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Islamic dreams about Perbond find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Perbond dictionary!
Perbond dream interpretations

A Snake leaving a Perbond Ear or Stomach Dream Explanation If a snake is seen leaving his ear, stomach or back passage it means he has an enemy amongst his children who will soon part from him

Honey Dream Explanation It presents a perbond accumulated wealth. At times it is wealth that he hs inherited or will inherit. It also symbolises Islamic and Quranic knowledge. Any sweetmeats made of honey or sugar symbolises a perbond wealth and halaal rizq.

The Back and Loins Dream Explanation These symbolise a perbond honour, dignity and nobility. At other times the back or the loins symbolise a child since a child is born of a perbond back.

Breasts Dream Explanation These symbolise a perbond daughters.

A Camel Calf that is Weaned Dream Explanation It symbolises a perbond child.

The Front Two Teeth-Upper and Lower Dream Explanation They symbolise a perbond children, brothers and sisters.

Donning Red Clothes Dream Explanation Donning of red clothes is suggestive of a perbond popularity.

The Flesh of an Ox Dream Explanation It symbolises a perbond wealth. And its skin represents his estate.

The Horns of an Ox Dream Explanation They represent a perbond honour, dignity, respectability, wealth and weapons.

The Stomach, Intestines and Other Organs Dream Explanation The stomach, intestines etc. symbolise a perbond hidden wealth which he had accumulated over the years.

Carpet or Mat Dream Explanation A carpet or mat symbolises the material things of this world and perbond age.

A Pack-Horse Dream Explanation A horse meant for carrying burden symbolises a perbond fortune and luck.

A Camel that Escapes Dream Explanation An escaped, lost or stolen camel means that a perbond wife will separate from him.

The Young of Edible Game Dream Explanation They represent a perbond children. Sometimes, slaves, if the person acquires any portion of their body.

Well Dream Explanation A well is normally associated with a perbond livelihood and capital. But sometimes it is also interpreted as slyness, cunningness, fraudulence, grief and sorrow.

Peacock Dream Explanation It symbolises a foreigner in an Arab land; or assets; or beauty and adornment; or a perbond followers.

Molars Dream Explanation They symbolise a perbond paternal uncles, aunts etc. Any defect ion them is suggestive of similar misfortune regarding them.

The Broken Point of a Sword Dream Explanation A perbond mother, paternal grandmother, maternal aunt or some lady equal in status to any of these will die.

A Scorpion in the Stomach Dream Explanation A scorpion in the stomach, bed or shirt mans a perbond enemy is in close proximity with him. He hers all that he says and divulges it to others.

Stomach Dream Explanation This symbolises a perbond assets and his sons. To see one' stomach smaller than its normal size suggest that his wealth will increase.


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