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Islamic dreams about Mecca find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Mecca dictionary!
Mecca dream interpretations

Mecca Dream Explanation — (Holy Mecca; Imam) In a dream, the Holy Mecca represents the Imam of all the Muslims. Whatever happens to it in a dream will manifest in his life. The city of Mecca in a dream also could represent the spiritual and religious standing of the person seeing such a dream. If one sees himself living or owning a house in Mecca in a dream, it means honor and knowledge. If one sees himself living in Mecca in a dream, it also may mean that he will give his daughter in marriage to a noble person. Walking away from Mecca in a dream means separation from one's superior. If one sees that Mecca is demolished in a dream, it means that he does not perform his prayers. Entering Mecca in a dream also could mean getting married to a girl everyone is hoping to marry. If a sinner sees himself entering the city of Mecca in a dream, it means that he will repent for his sins. If one has a dispute and sees himself entering Mecca in a dream, it means that he will lose his argument. Entering Mecca in a dream also means reaching safety and peace in one's life. Leaving one's homeland and travelling to Mecca in a dream means that Allah willing, he will shortly join the pilgrimage caravan and perform his Hajj. If a sick person sees such a dream, it means that his illness will be long and that he may die from it, or he may join the company of the dwellers of the heavenly paradise. Seeing oneself in Mecca and residing in the lodge one usually uses in a dream means extension of one's contract, or reappointment at a previously held position. If Mecca becomes one's home in a dream, it means that he may move to live there. Seeing oneself in Mecca mixing with departed souls in a dream means that one will die as a martyr. Visiting the holy Kabah in Mecca during a business trip in a dream means concern and attachment to material gains and worldly profits. Walking on the road to Mecca in a dream means going on a pilgrimage. If one sees Mecca fertile in a dream, it means benefits, and if he sees it barren in a dream, it means the opposite. (Also see Circumambulation; Masjid; Visiting holy sites)

Holy Mecca Dream Explanation — (See Kabah; Mecca)

Visiting Allah's House in Mecca Dream Explanation — (See Pilgrimage; Umrah)

Maqam Ibrahim  (The Station Of Abraham, Near The Kabah In Mecca (Makkah) Dream Explanation — )
• Having been to Maqam Ibrahim and prayed in its direction: The dreamer is a true believer who learns and memorizes religious tenets and will be granted the privilege of performing the pilgrimage. The Quran says: “The First House  (of worship) appointed for men was that at Bakka  (Mecca (Makkah)): Full of blessings and of guidance for all kinds of beings. In it are Signs manifest;  (for example), the Station of Abraham; whoever enters it attains security; pilgrimage thereto is a duty men owe to God”  (“Al-Imran” [The Imran Family], verses 96–97.)
• Entering Maqam Ibrahim:  (1) Will be delivered from fear and feel secure.  (2) Will obtain a very high post, perhaps the leadership of the country.  (3) Will inherit from one’s father or mother.

Makkah Dream ExplanationMecca (Makkah) symbolizes Islam, the Muslims  spiritual leader or the dreamer’s chief. Whatever happens to it—good or bad—will befall Islam or such a person.
• Being in Mecca (Makkah):  (1) Good religion, repentance, safety, and welfare.  (2) Will visit the Kabah.  (See Kabah.)  (3) Will be saved by God from tyrants.  (4) Will regain one’s freedom.  (5) Will be spoiled by the ruler and people will come to the dreamer to benefit from his knowledge or influence.  (6) Daughter, if beautiful, will be betrothed.
• Seeing a fertile Mecca (Makkah) flourishing: Welfare and good tidings. The reverse is also true.
• Being on the way to Mecca (Makkah): Will perform the Muslims  pilgrimage.
• Entering Mecca (Makkah): No more fear.
• Entering Mecca (Makkah) or belonging to Mecca (Makkah): An allusion to a beautiful girl or woman whose hand is solicited by too many people.
• A renegade or an atheist entering Mecca (Makkah): Will repent and embrace Islam.
• A bachelor entering Mecca (Makkah): Will be blessed with a bride.
• A person in dispute entering Mecca (Makkah): Will be defeated in the feud.
• Going to Mecca (Makkah) for the pilgrimage:  (1) It will be so in reality.  (2) If the dreamer is ill, the disease will last and the dreamer will die and perhaps go to Paradise.
• Going to Mecca (Makkah) strictly for business: The dreamer is an earthly creature.
• Being in a house in Mecca (Makkah) in which the dreamer stayed before: The renewal of a mandate.
• Being in Mecca (Makkah) with the dead: Will die as a martyr.
Mecca (Makkah) becoming the dreamer’s house: Will become a resident of that holy city.
• Leaving Mecca (Makkah) behind one’s back: Will be separated from or quit one’s chief.
Mecca (Makkah) destroyed: The dreamer doesn’t pray much.

Maqam Ibrahim Dream Explanation — Maqam Ibrahim is the place where Ibrahim stood to pray next to the Kabah in Mecca (Makkah). Dreaming of being at the Maqam or praying toward it means the dreamer will observe the Sharia  (religious law), will be secure, and will perform the pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah).

Pilgrimage Areas Dream Explanation — Muzdalefa, in Mecca (Makkah) Seeing oneself at Muzdalefa means the dreamer is or will become praise-worthy for his endeavours to obey God scrupulously and will perhaps fulfil his promises and settle his debts. Mena, another holy place in Mecca (Makkah) Dreaming of being in Mena means no more fear and all aspirations will be met. Arafa Dreaming of being on the Day of Arafa  (part of the Muslim pilgrimage rites to commemorate the day on which God brought together Adam and Eve) means:  (1) The dreamer will resume his support of his parents and in-laws.  (2) The dreamer will conclude peace after a dispute,  (3) The dreamer will see his enemy humiliated, Zamzam Dreaming of drinking water from the Zamzam well in Mecca (Makkah) means one will obtain what he desires and enjoy welfare.

Incident Dream Explanation — On the eve of the battle of Badr between the believers and the Quraish tribe of Mecca, God's Prophet Muhammad (uwbp) saw a dream as stated in the Holy Qur'an: "And remember when God showed them to thee as few in thy dream — " (Qur'an 8:43). Later on, when God's Prophet (uwbp) led his companions to Hudaibiyyah, he also saw in a dream that he and his companions were entering the Holy city of Mecca. In this dream, he saw them circumambulating the Sacred House with peace and tranquility. God Almighty confirmed his dream in the Holy Qur'an saying: "Truly did God fulfil the vision for His Apostle, that ye shall enter the Sacred Mosque, if God wills, with your minds secured, head shaved, hair cut short, and without fear. For He knew what you do not know, and He granted beside this, a speedy victory." (Qur'an 48:27). Indeed, it was in such a state that God's Messenger and the believers entered the Holy city of Mecca and cleansed God's House from polytheism and idol worship.

Umrah Dream Explanation — (arb. Minor Hajj; Pilgrimage; Visiting Allah's House in Mecca) Performing the minor pilgrimage to Allah's House in Mecca during the great pilgrimage season signifies the end of one's life, or it could mean reaching the peak of one's illness. Performing the minor pilgrimage also known in Arabic as Umrah in a dream also could mean increase in one's wealth, longevity, success in one's life, or acceptance of one's prayers. (Also see Pilgrimage; Rituals of the pilgrimage; Sai)

Hurry Dream Explanation — (Celerity; Haste; Hastiness; Quick pace) Walking with dispatch, or with a quick pace in Mecca or in any town in a dream means victory over one's enemy. Celerity in a dream also represents haste, or the dispatch through which one leaves this world. Moving with a quick pace in a dream also means loss of one's position, or it could mean attending the pilgrimage season in Mecca. (Also see Hastiness)

Circumambulation Dream Explanation — (Ambulate; Kabah; Mecca; Walk around) If a sinner sees himself circumambulating Allah's House in Mecca in a dream, it means that he will be freed from suffering in hell-fire. If one is unmarried, it means that he will get married. If one qualifies for promotion, it means that he will receive it. Seeing oneself performing a pilgrimage in a dream also means circumambulating Allah's house in Mecca, developing a good character, living a straight and a worthy life, safety from fear, repayment of one's debts, delivering entrusted merchandise to their rightful owners or money to its people on demand, being trustworthy, living an ascetic life, fulfilling a promise, atonement for one's sins, distributing expiatory gifts or interceding on behalf of a trustworthy and a noble Imam. Seeing oneself circumambulating Allah's house while riding on a mare in a dream means that one will commit the abominable sin of adultery with a member of his own family or with a consanguineous blood relative with whom it is not permissible to have sexual relationship. (Also see Kabah; Rituals of the pilgrimage; Sai)

Holy Kabah Dream Explanation — (See Kabah; Mecca)

Zamzam Dream Explanation — (Well of Zamzam; Kabah; Mecca) If one sees the well of Zamzam quenching the thirst of people and if it is situated in a particular neighbourhood, or in a town other than Mecca, it signifies that a gnostic will come to reside in that place and whose knowledge and wisdom will benefit its people. Drinking water from the blessed well of Zamzam in a dream also means recovering from an illness. If one drinks Zamzam water after having placed an intention in his dream, for example; to acquire knowledge, grow in wisdom, become wealthy, to recover from an illness, to conceive a child, to receive forgiveness for one's sins or any lawful desire in a dream, it means that Allah willing, one's wish will come true. (Also see Gutter; Well)

Marwa Dream Explanation — (arb. Hill of Marwa; Mecca. See Rituals of the pilgrimage; Sai)

Safa Dream Explanation — (arb. Hill of Safa; Mecca. See Rituals of the pilgrimage; Sai)

Assets Dream Explanation — If a rich person sees himself in a dream standing within the confines of the Cradle of Ismail in the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, it means that he will be debarred from his assets, and his rights to use them will be temporarily suspended.

Frozen assets Dream Explanation — If a rich person sees himself in a dream standing within the confines of the Cradle of Ismail in Mecca in a dream, it means that he will be debarred from his assets and his rights to use them will be suspended.

Newlywed Dream Explanation — Entering the Sacred House in Mecca in a dream means entering one's house as a newlywed.

Pebble Dream Explanation — • Throwing pebbles  (jamarat) as part of the pilgrimage rites in Mecca (Makkah) as if stoning the Devil:  (1) Will settle a debt of seven or seven hundred currency units.  (2) Will triumph over the enemy.  (3) Will do good.  (4) Will complete fasting and prayer.
• Eating one such pebble: Will eat up the money of an orphan.

Jerusalem Dream Explanation — Seeing oneself performing prayers at the sacred mosque in Jerusalem in a dream means receiving a great wealth from an inheritance. Facing Jerusalem during one's prayers instead of the Kabah in a dream means a pilgrimage to Mecca. If one performs a ritual ablution in Jerusalem in his dream, it represents profits from his business. (Also see Canopy; City; Masjid)