidance, or recovering from an illness.


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