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Islamic dreams about Fire Eyes find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Fire Eyes dictionary!
Fire Eyes dream interpretations

Eyes Dream ExplanationEyes in a dream represent one's religion or wealth. If one sees grass growing all over him but does not cover his ears or eyes in a dream, it means prosperity. One's eyes in a dream also represent his faith and the road to victory in this life and in the next. One's eyes in a dream also could represent his guidance or his heedlessness. Having many eyes throughout one's body in a dream represents one's piety, vigilance and excellence of character. If one sees the eyes of his heart in a dream, it means that he sees with the light of clarity. If one sees a man looking at him with a side glance in a dream, it means that he will suffer from an adversity, mistrust, disapproval, suspicion and disdain at the hand of such a man. If such a man opens his eyes and looks at him straight forward in the dream, it means that he will help him in his business or support his interests. If one's eyes turn into iron in a dream, it means distress, a scandal or serious suffering from one's community. If one sees himself looking at women in his dream, it means that he commits adultery with his eyes by looking and desiring what is unlawful. If one looks at someone's eyes in a dream and likes them, it means that he will suffer from an adversity, religious corruption or jealousy. If one sees himself having an extra eye inside his body in a dream, it means that he is an atheist. If one sees himself having an extra eye over his shoulder in a dream, it means that he will be named to receive money in absentia. If one sees his eyes transfixed in a dream, it means that he looks suspiciously at a relative or someone else's wife. Black eyes in a dream represent a religious person. A bluish-black eyes in a dream denote opposing one's religion. Blue eyes in a dream mean religious innovations. Green eyes in a dream mean a religion which is different from all religions. Sharp sight in a dream means blessings, while weak sight means joblessness and living from the generosity of others. If a father sees weakness in his sight in a dream, it means that a sickness will inflict his children. If one loses his eyes in a dream, it means the death of his children. If a poor person or a prisoner sees that in a dream, it means that he will never become free again, or see any light for the rest of his life. If an oppressed person sees weakness in his eyes in a dream, it means that someone will help him overcome his adversities. If a traveller sees that dream, it means that he will never return to his homeland. If one sees that his eyes belong to an unknown person in a dream, it means that he will become blind. If he recognizes that person in the dream, it means that he will be married to his daughter. If one's eyes fall into his lap in a dream, it means the death of his brother or son. The eyes of a human being in a dream also represent his beloved, his son or his faith. Any defect in them in the dream may reflect in such people. Having one hundred eyes in a dream means money. The eyes of a ruler represent his spies. Eyes in a dream also represent a controller, a man or a spring. Treating one's eyes with medicinal ointment in a dream means correcting one's religious life or begetting a son who will become the jewel light of his father's eyes or if one's brother is exiled or deported from his homeland, it means that he will solicit him and entrust him with duties toward his family. If one sees his sight better than what people think in the dream, it means that his inner character is better than what people think, or if he sees his sight weakened though people do not know about it in the dream, it means that he keeps his faith to himself. If one's eyes become white in a dream, they represent sorrow, or loss of a beloved. If one sees his eyes white, and if the white veil is lifted in the dream, it means that he will be reunited with his beloved and his distress will be dispelled. The right eye in a dream represents one's son and the left eye represents one's daughter. If a father sees one of his eyes being transposed to mix with the other eye in a dream, and if he has a son and a daughter, he should separate their bedrooms. Eating someone's eye in a dream means steeling his money. Seeing one's eyes without eyelashes in a dream means defying Allah's laws. If one unplugs his eyelashes in a dream, it means that he will expose himself to his enemy. Seeing beautiful eyes in a dream could denote, sorcery, black magic, life or death. Eyes in a dream also represent one's family, relatives, children or workers. Eyes in a dream also signify mourning someone or they could denote a sickness. Smearing one's eyes in a dream means calamities, sufferings and punishment for one's sins. To guard one's eyes from looking at what is unlawful in a dream means heeding Allah's commands. (Also see Body)

Squinting of the eyes Dream Explanation — Squinting of the eyes in a dream means evil talk, or perhaps it could mean good news.

Discharge of the eyes Dream Explanation — (See Mucous)

Gems of the eyes Dream Explanation — (Children)

Jewel light of the father's eyes Dream Explanation — In a dream, it means one's sons or daughters.

Fire Dream Explanation — The element of fire in a dream represents might. Fire in a dream also means love. A product that is touched by fire in the process of its manufacturing or cooking in a dream means arguments and disputes. In a dream, fire also signifies glad tidings, a warning, war, chastisement, power, imprisonment, losses, sins, or blessings. If one sees a blazing fire with sparks shooting in every direction and burning in the forest and raging with tumultuous noise and uproar in a dream, it means insubordination, civic disorder or an adversity through which many people will die. If one sees fire burning inside his own heart in a dream, it means love or depression caused by separation from one's beloved. Seeing two burning bushes trying to consume one another in a dream represents two armies fighting one another. If the two burning bushes remain intact and yield no loss in the dream, then they represent trials and adversities in the place where they are seen. Whichever of the two fires is closer to a water source in the dream means that such an army is more liable to a voluntary retreat or submission. If the water flows and extinguishes that fire in the dream, it also means that the water will be debilitated and consequently consumed. The more black smoke a fire produces in one's dream, the greater is the danger and consequent sufferings. If one kindles a fire in the night for people to see their way through in a dream, it means that he will acquire a knowledge and with it, he will help people through their life, admonish and guide them. If one sees himself kindling a fire on the road during the daylight in a dream, it means that he will embark on the road of innovation and misleading others. If one sees a fire during a daylight time in a dream, it means war and adversities. If it is seen during the night hours, then it means peace and guidance. If one sees himself worshiping the fire in a dream, it means that he loves wars, or follows Satanic allurements. Warming oneself up from a nearby fire during a cold day in a dream means becoming rich. Eating fire in a dream means swindling orphans property or earning suspicious and unlawful money. If one is condemned to die in the fire in a dream, it means imprisonment. If one enters hell-fire then comes out of it in a dream, it means that he will ultimately enter paradise. If one sells hell and buys paradise in a dream, it means that he will sell a business involving the use of fire such as a bathhouse, a bakery or a forgery and invest his money in a farm or vice-versa. This also may represent his deeds in the world and his reward in the hereafter. Entering hell-fire to pay for one's sins in a dream means financial losses or committing abominable actions that warrant such sufferings. If one sees hell-fire with his own eyes in a dream, it means that he should be weary about his legal standing or that he should be careful regarding the ruler or governor of that town. Entering hell-fire and tasting its punishment in a dream also means suffering from adversities. Seeing a group of people standing around a fire in a dream means blessings. Discovering a burning bush in a wilderness and finding solace in taking refuge near it in a dream means dispelling one's fears and reaching safety. If one is touched by a fire, and if it does him no harm or burn him in the dream, it means that someone will fulfill a promise he made to him. If a fire burns inside a granary in a dream, it means hiking prices. Whatever product a fire burns in a dream means high demand for it and rising prices. If one sees a stove burning with no food in the pot in the dream, it means that the head of the household is engaged in some futile activities and he could suffer because of them. If one sees a governor kindling a fire, and if it keeps smothering, then if it dies off in the dream, it means that he will be dismissed from his office and that his fire will be extinguished. Seeing a burning torch with no smoke hanging in front of one's door in a dream means attending the pilgrimage season during that year, or remodelling one's house, or it could mean getting married. Burning one's fingers in a dream represents an unjust person, or it could mean changing the contents of a book or committing perjury. Seeing fire lit in the palm of one's hand in a dream means cutting ends in one's trade to save money or voluntary violation of the code of a trade. Seeing fire inside one's mouth in a dream means distress. Willingly entering hell-fire in a dream represents one's love and attachment to the world and its pleasures. A raging fire in one's house or town in a dream means war and destruction. If it is a ¦roaring and a blazing fire in the dream, then it means plagues and mass destruction. If it has no noise in the dream, then it means the spread of a new disease. If one sees a fire falling from the skies in a dream, it means greater calamities. If it causes no harm in the dream, then it means a verbal abuse with no lasting consequences. If one sees a fire rising into the skies in a dream, it means that the people of that locality are challenging Allah Almighty's decrees with arrogance and indulging themselves in abominable sins and insubordination. Kindling a fire to bring warmth to a group of people in a dream means starting a community project that will benefit several people including oneself. Kindling a fire to broil some meat in a dream means starting a conversation to backbite and slander someone. Eating from such broiled meat in the dream means earnings, distress and feeling heavy hearted. If a fire burns one's garment or causes burns to his skin in a dream, it means a calamity that will befall him or a member of one's family who is represented by that particular limb. To bring live coal into one's house in a dream means stealing money or acquiring unlawful profits. If one is struck by the heat of a blaze and feels its glare over his face in a dream, it means becoming subject to people's slander , jealousy and backbiting. To stand by the light of a fire in a dream means becoming close to someone in authority. If a fire comes out of one's house in a dream, it means a political appointment, a business, strength, or knowledge of one's trade. If one sees a radiant light brightening the skies from the East to the West in a dream, it means fame, recognition and knowledge, or a discovery one will become famous because of it. If one's wife is pregnant, and if he sees a fire coming out of his head to brighten the entire house in a dream, it means that his wife will beget a son who will grow to be a renowned man of knowledge and piety. A fire lighting one's house in a dream also means that one's wife will get pregnant. Kindling a fire on top of a mountain in a dream means seeking nearness to Allah Almighty by making offerings, giving charities and increasing one's devotion. Consequently all of one's needs will surely be satisfied. If one who sees this dream is on a journey, it represents his safe return to his home. Sitting inside a fire and suffering no harm in a dream means working for, or associating with the ruler of the city or country. It also means becoming the ruler's confidant or intimate friend. Fire in the desert in a dream means war. Setting people on fire in a dream means creating division and enmity between them. To stand in the fire, feeling cool and comfortable in a dream represents one's truthfulness, sincerity, faith and certitude, and it means victory over his enemies. A dying fire in a dream means suppressing a commotion, or containing a troublesome matter that could endanger one's community or life. If a fire that is lighting one's house is extinguished in a dream, it means the death of the father, the husband or a child. An extinguished fire in a dream also signifies the death of the governor, or a great scholar, or a renowned sheikh in that city. Fire in a dream also means a robbery. Fire with no smoke in a dream represents spirits or Jinn's, for they are created from a smokeless fire. It also represents drought, locusts or a calamity. If a fire is extinguished by rain in a dream, it means poverty or loss of one's job. If one sees a fire talking to him from inside an earthenware jar or from inside a pitcher or any container in a dream, it means that an evil spirit has possessed one's son or daughter. A destructive fire in a dream represents an unjust ruler. If people can benefit from such a fire, it means that he is a just and a righteous ruler or governor. Fire in the wintertime in a dream means fruits. Eating fire in a dream means eating from a golden or a silver plate, or drinking from a golden or a silver cup. It also means poverty and need. (Also see Body; Firewood; Hell-fire)

Fire Dream Explanation — In general, any dream involving fire or Hell means that an intrigue is imminent. But for the ancient Arabs, fire also symbolized power or the one in power, in view of its essence and properties. Fire can be beneficial and can be harmful, like the sultan. It also refers to faults and sins and statements or deeds conducive to them. At the same time, it alludes to the return to the right path, that of wisdom, Islam, learning, and the Quran, as it can be used to light the way. Likewise, to the ancient Arabs fire was a sign of wealth and the good quality of life. Putting it out meant avarice and poverty. But it also symbolized the jinn whom God created from fire, poisons, the sword, and intrigue if it produced a thunder like sound and had flames and smoke. Sometimes, it represented the torture inflicted by the sultan, because “it is God’s torture.” It also alludes to plagues like swarms of locusts or diseases or epidemics like smallpox or the bubonic plague.
• Being burnt or dreaming that a dead person is being burnt: The subject is doomed to Hell.
• A king throwing the dreamer in the fire: The dreamer must pay some money.
Fire with flames and smoke falling from the sky on the houses and shops: Intrigue, strife, and war or the crossing of swords in such places or a fine will be imposed by the ruler.
Fire falling from heaven and burning the dreamer without really affecting him: Soldiers will invade his house.
• Seeing embers without flames: Diseases, like smallpox, or an epidemic.
• A fire ravaging plants and cultivated areas: Barrenness will decimate all vegetation, or locusts will devour the crops.
• Lighting a fire on a path for people to see where they are going:  (1) Will receive or dispense teachings, if eligible.  (2) Will wield power and influence and benefit people and vice versa.
• Lighting a fire away from any route and seeing it burning passersby or their clothes or harming them or their eyesight with the smoke it pro duces:  (1) The dreamer will come out with or entertain a heresy.  (2) A tyrant will seek the dreamer’s services or torture him, depending on whether the dreamer was approaching and fuelling the fire or fleeing from it.
• Lighting a fire in a barren land and inviting people to it: The dreamer is promoting a heresy, and whoever responds in the dream will respond in reality.
• A good person dreaming that his enemies have sparked off a terrible fire, which does not resemble the fire known on earth, and are preparing to throw him in it: He will triumph and supercede them. If they actually throw him, he will be safe, as was the case with the Prophet Abraham.
Fire threatening the dreamer or those who lit it serving warnings to him: He had better fear God and abstain from the things conducive to Hell in which he is indulging.
• Seeing the fire in an oven or a furnace, et cetera, in one’s home: Benefits and wealth, especially for people whose profession or craft involves the use of fire and more particularly if it is in winter.
• A fire having been put down by water or rain or in any way and turned into ashes: Will become poor or unable to carry out one’s activity or profession.
• A person whose profession does not involve the use of fire lighting a fire to cook: He is striving to earn money or obtain other benefits by serving the ruler or a powerful individual or through this individual’s help. He could also be trying to achieve the same goal through brokerage or a dispute or inciting people against each other or slandering someone.
• Seeing one’s home burning: Havoc and destruction or bankruptcy are imminent.
• Seeing some food, oil or any items on sale catching fire: The price of such goods or commodities will rise, or the ruler will buy them from the merchants.
• Eating fire: Will have doubtful sources of income, take dirty money, or eat up the moneys of the orphans, in view of the Quranic verse that says: “Lo! Those who devour the wealth of orphans wrongfully, they do but swallow fire into their bellies, and they will be exposed to burning flame.”  (“Al-Nisae” [Women], verse 10.)
Fire speaking in a jar or a container symbolizing a male or a female: The person whom the pot refers to will be touched or possessed by a jinn who will speak through his tongue.
• Setting a fire to warm up: Will invent something to conceal or remedy one’s poverty, because cold is poverty.
• The thumb turning into a night-light: The dreamer will go blind and be led by some of his children.
Fire coming out of the dreamer’s finger: He is an unjust writer.
Fire coming out of the dreamer’s mouth: He is a slanderer.
Fire coming out of the dreamer’s palm: He is an unfair craftsman or manufacturer.
• Lighting a fire under a utensil containing food: The dreamer will do something that will benefit his household. If the container was empty, he would incite someone to do something ugly.
Fire burning the dreamer’s body or clothes: Harm and calamities.
• A burning flame in one’s clothes: Wife will get pregnant.
• Being licked by flames: Will be slandered.
• Obtaining fire: Will receive dirty money from the ruler or another influential person.
• Seeing a flame in one’s hand: Will receive plenty of money and gifts from the ruler.
• Lighting a fire at the gate of the ruler: Will have the power to rule.
• Seeing a fire over one’s head  (like a halo) throwing a bright light that helps everybody: The dreamer is a majestic person who likes to help people.
• Sparking off fire in a crowded place or setting people ablaze: Will sow the seeds of dissension among people and cause harm.
• A merchant seeing a fire in the marketplace or in his shop: His merchandise will be sold out or exhausted, but the money he will gain from that exercise will not be a hundred percent pure.
• Sitting with people around a fire or seeing a bright flame on a dark, moonless night: Blessings and strength in view of verses in the Holy Quran: “ (Remember) when Moses said unto his household: Lo! I spy afar off a fire, I will bring you tiding thence, or bring to you a borrowed flame that ye may warm yourselves. But when he reached it, he was called, saying: Blessed is whosoever is in the fire and whosoever is round about it! And glorified by Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!”  (“Al-Naml” [The Ants], verses 07–08.)
Fire being driven out of one’s home: Will be given a high post or a province to rule, be successful in trade, or be blessed with special skills in a craft or a profession.
• A person whose wife is pregnant dreaming that fire has fallen from his head or come out of his hand: Will hear great news, namely that his wife has given birth to a male child.
• Seeing a fire, a blaze, or sparks having been extinguished: Subversion, riots, and clashes will mark that place.
• Seeing a smokeless flame on one’s house: Will go on hajj  (pilgrimage).
• Seeing a smokeless flame in the middle of one’s house: Will be buried there.
• A fire that the household is using to see all round being put down: The backbone of the house will die. The same dream applied to a country means that its head will pass away. If the fire is contained in the garden, the children of such a chief will die. If winds enter the house after the flame died down, thieves will do so.
• A warrior or a merchant lighting a fire that dies down: Will lose and be subdued and humiliated.
• Being in a fire or surrounded by fire without feeling the heat: Will have strong friends and supporters, triumph over enemies, and rule, in view of the story of Abraham as related in verses 51–70 in the chapter titled “Al-Anbiyae”  (The Prophets) in the Holy Quran. A person told Ibn Siren he dreamed that one of his slippers had fallen in a fire and the flames only licked part of the other. His interpretation was that the subject had cattle in Persia, which were stolen. Half of them were gone, and the rest were wounded. As usual, Ibn Siren proved to be right.

Worshipping fire Dream Explanation — (Fire worshipper; Magi; Magus; Mazdaism; Sorcerer) Seeing an old man worshipping fire in a dream means facing a person who cares little about obliterating his enemy. Seeing oneself worshiping fire in a dream means apostasy, committing adultery, theft, murder, making a false oath, polytheism, or being an unjust person. Turning away from worshipping fire to embrace Judaism or Christianity in a dream means experiencing major changes in one's life. Worshipping fire in a dream means desiring worldly pleasures. Worshipping the fire in a dream also means desiring to work for the ruler or a king, or it could mean going astray. If the fire one is worshipping is not lit in the dream, it means that he is seeking unlawful earnings.

Light Given off By Fire Dream Explanation — To burn a fire in the dream and see people being guided by the light of such a fire implies that the person who had enkindled the fire will, through knowledge and wisdom, become a guiding light for the people.

Fire of the World Dream Explanation — A fire in a particular town, suburb or house which is situated on arid land, and such a fire gives off violent, blazing flames destroying anything in its path ,and it also gives off thunderous, frightening sounds, then such a dream is a bad omen that repression and oppression will become the order of the day in that place where the fire had been seen. If the place is not arid, it means epidemic, pleurisy or smallpox will break out there or many deaths will occur. If the fire has no sound and flames in it and it destroys some things and leaves other things unharmed, it symbolizes accidents and deaths occurring in that place.

Fire Worship Dream Explanation — Seeing oneself worshipping fire means the observer will become corrupt in matters of religion. If no flames, are seen in the fire, it suggests he will acquire unlawful (Haraam) wealth.

Eating Fire Dream Explanation — Eating fire which has no flames means he will usurp what is due to orphan. But if such a fire does have flames he will be questioned regarding what is due to orphans. Moreover, people will speak ill of him causing him much agony and mental disturbance.

Extinguishing a fire Dream Explanation — Extinguishing a fire in a dream means putting off or quelling a riot, deterring a war or abolishing innovation. If one sees himself in a dream smothering an already dead fire, it means that he is trying to rekindle an old war or to provoke evil between people.

Hell-fire Dream Explanation — Entering hell-fire in a dream means committing major sins such as murder or adultery. If one comes out of it unharmed in the dream, then it represents worldly adversities. If one sees the fire of hell coming near him in a dream, it means difficulties, debts, losses, fines and adversities from which one will not be able to escape. If one sees himself entering hell-fire and holding his sword unsheathed in a dream, it means that he speaks evil of others and commits abominable actions against his own soul. The same interpretation applies if one enters it smiling in his dream. Finding oneself prisoner in hell not knowing when was he incarcerated in the dream means constraint, poverty, deprivation, failure to pray, fast or to remember his Lord. Walking across burning coal in a dream means exceeding one's bound regarding people's rights. Eating food from hell means becoming a tyrant and a blood thirsty person. If one sees himself inside hell-fire, where his eyes turn dark-blue and his face charcoal black in the dream, it means that he befriends Allah's enemy and consents to their deception and chicanery. Consequently, he will surely be humiliated and despised by people, and in the hereafter, he will suffer the consequences of his sins. Seeing hell in a dream means that one should avoid incurring the wrath of a ruler. Entering hell in a dream also means notoriety, or becoming known as an evil person. It also means heedlessness and pursuing one's indulgence in abominable actions. Whatever knowledge such a person acquires will bear evil consequences. Hell in a dream also represents loss of one's prestige, status and it means poverty after wealth, despair after comfort, unlawful earnings, insolence, and if it leads to an illness, it will end in a shocking death as a punishment. If it leads to employment, it will be a job serving a tyrant. If it leads to acquiring knowledge, it means inventing vain religious practices. If it leads to bearing a son, he will be the child of adultery. In general hell in a dream means excessive sexual desires, a slaughter house, a public bath, an oven, inventing a new religion, innovation, absence of truth, indulgence in what is forbidden, stinginess, denying the Day of Judgment, a blazing fire for the devils, joining with a group of evildoers in committing atrocities, denying the sovereignty of Allah Almighty and ascribing human characteristics to Him. Seeing Malik, the guardian angel of hell-fire in a dream means receiving guidance after heedlessness. If one sees Malik coming toward him in the dream, it means his salvation and the restoration of his faith. However, if one sees Malik turning his back to him or going away from him in the dream, it means that he will commit an act that will deliver him to the blazing fire of hell. The angels in charge of punishing the sinners in hell in a dream represent the authority, soldiers, or tax collectors. If one enters hell-fire then comes out of it in his dream, it means that, Allah willing, his life will culminate in paradise. If he sees his limbs reprimanding him in the dream, it means that one's own body is telling him something, or admonishing and trying to awaken his conscious to the realities of the hereafter and the Day of Reckoning. (Also see Bathhouse; Fire; Malik; Mental hospital)

Fire worshiper Dream Explanation — (See Worshipping fire)

Branding With Fire Dream Explanation — Branding with fire means he will hear people cursing and ridiculing him. The greater the branding the great will be the curse and ridicule.

Basking Before a Fire Dream Explanation — If someone sees himself or another basking before a fire it means he will pursue and thus magnify a certain matter to such an extent that he will profit from it. Consequently, his poverty will come to an end. For, cold symbolizes poverty while heat symbolizes wealth.

Scorching by Fire Dream Explanation — If someone sees that he is surrounded by flames or flames leap towards him, it suggests that people will backbite about him.

Blowing into the fire Dream Explanation — (Also see Bellows; Blowing)

Cease fire Dream Explanation — (See Truce)