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Islamic dreams about Pain find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Pain dictionary!
Pain dream interpretations

Pain Dream Explanation — Liver pain in a dream means ill-treatment of one's children. Spleen pain in a dream means spoiling one's money by adding unlawful earnings to it. Severe spleen pain that could lead to one's death in the dream means loss of one's religious commitment. Lung and chest pain in a dream mean the nearing of one's death. Back pain in a dream means the death of one's brother, supporter, superior, or a close friend. Pain in one's thighs in a dream means causing harm to one's community. Pain in one's foot in a dream means money, or it could mean straying from Allah's path. (Also see Body; Chest pain; Lungs; Teeth; Tooth)

Pain Dream Explanation — (Ache; Discomfort; Hurt) In a dream, pain means regret and sorrow. Suffering from a tooth ache in a dream means hearing painful words from a relative the particular tooth implies. Neck pain in a dream represents being ill-treated by one's friends. Neck pain in a dream also may indicate that one has betrayed his covenant, or that he has denied a promise. Shoulder pain in a dream signifies bad earnings. Stomach pain in a dream means spending money in sin and feeling regret for doing so. Pain in one's navel in a dream signifies ill-treatment of one's wife. Heart pain in a dream means having hidden bad qualities, or questionable religious sincerity.

Chest pain Dream Explanation — Having chest pain in a dream denotes a sin one is being punished for, or it could mean being spendthrift, or it could represent one's generosity in other than Allah's pleasure, and the pain represents the punishment for it. (Also see Body; Chest; Pain)

Neck pain Dream Explanation — (See Pain)

Foot pain Dream Explanation — (See Body; Pain)

Heart pain Dream Explanation — (Also see Body; Pain)

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Navel pain Dream Explanation — (See Body; Pain)

Stomach pain Dream Explanation — (See Body; Pain)

Thigh pain Dream Explanation — (See Body; Pain)

Back pain Dream Explanation — (See Back; Body; Pain)

Lung pain Dream Explanation — (See Body; Lungs; Pain)

Spleen pain Dream Explanation — (Also see Body; Pain; Spleen)

Teeth Dream Explanation — If one's teeth fall without pain or a cause in the dream, then they represent worthless deeds. If they fall because of a gum disease or cause pain in the dream, then they mean being forced to part with something from one's house. If the front teeth fall and cause pain and bleeding in the dream, they represent one's incompetence or inability to complete a project. If the front teeth fall without pain or bleeding in the dream, then they mean losing one's property. Falling teeth in a dream also denote a long illness that may not necessarily culminate in death. If one collects his fallen teeth in a dream, it also means that he can no longer conceive children. If one's teeth fall into his lap in the dream, it means having a large progeny.

Tooth Dream Explanation — • Having glass or wooden teeth: Death.
• In general, falling teeth mean obstacles or the settlement of debts.
• Teeth falling without pain: Hopes will be dashed.
• Teeth falling with pain: Something will disappear from the dreamer’s house. The front teeth falling: The dreamer will be unable to achieve something by pleading. If there is pain or blood or flesh being snatched, hopes will be dashed.
• The front teeth falling and others pushing instead: Things will change or be rearranged.
• The upper teeth falling into one’s hand: Money is coming.

Spleen Dream Explanation — • Having a strong spleen: Relief, as this organ is the backbone of the body.
• Having pain in the spleen: The dreamer will sustain enormous financial losses, starting with his capital, which he and his family rely upon. He might lose his life in that process.
• The pain in the spleen getting more severe: Loss of religious faith.

Tooth Dream Explanation — • The teeth getting longer and bigger: A dispute or rivalry in the dreamer’s house between members of his family.
• Someone whose teeth are black, eroded, and twisted dreaming that they have fallen: Will overcome all kinds of hardships.
• Dreaming of brushing or cleaning one’s teeth with a piece of wood  (Arabic: miswak) as the Holy Prophet used to do: The dreamer is supporting his parents and good to his relatives.
• Brushing one’s teeth with something unclean: The dreamer is spending dirty money beyond his will.
• Having pain in one tooth or a molar: The dreamer will hear something bad from the relative whom that tooth represents inasmuch as the pain was severe.

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