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Islamic dreams about Hearing Quran Recitation find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Hearing Quran Recitation dictionary!
Hearing Quran Recitation dream interpretations
Hearing Dream Explanation — (See Speaking)

The Faculty of Hearing Dream Explanation — It symbolises a perbond Deen. Thus, if a person sees his hearing ability increased it suggests that he will progress in matters of Deen. But if he sees it as defective, it suggest similar defects in his Deen.

Hearing board Dream Explanation — (Cabinet; Council; Court; Inquisitional court) If one's name is presented before a hearing board for review, and if he is nominated to fill a seat in any governmental department in a dream, it means that he may satisfy the requirements of such a position. If he loses the nomination in the dream, it means his death, or that he may never return to that building again. (Also see Exhibition; Inquisitional court)

Hearing a voice Dream Explanation — (See Invisible caller)

Hearing the Athaan in any Month Other than Thil-Hijjah Dream Explanation — If the athaan is heard in any other month besides the months of Hajj it means he will impart the knowledge of Deen through discourses and lectures. The same applies to athaan heard in streets and lanes.

Quran Dream Explanation — (Garden; Holy Book; The Last Revelation) In a dream, the holy Quran represents a garden because when one looks at it, it looks like a beautiful garden and its verses are the fruit of knowledge and wisdom the reader can pluck. Learning a Quranic verse, a saying of Allah's Prophet (uwbp), a prophetic tradition, or a craft in a dream means richness after poverty, or guidance after heedlessness. If one sees himself in a dream reading from the pages the holy Quran, it signifies honor, command, happiness and victory. Reciting the Quran by heart and without reading the pages of the holy Book in a dream means proving to be true, or having a true claim, being pious, commanding what is good and forbidding what is evil. If one is told averse from the holy Quran in a dream, he should understand it, memorize it and comply with the same. If the verse reads about mercy or glad tidings or other admonitions in the dream, the interpretation of one's dream should be the same. If the Quranic verses recited in the dream connote an advice, one should act upon it in order for him to reap its benefits. If one hears a Quranic verse containing a warning, promising punishment for the disbelievers, or announcing a swift retribution for their sins, then one should immediately repent for his sins, even if the verses relate to previous nations or times. If one sees himself reciting the Quran and understanding what it says in a dream, it denotes his vigilance, intelligence, faith and spiritual awareness. If a Quranic verse is recited to someone, and if he does not agree with the divine judgement in the dream, it means that he will suffer harm from someone in authority, or that a punishment from Allah Almighty will soon befall him. If an unlettered person sees himself reading the holy Quran in a dream, it could also mean his death, or his reading of his own records. If one sees himself reading the holy Quran without true interest in it in a dream, it means that he follows his own mind, personal interpretations and innovations. If one sees himself eating the pages of the holy Quran in a dream, it means that he earns his livelihood from his knowledge of it. If one sees himself completing the reading of the entire Quran in a dream, it means that a splendid reward from his Lord is awaiting him, and that he will get whatever he asks for. If a disbeliever sees himself reading the holy Quran in a dream, the verses of admonition will help him in his life, the verses of punishment will be his warning from Allah Almighty and the parables will denote his need to contemplate the meaning. If one sees himself writing the verses of the holy Quran on slabs of a mother of pearl, or on a piece of cloth in a dream, it means that he interprets it according to his own liking. If one sees himself inscribing a Quranic verse on the ground in a dream, it means that he is an atheist. It is also said that reading the Quran in a dream means fulfillment of one's needs, clearing of one's heart and establishment of one's success in his life. If one discovers that he has memorized the Quran in a dream, though in wakefulness he has not memorized it, it means that he will own a large property. Hearing the verses of the holy Quran in a dream means the strengthening of one's power, reaching a praiseworthy end to his life, and that one will be protected from the envy and jealousy of evildoing people. If a sick person sees himself reciting a verse from the holy Quran, but could not remember to what chapter it belongs in the dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. Licking the holy Quran in a dream means that one has committed a major sin. Reciting the holy Quran in a dream means increase in one's good deeds and rising in his station. (Also see Holy Book; Pearl necklace; Reading)

Quran Dream Explanation —   (Also see Quranic Verses and Sarah's.)
• Reading the Holy Quran openly: Trustworthiness, righteousness, virtue, and deterrence from vice in view of certain verses in the Holy Book itself: “They are not alike. Of the People of the Scripture there is a staunch community who recite the revelations of Allah all night long, falling prostrate  (before Him). They believe in Allah and the Last Day, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency, and vie one another in good work. They are of the righteous.”  (“Al-‘Imram” [The Imran Family], verses 113–14.)
• Reading in a Mushaf : Will acquire wisdom, dignity, and good repute and faith will be strengthened. The Mushaf in general, represents wisdom.
• Buying a Mushaf: The dreamer’s religious knowledge will expand and spread, and he will benefit others.
• Selling a Mushaf: The dreamer will indulge in sins and abominations.
• Burning a Mushaf: The dreamer will lose religious faith.
• Stealing a Holy Quran: The dreamer will forget prayer.
• Holding a book or a Mushaf and opening it to find its pages blank: Appearances are deceitful or tricky.
• Eating a Mushaf or the pages of a Mushaf: The dreamer is taking money to transcribe the pages of the Holy Book, which is an illicit or immoral gain.
• Kissing the Mushaf: No shortcomings in discharging the dreamer’s duties.
• Writing Quranic texts in porcelain or mother-of-pearl or on a dress: The dreamer is interpreting the Quran the way he likes.
• Writing the Quran on the ground: The dreamer is an atheist.
• Reading the Quran without clothes: The dreamer is whimsical.
• Using the Quran as a pillow: The dreamer does not respect and preserve properly his Mushaf, despite the injunction by the Holy Prophet not to do so.
• A person with bad memory having managed to memorize the Holy Quran: The dreamer will become a king  (or almost), owing to the verse that reads as follows: “He said: Set me over the storehouses of the land. Lo! I am a skilled custodian.”  (“Yusuf’ [Joseph], verse 55.) In Arabic, the verbs for to “memorize” and “to preserve” are homonyms.)
• Listening to the Holy Quran: Authority will be enhanced and life will end beautifully and will be shielded against all sorts of intrigues, in view of the Quranic verse that reads: “And when thou recites the Quran, we place before thee and those who believe not in the Hereafter a hidden barrier.”  (“Bani Israil” [The Children of Israel], verse 45.)
• The Mushaf being taken away from the dreamer: He will be deprived of his science and no longer active in this world.
• The Quran being read out to the dreamer without his being able to understand it: Harm will befall him, either from Heaven or from the sultan  (authority), owing to the verse: “And they say: Had we but listened or used our brain, we would not have been among the dwellers of the Blazing Fire.”  (“Al-Mulk” [Sovereignty, or Majesty], verse 10.)

Quran reader Dream Explanation — (Holy Book; Quranic recital) Reciting the Holy Quran in a dream means admonition to do good and to forbid evil. (Also see Quranic recital)

The Hol Quran Dream Explanation — Seeing the Holy Quran in the dream means a person will acquire knowledge and wisdom. And writing it means he will acquire Deen, knowledge, wisdom and material wealth through which he will help others.

Reciting the Holy Quran Dream Explanation — Looking into the Quran and reciting it depicts and Hikmah (i.e. Islamic knowledge and wisdom). In general, reciting the Quran Symbolises truthfulness in speech and conduct.

Descrating the Holy Quran Dream Explanation — Tearing or destroying the Holy Quran means he is guilty of negating the Holy Quran. Eating its pages means he is making fun of it; he has no regard for its laws; he treats it with contempt.

Surah Or Surat, Plural Suwar  (Chapter Of The Holy Quran) Dream Explanation — • “Al-Fatihah”  (The Opening): Dreaming of reading it or part thereof: The doors of welfare will be open before the dreamer and prayers will be responded to favourably. No more harm.
• “Al-Baqarah”  (The Cow or The Heifer): Better virtue, blessings, and long life.
• “Al-Imran”  (The Imran Family):  (1) Mind will be clearer and will contest the wrongdoers.  (2) The dreamer might be unlucky amid his family.
• “Al-Nisae”  (Women): The dreamer will distribute people’s heritage, will marry free women and girls, will inherit women, and after a long life will marry a beautiful woman who will not be good to the dreamer but will inherit his fortune, if any.
• “Al-Maidah”  (The Table Spread): More faith and prestige, sagacity, and a noble soul.
• “Al-Anam”  (Cattle): The dreamer will have more cattle or assets, will be more proficient in religion and blessed by God.
• “Al-Araf  (The Heights): The dreamer will master many disciplines and will not die before visiting Mount Sinai.
• “Al-Anfal”  (The Spoils of War): Victory, booty, and prosperity.
• “Al-Baraah”  (Freedom from Obligation) or “Al-Taubah”  (Repentance): The dreamer will always be praised by good people and die after repenting.
• “Yunus”  (Jonah): The dreamer will worship God more, receive good tidings, and live in welfare and never shall any plot or witchcraft affect him.
• “Hud”  (Hud): The dreamer will plow the land and be blessed with many children, but have numerous enemies and might be estranged.
• “Yusuf”  (Joseph):  (1) The animosity of one’s own family, which will compel the dreamer to find his way and try his luck away from home.  (3) Rehabilitation will replace injustice.
• “Al-Rad”  (The Thunder):  (1) Poverty and early graying of hair.  (2) The dreamer will use various formulas to implore God.
• “Ibrahim”  (Abraham): The dreamer will constantly use the rosary, and prayers will be heard by God. “Al-Hijr”  (The Rocky Tract): The dreamer will be blessed by God and well preserved by his family.
• “Al-Nahl”  (The Bees): The dreamer will acquire knowledge, will recover, if ill, and will always find his bread.
• “Al-Israe” or “Bani Israil”  (The Carrying by Night or The Children of Israel):  (1) The dreamer will be persecuted by the sultan  (authority).  (2) The dreamer will become the target of conspiracies, but will be cherished by God and will triumph over his enemies.
• “Al-Kahf  (The cave): The dreamer will be lucky, wishes will be fulfilled and the dreamer will live so long as to find life tedious and yearn for death.
• “Maryam”  (Mary):  (1) The dreamer will experience hardships, with ultimate relief.  (2) The dreamer will be calumniated, then the dreamer’s innocence will be discovered and known to all.
• “Ta-Ha”  (Enigmatic Expression): The dreamer will be immune from witchcraft, but must pray at night and be good to others.
• “Al-Anbiyae”  (The Prophets): Relief after hardships, prosperity after dearth; knowledge; and people’s hopes will be pinned on the dreamer.
• “Al-Hajj”  (The Pilgrimage): The dreamer will perform the pilgrimage and the Umrah, minor or out-of-season pilgrimage, several times.
• “Al-Muminun”  (The Believers): Stronger and irreversible faith in and reverence to God.
• “Al-Nur”  (Light): The dreamer will promote virtue and deter vice, and God will light the dreamer’s heart and path during his lifetime and in the Hereafter.
• “Al-Furqan”  (The Criterion): The dreamer likes justice and cannot stand mischief. He discerns perfectly between what is right and what is wrong.
• “Al-Shuarae”  (The Poets): Tremendous gains, God will shield the dreamer against sins. •Al-Naml”  (The Ants):  (1) The dreamer will be given a realm or rule over his folk.  (2) He will like truth and abhor injustice.
• “Al-Qasas”  (The Requital or Law of Equality):  (1) The dreamer will be put to a test by The Almighty.  (2) He will find a treasure.
• “Al-Ankabut”  (The Spider): God is giving the dreamer good tidings and will not put him to a hard test as long as he lives.
• “Al-Rum”  (The Romans): The dreamer is a hypocrite deep inside. If a military leader, he will conquer, by the grace of God, an atheistic country whose people will worship God as a result of his efforts. “Luqman”: The dreamer will acquire wisdom.
• “Al-Sajdah”  (The Prostration): The dreamer will be a staunch believer in the unity of God  (Tawheed) and will die prostrate and earn Paradise.
• “Al-Ahzab”  (The Clans): The dreamer will live long and always be good to parents.
• “Sabae” (Sheba):  (1) The dreamer is courageous and not afraid to carry arms.  (2) He will become an ascetic or a recluse.
• “Al-Fatir”  (The Creator):  (1) The dreamer will see God Almighty and become a holy person.  (2) God will shower His blessings on the dreamer.
• “Ya-Sin”  (An Enigma): The dreamer will be religious and righteous and loved by Muslims in particular.
• “Al-Saffat”  (Those Who Set the Ranks): Honest living and the dreamer will be blessed with two male children or one but very obedient.
• “Sad”  (Enigma):  (1) The dreamer will get richer and more skilful in his craft or profession.  (2) He will be jealous.  (3) He will be a womanizer.
• “Al-Zumar”  (The Troops):  (1) The dreamer will live to become a great-grandfather or -mother.  (2) He will remain or become religious till the end of his life.
• “Al-Mumin” or “Ghafer”  (The Believer or The One Who Forgives):  (1) Whatever the believer is certain of is good and sound.  (2) He will always be prosperous.
• “Ha-Mim As-Sajdah”  (Enigmatic letters followed by The Prostration) or Fussilat  (The Surah whose verses have been explained in detail): The dreamer will promote right and justice and be appreciated by plenty of people whom he will show the right path.
• “Al-Shura”  (The Counsel) or “Ha, Mim, Ain, Sin, Kaf  (Enigmatic letters): The dreamer will learn and act in the right direction and will have an extremely long life.
• “Al-Zukhruf  (The Ornaments [of Gold]): Despite the deterioration in earnings, luck, and living conditions, the dreamer will remain truthful.
• “Al-Dukhdn”  (The Smoke): The dreamer will get rich and be immune from tyrants and from the tortures of the Hereafter.
• “Al-Jathiah”  (The Crouching or Bending the Knee): The dreamer will become a hermit or always revere God.
• “Al-Ahqaf  (The Wind-Curved Sandhills):  (1) The dreamer will witness incredible things in life.  (2) He will neglect and fail to support his parents.
• “Muhammad”:  (1) The dreamer will enjoy good or better reputation.  (2) He will be visited by an angel in the best shape.
• “Al-Fat’h”  (Victory):  (1) The dreamer will be cherished by God.  (2) Struggle will culminate in victory.
• “Al-Hujurat”  (The Private Apartments or The Rooms):  (1) Material responsibilities toward parents and in-laws will be discharged.  (2) The dreamer will be knowledgeable, and people will come to the dreamer to seek his help.
• “Qaf  (Enigmatic letter):  (1) Plenty of welfare.  (2) The dreamer will reconcile people.
• “Al-Dhariyat”  (The Winnowing Winds): The dreamer will be lucky in agriculture and with girls. “Al-Tur”  (The Mount):  (1) The dreamer will settle near Mecca (Makkah).  (2) God will accept the dreamer’s prayers.
• “Al-Najm”  (The Star): The dreamer will have a good-looking and handsome boy or will have many children who will die while trying to earn God’s satisfaction.
• “Al-Qamar”  (The Moon): The dreamer will be the target of sorcery, but in vain.
• “Al-Rahmdn”  (The Beneficent): The dreamer will enjoy the benefits of this world and God’s mercy in the Hereafter.
• “Al-Waqiah”  (The Event):  (1) The dreamer will be foremost among those who obey God.  (2) He will be a benefactor.
• “Al-Hadid”  (Iron): The dreamer will be religious-minded and healthy and leave a praiseworthy imprint.
• “Al-Mujadalah”  (The Argumentation or She That Disputeth or the Woman Who Pleads [ as probably mistranslated in the English versions of Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall and Yusuf Ali, respectively, who relied on the first verse in this surah]:  (1) The dreamer will contest the wrongdoers and the dreamer’s arguments will prevail, thanks to the evidence the dreamer will produce.  (2) He will be harmed by evil people.
• “Al-Hashr”  (The Gathering or Banishment): God will bless the dreamer and destroy his enemies.
• “Al-Mumtahanah”  (She That Is to Be Examined): The dreamer will be tested and rewarded for passing the test.
• “Al-Saf”  (The Ranks or Battle Array): The dreamer will die as a martyr.
• “Al-Jumuah”  (The Congregation or The Assembly [Friday] Prayer: God will shower His blessings upon the dreamer in life and in the Hereafter.
• “Al-Munafiqun”  (The Hypocrites): The dreamer will be immune from hypocrisy.
• “Al-Taghabun”  (Mutual Disillusion or Mutual Loss and Gain): The dreamer will follow the right path and die as a true believer.
• “Al-Talaq”  (Divorce): A dispute between the couple that could lead to the two parting from each other.
• “Al-Tahrim”  (The Banning or The Prohibition): The dreamer will abstain from all that is prohibited.
• “Al-Mulk”  (The Majesty): Dominions or assets will increase.
• “Al-Qalam”  (The Pen or Nun [An enigmatic character]): Will be gifted in writing, eloquence and Law.
• “Al-Haqqah”  (The Sure Reality): The dreamer is right, but in danger of being beaten and cut to pieces or ostracized.
• “Al-Maarij”  (The Ascending Stairways or The Ways of Ascent): The dreamer will be secure, as Allah will give him victory.
• “Nuh”  (Noah): The dreamer will promote virtue, deter vice, and overcome adversaries.
• “Al-Jinn”  (The Jinn): The dreamer will be immune from the evil of the genies.
• “Al-Muzzammil”  (The Enshrouded One or The One Folded in Garments):  (1) The dreamer will be blessed with the ability to wake up and pray at night.  (2) He will be patient and will be praised by various people.
• “Al-Muddath-thir”  (The Cloaked One or The One Wrapped Up): The dreamer’s reputation will improve, and he will be patient. In other interpretations, everyday bread will shrink.
• “Al-Qiyamah”  (The Rising of the Dead or The Resurrection):  (1) The dreamer will avoid swearing.  (2) He will never swear.
• “Ad-Dahr”  (Time) or “Al-Insan”  (Man) or “Hal-Ata”  (Hath There Come Upon Man):  (1) The dreamer will be overgenerous, and people will show their gratitude.  (2) He will live nicely.
• “Al-Mursalat”  (The Emissaries or Those Sent Forth): Abundance and enemies will be silenced.
• “Ah-Nabae”  (The Tidings or The Great News) or “Amma Yatasaalun”  (What Are They Wondering About):  (1) Promotion or more power, prestige, and recognition.  (2) Heart will be free from worries and sorrow.
• “An-Naziat”  (Those Who Drag Forth or Those Who Tear Out): Worries, grievances, and betrayal will disappear from the heart. •” Abas”  (He Frowned): The dreamer will pay religious dues and plenty of alms.
• “Al-Takwir”  (The Overthrowing or The Folding Up): The dreamer will travel a lot, eastward, and make plenty of money from those trips.
• “Al-Infitar”  (The Cleaving Asunder): The dreamer will be closer to the rulers and receive honours and benefits from them.
• “Al-Mutaffifeen”  (Defrauding) or “Al-Tatfif  (Dealing in Fraud): Honesty, fidelity, and justice.
• “Al-Inshiqaq”  (The Sundering): The dreamer will have plenty of children, especially boys.
• “Al-Buruj”  (The Zodiacal Signs or The Mansions of the Stars):  (1) The dreamer will get rid of worries.  (2) He will learn a science, most probably astronomy.
• “Al-Tariq”  (The Morning Star or the Night Visitor): The dreamer will remember God at all times, rosary in hand.
• “Al-Aala”  (The Most High) or “Sabbeh”  (Glorify The Name): Relief will come.
• “Al-Ghashiyah”  (The Overwhelming Event): Promotion, knowledge, and related fame.
• “Al-Fajr”  (Dawn or The Break of Day): The dreamer’s name will shine, and will be feared and respected.
• “Al-Balad”  (The Country or The City): The dreamer will feed the poor and come to their rescue and dress the orphans.
• “Ash-Shams”  (The Sun): The dreamer will be blessed with perception, intelligence, and shrewdness.
• “Al-Layl”  (The Night): The dreamer will be alert and efficient at night and immune from slander and will be lucky and have the ability to memorize anything.
• “Ad-Duha”  (The Morning Hours or The Glorious Morning Light):  (1) The dreamer will be good to the needy and the orphans.  (2) He will die shortly.
• “Al-Inshirah”  (The Expansion or Solace): The dreamer will have patience and be freed from worries, and everything will go smoothly.
• “At-Teen”  (The Fig): Matters will be processed quickly: needs will be satisfied and earnings will come easily.
• “Al-Alaq”  (The Clot) or “Iqrae”  (Read):  (1) The dreamer will be gifted in writing and eloquence, but remain modest.  (2) He will live long and be respected.
• “Al-Qadr”  (Capacity and Power): The dreamer will be better off as earnings and other benefits will accrue.
• “Al-Bayyinah”  (The Clear Evidence): The dreamer will make the atheists shake and will restore to the right path people who had gone astray.
• “Az-Zilzal”  (The Earthquake): The unbelievers will be shaken as a result of the dreamer’s action and feel the earth move under their feet.
• “Al-Adiyat”  (The Coursers): The dreamer will have horses.
• “Al-Qariah”  (The Calamity or The Day of Noise and Clamour): The dreamer will love, fear, and worship God.
• “At-Takathur”  (Rivalry in Worldly Increase or Procreation and Proliferation): The dreamer will no longer care about amassing wealth, but leave it to the public.
• “Al-Asr”  (The Declining Day or Time Through the Ages):  (1) The dreamer will have patience until support from Heaven reveals the truth.  (2) Business losses will be followed by tremendous gains.
• “Al-Humazah”  (The Traducers or The Scandal-Monger): The dreamer will make a fortune and spend it on philanthropic activities.
• “Al-Fil”  (The Elephant): The dreamer will triumph over enemies and, eventually win military victories for the Muslims.
• “Ash-Shitae”  (Winter) or “Quraish”  (Custodians of the Kabah): The dreamer will feed the poor and be at peace with mankind.
• “Al Maun”  (Small Kindness or Neighbourly Needs) or “A-Raayt”  (Hast Thou Observed): The dreamer will win a victory over opponents or whoever stands against or contradicts him.
• “Al-Kauthar”  (Abundance): The dreamer will be well off on Earth and in the Hereafter.
• “Al-Kafirun”  (Those Who Reject Faith): The dreamer will be successful in the struggle against atheists.
• “An-Nasr”  (Succor or Victory): The dreamer will triumph over enemies but will die soon, because it was the last Sarah revealed to the Holy Prophet and the one he used for his own obituary.
• “Al-Lahab”  (The Flame) or “Tabbat Yada”  (Perish the Two Hands) or “Al-Masadd”  (The Palm-Leaf Fibret):  (1) Some hypocrites are bracing to harm the dreamer, but God Almighty will see to it that they perish.  (2) Wishes will be fulfilled and good days are ahead.
• “Al-Ikhlas”  (The Sincerity or Purity of Faith):  (1) Wishes will come true, life will improve, reputation will be great but children will diminish or no male child born to the dreamer will live.  (2) The dreamer will repent.  (3) Death is near.
• “Al-Falaq”  (The Daybreak): God will ward off every evil, whether it comes from a human being, a genie, or any living being, and will shield the dreamer against the evil eye.
• “An-Nas”  (Mankind): The dreamer will be immune from all kinds of harm and tragedies and protected from Satan and his soldiers or aides, as well as the latter’s evil thoughts, which he induces.

Mouth Dream Explanation — The mouth alludes to what comes in or comes out. It could be welfare or evil, depending on what you see entering or leaving the mouth. It also alludes to recitation of the Holy Quran and to words. If one dreams of having one’s mouth shut or locked, one is an atheist.

Reciting Surah Qadr Dream Explanation — Its Recitation is an indication that he will do good actions.

Voice Dream Explanation — • Raising one’s voice: The dreamer is promoting something wrong in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that reads: “Be modest in thy bearing and subdue thy voice. Lo! the harshest of all voices is the voice of the ass.”  (“Luqman,” verse 19.)
Hearing a nice and clear voice: The dreamer will be given a province or some very high post.
Hearing a herald giving good tidings, announcing bad news, or proclaiming that something is prohibited: His words should be taken at face value.
• Being talked to in various languages: The dreamer will have a great realm.
• Launching a cry in the wilderness: The dreamer’s means of living will decrease.
• Raising one’s voice above that of scholar: The dreamer is committing a sin in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: “Lo! They who subdue their voices in the presence of the Messenger of Allah, those are they whose hearts Allah hath proven unto righteousness. Theirs will be forgiveness and immense reward.”  (“Al-Hujurat” [The Private Apartments], verse 03.)54

Truth Dream Explanation — Recognizing the truth through seeing a light or hearing the admonition of the holy Quran in a dream means walking on the straight path and abstaining from falsehood or from mixing with its people. In the case of a sick person, it means his death. (Also see Almond; Sanding)

Guidance Dream Explanation — (Wall) Guidance in a dream means oppression. To receive guidance in one's dream through seeing a light, or hearing the admonition of the holy Quran means walking one the straight path and abstaining from falsehood, or it could mean mixing with its people.

Reciting Surah Ikhlaas Dream Explanation — Whoever reads it will repent for his sins and no child of his will live, for Allah Says; He does not beget nor is he begotten. Some Ulama say that its recitation in the dream is an indication that the reader will be amuwahhid (ie monotheist). Moreover, he will have a son who will live so long that he will be the last amongst his family members to die.

Quranic recital Dream Explanation — Reading the holy Quran or part of it in a dream means rising in station, gaining power, repenting from sins, prosperity, paying one's debts, witnessing the truth, or delivering a trust to its rightful owner. Reciting the holy Quran with a beautiful voice in a dream means honor, dignity and good fame. Reading the holy Quran and adding one's own words to it in a dream means wavering from the truth, or betraying one's promise or covenant. If in the latter case one does not understand the meaning of what he is saying in the dream, it means that he will give a false testimony in a court of justice, or that he will be involved in something evil the consequences of which cannot be foreseen. If one sees people listening to his recital of the Quran in a dream, it means that he will command a job, and that people will follow his instructions. Hearing, or reading any Quranic chapter which is customarily read for a deceased person in a dream, signifies the death of a sick person in that family. Professional Quran readers in a dream represent the leading people of the society. To hear a professional Quranic recital in a dream means that people in authority will soon gather in the place where the recital is seen in one's dream. If one sees himself reading his book of records on the Day of Judgment in a dream, and if he is an unlettered person in wakefulness, it means that he will become rich after having suffered from poverty, and that he will answer all the questions he will be asked on the Day of Reckoning, or that he will be protected by Allah Almighty from what he fears most. This happens if one's reading of his own records is positive, but if it reads his sins and pitfalls in the dream, then it denotes distress, trouble, or sufferings. (Also see Holy Book; Reading)

Blowing Dream Explanation — To blow into fire in a dream means kindling a conflict or exasperating and intensifying it. Blowing into the ground in a dream means unveiling a secret or reprimanding one who does not keep a secret. Blowing into the vagina of a woman in a dream means that she will become pregnant. Blowing the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means salvation of the righteous ones. Hearing the first sound of the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means announcing the truth or hearing shocking and worrisome news. Hearing the second blow of the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means exposure of secrets, recovering of the sick, release of the prisoners, reunion of beloveds, loss of one's capital investment or the flow of wealth. (Also see Bellows; Trumpet of Resurrection)