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Islamic dreams about Procrastination find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Procrastination dictionary!
Procrastination dream interpretations

Procrastination Dream Explanation — (See Deferment)

Deferment Dream Explanation — (Delay; Postponement; Procrastination) Deferment or postponement of fulfilling one's obligations in a dream means separation and annulment of a contract. If a woman defers or postpones her marriage in a dream, it means separation from her husband or losing the opportunity to be married or showing preference to remaining unmarried.

Burial Dream Explanation — The burial symbolizes ten things:  (1) Jail.  (2) Poverty or misery.  (3) Travel.  (4) Distance.  (5) Delay or procrastination.  (6) Forbidden sex.  (7) Declining capacity.  (8) Gloating or rejoicing at another’s misfortune.  (9) Uneasiness and paucity of resources.  (10) Things that turn sour.
• Attending a burial: Will receive a double reward from God.
• Being dead and buried:  (1) Will embark on a long journey and earn plenty of money that will revive the dreamer’s economy, in view of verses in the Holy Quran that read: “Then causeth him to die, and burieth him; then, when He will, He bringeth him again to life.”  (“Abasa” [He Frowned], verses 21–22.)  (2) Will die from the religious point of view.
• Being buried alive in a grave: The doer will subdue the dreamer and perhaps lock him up, but the latter will escape such harm, unless he died in the rest of the dream, in which case he would die overwhelmed by all sorts of trouble and related worries.
• Burying a living person: Will triumph over enemy.
• Burying one’s enemy: Will overpower him.
• A group of people burying a person:  (1) Bad omen.  (2) Those people will gang up to destroy that person.
• Coming out of the grave: Will  (hopefully) repent.
• Throwing sand on a man’s head or handing him over to the undertakers in the grave pit: Will cause that man’s doom.
• Seeing oneself being put in an open grave: Will have a house. In case the sand had been levelled on the dreamer, he would obtain money, as much as there was sand.
• Burying a useful animal:  (1) Regret.  (2) Savings.
• Burying an odious animal: Will come across a man with similar characteristics.
• Burying an object: You are materialistic.
• Burying something that does not need to be buried:  (1) Will lose your fortune without achieving any purpose.  (2) Will keep something with somebody  (because the human being is made of dust or clay).