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Islamic dreams about Reciting Ayatul Kursi find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Reciting Ayatul Kursi dictionary!
Reciting Ayatul Kursi dream interpretations

Kursi Dream Explanation — (arb. See Chair; Divine Throne)

Reciting Dream Explanation — (See Poem)

Reciting Surah Ala Dream Explanation — Allah will ease his matters for him.

Reciting Surah Asr Dream Explanation — Its reader will exercise sabr and patience and he will help in matters of truth.

Reciting the Holy Quran Dream Explanation — Looking into the Quran and reciting it depicts and Hikmah (i.e. Islamic knowledge and wisdom). In general, reciting the Quran Symbolises truthfulness in speech and conduct.

Reciting Surah Fatihah Dream Explanation — Anyone who recites it fully or partially, his duas will be assuredly accepted by Allah and he will derive such benefit thereby that it will bring him joy and happiness. Some say that he will marry seven women in succession and his duas will be accepted. This is borne out by the fact that Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) used to recite Alhamdu lillahi rab bil alameen in the beginning of his dua as well as at the end.

Reciting Surah Baqarah Dream Explanation — Whoever reads it in his dream fully or partially_albeit one word_ he will live long and progress in deeds of piety. At times it means he will move to a new locality where he will be revered and honoure.d Some say that if he is a qaadhi (judge) his departure from this world is imminent and if he an Alim his life span will be long and his condition will improve.

Reciting Surah Al Imraan Dream Explanation — Whoever reads it in his dream fully or partially he will be the black sheep of his family. He will acquire hisd rizq in old age. He will also undertke journeys continuously.

Reciting Surah Nisaa Dream Explanation — The reader will live with a beautiful woman till the end of his life. But the marriage will not be a happy one. He will also possess the ability to rpesent stong arguments and speak eloquently.

Reciting Surah Maaidah Dream Explanation — The reader of this Surah will be anoble person whose passion will be to feed people. But at length he will be harmed by some hard-hearted persons.

Reciting Surah Anaam Dream Explanation — Its reader will now focus his attention towards safeguarding and serving the cause of Deen. He will acquire halaal rizq and will be fortunate in the world and hereafter

Reciting Surah Araaf Dream Explanation — Its reader will acquire a little knowledge of every science. And it is possible that he will die in a foreign land.

Reciting Surah Anfaal Dream Explanation — Its reader will be crowned with honour and his Deen will remain safeguarded.

Reciting Surah Taubah Dream Explanation — Whoever reads it in his dream, he will revere and love the pious people.

Reciting Surah Yoonus Dream Explanation — Its reader will suffer some loss of wealth. It is also said that its reader will become a bearer of glad tidings at all times.

Reciting Surah Hood Dream Explanation — He will have lots of enemies and will choose to live in a goreign land rather than his own.

Reciting Surah Yoosuf Dream Explanation — Woever reads it in his dream his family members will become his enemies and his livelihood will received in a land away from home.

Reciting Surah Raad Dream Explanation — Its reader will always be impoverished and needy. According to one interpretation his death is imminent.

Reciting Surah Ibraheem Dream Explanation — Its reader will glorify Allah abundantly and he will offer abundant repentance unto Allah.

Reciting Surah Hijr Dream Explanation — Whoever reads it in his dream his family will be protected against all calamities and he will become humble and submissive. And if is reader is a king his death is imminent. If he is a qaadhi his conduct and character will be good. If a trader he will enjoy certain privileges over his family.. If an Alim he will die an honourable death.


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