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Islamic dreams about Empty Jug Glasses find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Empty Jug Glasses dictionary!
Empty Jug Glasses dream interpretations
Jug Dream Explanation — (See Water jug)

Water jug Dream Explanation — In a dream, a water jug means travels, or it could represent a woman who becomes pregnant then have a miscarriage or abortion. The water represents the fetus and the jug represents the mother's womb.

Empty Dream Explanation — (See Deserted; Emptiness)

Empty space Dream Explanation — (See Deserted; Emptiness)

An Empty Pot on the Fire Dream Explanation — If the pot in which he is cooling is empty it means he will infuriate the guardian or breadwinner of the household or entice him to do something detestable.

Deserted Dream Explanation — (Empty; Forlorn; Wretched) A deserted and empty place in a dream signifies poverty or lack of food or sustenance for one's household. An empty place in a dream also could signify distress and trouble.

Bartender Dream Explanation — (Barkeeper; Barman; Beverages; Sherbet salesman; Syrup vendor) A bartender in a dream represents a syrup vendor or a sherbet salesman. All of them organize their bar with colorful bottles and different sizes of drinking glasses. Their drinks vary between the sweet and sour, cold and hot or dry. A bartender in a dream also could represent a craftsman in his shop, a businessman in his office, a confidant, or someone who exposes others secrets and troubles for a price, or one who keeps a secret for a price.

Sarcophagus Dream Explanation — (Casket; Coffin; Mummy case) A dead person or a mummy inside a sarcophagus in a dream represents unlawful money. If the coffin is empty in the dream, then it represents a house of evil, or an evil person who is sought by people of the same trade. (Also see Coffin)

Water mill Dream Explanation — (Manager; Rich man; Treasurer) A water mill in a dream represents a person who handles large amounts of cash, or who is an extremely wealthy person. If one seeks him, his needs will be satisfied and he will not return empty handed. If one sees a water mill in operation in a dream, it means coming profits, or benefits for one's life and his family through the person operating it. A water mill in a dream also represents one's helpers, clan, easing of one's difficulties, or it could mean rain. (Also see Hand mill)

Jar Dream Explanation — (Any broad-mouthed earthenware container.) In a dream, an earthenware jar represents a deceiving employee who is entrusted with the accounting department of one's business. Drinking fresh water from an earthenware jar in a dream means earning lawful money and comfort in one's life. Drinking half of the water contained in a jar in a dream means having consumed half one's life span. Drinking from a tight mouthed earthenware container in a dream also means tempting a female worker. If one's wife is pregnant and he sees himself carrying an earthenware jar that falls and breaks, it means that his wife may die from complications during her delivery or after giving birth to the newborn. In a dream, an earthenware jar also can be interpreted as a hard-working woman, or a servant, though a copper jar represents a noble woman. Ajar of wine in a dream represents woman's menstrual period. If one drinks from ajar of wine, it means that he will have sexual intercourse with his wife during that period, which act is forbidden in Islam. If the jar is filled with eating oil, honey, or milk, it represents a hidden treasure. The same interpretation applies for a small clay jug, a mug, a cooking earthenware, or a tin pot. (Also see Pot)

Well Dream Explanation — The well symbolizes the patriarch of the family, in view of its importance, or the dreamer’s wife, because he sends his bucket and rope dangling in it. Likewise, it contains water, like a childbearing woman. Besides, the word for well is feminine in Arabic. It could also refer to everyone or everything useful in the house. When it refers to a woman, it is usually a smiling and optimistic one.
• A sick person falling in an unknown well: Will die.
• Getting water from an unknown well: Wife will give birth to a boy in view of the Quranic verse: “And there came a caravan, and they sent their water-drawer. He let down his pail  (into the pit). He said: Good luck! Here is a youth. And they hid him as a treasure, and Allah was aware of what they did.”  (“Yusuf” [Joseph], verse 19.)
• Digging a well to find water in it: Will marry a wealthy woman and outsmart her because, according to Ibn Siren, digging symbolizes wickedness, deceit, fraud, trickery, et cetera. If the well is empty, the woman in question will be a poor one.
• Water flowing out of a well: Sorrow and weeping will take place in the area. If the water infiltrates the houses around, the dreamer will have money that will prove to be a curse for him.
• Digging a well and irrigating one’s garden with its water: The dreamer is taking an aphrodisiac, which drives him to incest.

Sack Dream Explanation — (Bag; Pouch; Suitcase; Trunk) A sack or any packing container in a dream represents travels, or activities in general. A sack in a dream also represents the body of a human being. An empty sack in a dream then means death. Seeing a sack within a sack in a dream represents the knowledge one benefited from during his life in this world. If the second sack contains money in the dream, it means that one's knowledge is true. If it contains change, it means that one is still studying and needs to further his knowledge. A sack in a dream also represents one's personal and secret life. In a dream, if one makes a cut through a sack and throws its contents asunder, it means that his private and intimate life will be exposed and becomes the subject of people's talk. If one's money falls through a hole in the bag or a purse he carries, the bag also represents his body and the money represents his soul, which is an indication of his death. If one finds termites or moths inside his sack in a dream, it also means death. Thus, a sack in a dream denotes what a person represents, or it could mean one's heart. (Also see Bag; Pouch; Purse; Suitcase; Trunk)

Intestines Dream Explanation — The appearance of the intestines or anything from within the body means that savings will come out or whatever is hoarded will reappear. It could also mean that the dreamer himself or a member of his household will be authoritarian and prevail.
• A person eating his own intestines: He is eating up his money.
• Eating somebody else’s bowels: Will take a bite at his savings or eat up his money.
• The intestines coming out of the body:  (1) A daughter will get married.  (2) Disgrace.
• Part of the bowels coming out: The dreamer is implementing the will of a person, looking after that person’s daughter and insisting on wedding her to somebody.
• The body having been emptied of the bowels and the stomach washed: The dreamer will die, blessed by God, whether or not the bowels have been returned.
• A king or ruler ripping the bellies of his subjects: Their privacy will be invaded. If he took something from their stomach, he would seize their money.
• Seeing one’s belly ripped open and the bowels in their usual place:  (1) If childless, the dreamer will have a child.  (2) If poor, the dreamer will become self-sufficient or rich, as the bowels allude to children.
• Seeing one’s belly ripped open and the body empty: The dreamer’s home will be destroyed, he will be estranged, and his children will perish. If ill, he will die.
• Seeing someone else exhibiting his bowels: Dreadful dream, meaning that the two parties will have a dispute and scandalize each other.

Bee Dream Explanation — A bee has different meanings depending on whether the dreamer is a civilian, farmer, or military man, for bees produce honey, which is something sweet, useful, and beneficial and, according to a verse of the Holy Quran, a remedy for people. Paradoxically, bees could also be an allusion to disease, by association of ideas. At the same time, bees have a clear-cut hierarchy and are highly disciplined, tenacious, and toiling creatures. They symbolize the military or the Muslim army  (once one of the most powerful in the world). In any case, a bee in a dream is a laborious and very gifted person in terms of earning his or her livelihood and whose companions can only benefit from him, but a dangerous person as well. For the ancient Arabs, a bee symbolized the Bedouin or, in abstract terms, perseverance, gains, and the accumulation of wealth. And since Muslims believe that bees are inspired by God to follow a certain order and discipline in excelling in the production of various types of honey with different aromas, they are thought to symbolize knowledge or know-how, division of labour or categorization, erudition, and the authoring of literary or scientific works. For a farmer or a city dweller bees represent fertility, riches, and abundance, but the kind of wealth fraught with danger, because sometimes they sting. They also symbolize the rise in life, elevation to a higher rank, even to the headship. It is particularly so when the dreamer sees bees landing on his head. A farmer who dreams that bees have somehow perished should assume that his livelihood would meet with a similar fate. For a ruler or a military person bees are none else but soldiers, because they follow a commander, and they are usually enemy soldiers. They reflect hostility. If he dreamed that he killed them, it means that he will triumph over them. If he just captured them and got their honey, it means easy booty or benefit. Seeing bees in an empty or remote city or village means that the place will be raided by evil soldiers. And in this context, the beehive has a special significance.  (Also see Beekeeper.)

Market Dream Explanation — The unspecified market refers to the mosque and vice versa, because man trades and earns in both.39 It also refers to the battlefield, where some people win and others lose. In the Holy Quran, God has used the word commerce as a synonym for Jihad  (holy struggle): “O ye who believe! Shall I show you a commerce that will save you from a painful doom?”  (“Al-Saff’ [The Ranks], verse 10.) Likewise, the souk or marketplace could allude to the person’s luck commensurate with the size of the market; the learning institution; the asylum; and the pilgrimage season. The meat market, in particular, symbolizes the war zone. The jewel and the cloth markets represent commemoration ceremonies and learning establishments. The money changers market is a reference to the ruler’s court, where people weigh what they say and matters are evaluated carefully. Sometimes souks represent lies, injustice, worries, and misery. They allude as well to the sea, where the big fish eat the small fish, and to compulsory spending, as often brought about by spouses, or marriage itself, and the birth of new children. Indeed, each specific market has a different interpretation. But it is noteworthy that the Muslims  Holy Prophet was said to consider the souk as the abode of devils. He advised Muslims always not to be the first to step into or the last to leave the marketplace.
• Missing a transaction or failing to achieve benefits in one:  (1) If involved in Jihad, will turn back and miss the opportunity to die as a martyr in the holy war.  (2) If planning to go on a pilgrimage, will miss that chance or something will spoil that religious duty after it has been performed.  (3) If a student, something will hamper the dreamer’s efforts; he will miss a lecture, or he will learn something for evil purposes, turning away from God.  (4) Will miss the collective prayer at the mosque.
• Stealing or cheating in buying and selling: Will indulge in the worst kind of theft, like that involving people’s bread. If a mujahid—involved in Jihad—will be caught and chained. If a pilgrim, will conquer the heart of a woman and enjoy making love to her. If a scholar, will give bad counsel, will pray the wrong way, will prostrate himself before the imam does, et cetera.
• Seeing a specific market full of people but with fire in it or a spring in its midst or seeing a nice breeze blowing in it or its shops filled with chopped straw: Good earnings for the merchants, but hypocrisy as well.
• The market looking empty and its people dead or the merchants feeling sleepy or looking dormant or the shops closed and cobwebs appearing here and there, even on the commodities: Stagnation and recession.
• Seeing a quiet market: Unemployment for its people.

Bread Dream Explanation — Bread symbolizes knowledge and Islam. It also alludes to the Book, the Tradition of the Holy Prophet, the mother who brings up and feeds her child, the wife who causes her husband to be religious and immune from debauchery, life, and vital money. Pure, white bread symbolizes a clear life, pure knowledge, and a beautiful white woman. Bread made of a mixture of wheat and barley is the reverse.
• Distributing bread to needy or weak people: Will preach or acquire learning.
• Baking bread: The dreamer is endeavouring to secure a steady source of income.
• Baking bread quickly before the furnace cools down: Will have a high position and obtain as much money as bread was produced.
• Finding or obtaining a loaf of bread: Long life. Each loaf represents forty years. Anything missing from it should be deducted from that figure. Its purity symbolizes the quality of life. Each loaf of bread could also symbolize one thousand dirham's  (silver coins), welfare, abundance, and blessings. For a bachelor it alludes to a wife, for the ruler to his justice.
• Seeing plenty of loaves without eating any of them: Will meet one’s brothers very soon.
• Seeing a brown bread loaf in one’s hand: Nice living but medium religious faith.
• A barley bread loaf: A life of sorrow and fear.
• A dry loaf: Tight living.
• Being given a piece of bread and eating it: The dreamer will either die or live nicely.
• Taking a piece of bread: The dreamer is cupid.
• Hot bread: Hypocrisy and prohibitions.
• A loaf of bread hanging on the dreamer’s forefront: He is poor.
• Rotten bread  (with green bacteria on it): Plenty of money that is of no use to its owner and from which no religious dues are paid.
• Bread cooked on embers or hot sand: Hard living, for only the needy bake that kind of bread.
• Eating bread without food: The dreamer will be sick without anybody looking after him and will die lonely.
• Eating bread with honey: Will seek knowledge and wisdom and be better off, because honey indicates good knowledge and bread comfortable living.
• Eating bread and salt: Contentment.
• Eating vinegar with bread: Long life.
• Eating thin  (unleavened) bread: Contradictory interpretations like short life, few gains, and abundance.
• Unfinished bread: Strong fever, as this bread has to go back to the oven for completion.
• Hot white wheat bread: Children.
• Loaves of bread spread on the dining table: An enemy will emerge. If the dreamer eats from them, hostility will break out.
• A dead person giving bread to the dreamer: Money or welfare from an undesirable source.
• A dead person taking a loaf of bread from the dreamer to let it fall in the fire on tar or in an empty place: The dreamer’s sick wife, if any, will die or lose faith.
• Seeing bread above the clouds, on a rooftop, or high in a palm tree: The price of bread will go up.
• Bread on the ground and people stepping on it: A huge, thankless man who promotes luxury.
• Pissing on bread: Will have sex with a prohibited relative.

Grave Dream Explanation — The grave or grave pit symbolizes the prison, and vice versa. Graves symbolize a leaning toward ignorance or the ignorant, religious corruption, a catastrophe, worries, and regret for having followed the ignorant, but ultimate repentance. The gravedigger is a prestigious and awesome man.
• Wishing to visit the tombs: Will pay a visit to prisoners.
• Entering a grave and stepping on the bones of the dead: Will be expelled.
• Digging a grave or a pit for oneself or somebody else:  (1) Will build a house.  (2) Will settle in that area.
• Digging a grave on a surface: Will live long.
• Being put in the grave: Will own a house.
• Sand being levelled upon the dreamer in the grave: Will gain money.
• Backfilling a grave: Long life and lasting health.
• Being put in a grave, as a dead person, without being preserved: Will make love to a woman.
• A grave in an unknown place: Will go along with a hypocrite.
• Numerous graves in an unknown place: Hypocrites.
• Well-known graves: The truth or some rights that the dreamer is forgetting.
• A known grave turning into the dreamer’s house: Will marry a relative of the deceased.
• Seeing a person’s grave being turned into a house, a shop, or a village: The family of the defunct will build a house there.
• Dreaming of entering a grave without being carried on a bier: Will buy an empty house.
• Standing by a grave: Will commit a sin, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that reads: “And never  (O Muhammad) pray for one of them who dieth, nor stand by his grave. Lo! they disbelieved in Allah and His messenger, and they died while they were evildoers.”  (“Al-Taubah” [Repentance], verse 84.)
• Standing by one’s grave and looking at it: Will repent and sins will be forgiven.
• Seeing a well-off person roaming about in a graveyard: That person will go broke  (because the dead do not carry any money).
• Roaming about amid open graves: Will enter the homes of heretics or visit the jails.
• Going to a grave and digging the earth with one’s nails or trying to unearth the dead: Will probe the life of the dead dwelling in that grave to follow his pattern.
• Finding a dead person alive in his grave: Will become wise and pious and achieve orderly gains.
• Going to a graveyard to unearth the dead and finding some of them alive and others not: Terrible deaths will occur in that spot or country.
• Finding deadly reptiles or insects in a grave or flames coming out of it:  (1) The dreamer is doing abominable things.  (2) The dead person in that grave was a heretic.
• Seeing a person going down to a grave, then coming up and trying to push the dreamer therein: A prisoner is trying to incriminate the dreamer.
• Seeing someone handing you over to the grave: That person is trying to destroy you.
• Vegetation around the graves: The grave dwellers enjoy God’s mercy.
• Deriving a lesson by visiting a graveyard: Will win a case. If no lesson was derived, the dreamer is right or has certain rights but is unaware of that.
• Seeing something written on someone’s grave  (epitaph): Will stay in jail forever.
• Seeing oneself in the grave being questioned by Munker and Nakeer  (the two angels commissioned for that purpose): The ruler or chief will send for the dreamer to ask him something. If he replied to them gently and correctly, he will have nothing to fear.
• Being removed from the grave, then returned to it: Will receive benefits from the ruler  (or chief), but end up behind bars.
• The sky raining graves: Compassion from God.

Piss Dream Explanation — Urine generally symbolizes spending and wasting money. It could also mean illicit or inappropriate spending.
• Urinating: The dreamer will spend money that will benefit himself.
• Urinating smoothly: Money will flow from the dreamer’s pocket, and his savings will be eroded.
• Containing one’s urine: The dreamer will be angry with his wife.
• Being hard pressed but finding nowhere to urinate: The dreamer is searching for a place to bury his money but is unable to find one.
• Holding back urine or urinating with difficulty: The dreamer is rushing things and taking incorrect initiatives, because continence is like frustration and frustrated persons are unstable and never go back on a decision before they feel the heat.
• Urinating in an unknown place: The dreamer will marry a woman or a slave in that place who will receive his semen and make him part of her family.
• Urinating in a well: The dreamer will spend illegally acquired money.
• Urinating on a commodity: Will incur losses in it.
• A rich person urinating and withholding some of the urine: He will lose some of his wealth.
• A troubled person urinating and retaining some of his urine: He will get limited relief.
• Urinating in drops: A debt will be paid back in instalments.
• Urinating with someone and seeing the urine mixing: Rapprochement or one of the two will marry into the other’s family.
• A woman pissing plenty of urine: She desires men.
• A rich man urinating in a urinal: He will lose money.
• A poor person urinating abundantly in a urinal: Relief will come.
• Seeing people touching and coating themselves with one’s urine: The dreamer will have a son whom people will follow.
• Seeing an identified or well-known person pissing on the dreamer: The former will sustain the latter financially to humiliate him.
• Urinating in a bottle, a washtub, a jar, an anonymous well or an empty space: The dreamer will have sex with or marry a woman.
• Urinating in the sea: The dreamer will pay taxes to the ruler or zakat  (religious dues).
• Urinating too much in an unusual manner, getting stained with one’s urine, noting a bad smell, or urinating and being watched by people who find it unworthy of the dreamer’s reputation: Quarrels, sorrow, evil, and scandal.
• Drinking urine: Suspicious gains, illegal wealth, and hardships  (because only in hardships and impossible situations is a human being compelled to drink urine).
• Urinating in certain people’s house, shop, mosque, country, or village: The dreamer will marry into that family or folk who will receive the dreamer’s semen. If that act took place in a mosque, in particular, the dreamer will have a pious and virtuous son.
• Urinating on the altar of a mosque: The dreamer will have an enlightened son.
• Entering a cemetery uncovered, laughing, urinating on the tombs, or walking amid the dead: The dreamer will be involved with evil, debauched, and atheistic people and select his friends on this basis.
• Pissing milk: The dreamer’s nature will change. If a known person drinks from it, he will spend on him from honest sources.
• Pissing juice: The dreamer will overspend.
• Pissing saffron: The dreamer will have a son who will become a nurse.
• Pissing blood: The dreamer will marry a divorcee or a prohibited relative without knowing it.
• Pissing blood in an unknown garden or irrigating it with water not from the sea: The dreamer will make love to a lady. In case the act took place in the dreamer’s own garden, he would break an oath by having sex with his wife, sodomizing her or sleeping with her during her menses.
• A hireling pissing in a garden or irrigating it from alien sources or wells: A man is betraying the dreamer with his wife.
• Pissing sand or mud: The dreamer performs his ablutions neither properly nor regularly.
• Pissing fire:  (1) The dreamer will have a powerful son.  (2) The dreamer will have a son who will become a thief.
• Pissing a lion: The dreamer will have an unjust son.
• Pissing worms: The dreamer will be prolific.
• Pissing a snake: The dreamer will have a son who will turn hostile to him.
• Pissing a she-cat: The dreamer will have a girl by an Oriental woman born in a coastal area.
• Pissing a fish: The dreamer will have a girl from a woman he brought from a coastal area, like the shores of the Arabian Sea.
• Pissing a bird: The dreamer will have a son showing similarities to the essence or characteristics of that bird, be they good or bad.
• Pissing stool: The dreamer will commit an abomination in which family will get involved.
• Pissing vomitus: The dreamer will have an illegitimate son.
• Pissing in the standing position: The dreamer will spend money unconsciously.
• Pissing on one’s shirt:  (1) If a bachelor, the dreamer will get married.  (2) If already married, the dreamer will have a boy.
• Pissing in one’s nose: The dreamer will have sex with a prohibited relative.
• Pissing in an animated area of a marketplace: The dreamer will become a familiar figure in that market.
• A horseman stepping down from a mare for some adventitious reason and pissing blood: He is indulging in adultery  (because, according to the ancient Arabs, the soil is a woman and pissing is sex, while blood symbolizes what is prohibited).
• Urinating in the mihrab or prayer niche: The dreamer will have a son who will become a Muslim spiritual leader, as the mihrab basically represents the imam.
• Urinating or pissing one, two, or three drops in the prayer niche: The dreamer will have as many virtuous and handsome children as there were drops.
• Pissing on a holy book: The dreamer will have a son who will memorize that book.
• The few drops that come out after urinating: Money that will not stay long, to the dreamer’s regret.
• Pissing and seeing a vapour rising to cover the whole sky: The dreamer will have a son whose realm will reach the horizons.

Muhammad, The Muslims Holy Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him Dream Explanation —   (Also see Companions.) According to the Hadith  (Reliable Quotations of the Holy Prophet), Muhammad, Peace be upon him, said, “Seeing me in a dream is like seeing me in reality, because Satan neither incarnates, nor impersonates me. Whoever has dreamt of me has actually seen me. And he who has dreamt of me will not go to Hell.”40 The best of all dreams is to see the Holy Prophet in good shape, because most if not all interpreters agree that the Prophet is, for the dreamer, like a shining mirror. Therefore, his image reflects the state of the dreamer himself. And he is sometimes identified with the imam  (spiritual leader) of the place where the dreamer lives. It is also contended that when a person dreams of the Holy Prophet alone, the dream applies to all Muslims. The wives of the Holy Prophet allude to mothers, welfare, blessings, children, mostly girls, trouble, jealousy, and slander. When a woman dreams of Aisha, she will be highly appreciated and respected and have a good reputation. She will also be favoured by her parents and her husband. If she sees Hafsa, it is a sign of wickedness. Seeing Khadija means that she will be happy and have virtuous progeny. The sight of Fatema, daughter of the Holy Prophet, means that the dreamer will lose her husband, father, and mother.
• In general, seeing the Holy Prophet looking good: (1) Good tidings and joy. (2) God will help the dreamer settle his debts. (3) The dreamer will recover from a disease. (4) The dreamer will win a battle and achieve victory. (5) The dreamer will perform the pilgrimage. (6) The truth will appear with related evidence. (7) Truthful statements. (8) Promises will be fulfilled. (9) High prestige among one’s family and unprecedented gifts.  (10) Or, on the contrary, hostility, evil eye, and spite on the part of one’s family, whom the dreamer will be forced to part from. He might also emigrate.  (11) The dreamer might lose both parents.  (12) The dreamer will eventually have supernatural powers.  (13) The dreamer will treat the eyes with admirable skill  (14) The end of drought, thirst, and hunger and the start of prosperity and abundance.
• The Holy Prophet seen at his best: The leadership and authority of the imam will be enhanced.
• The Prophet seen in his best shape in a barren land: The dreamer will become fertile.
• The Prophet seen in good shape in a place where injustice reigns supreme: Justice will prevail.
• The Prophet seen in good shape in a place studded with dangers: The people of that place will be secure.
• The Holy Prophet looking white-skinned: Repentance, good deeds, and righteousness.
• The Holy Prophet looking dark-skinned: The dreamer will abandon apostasy and repent.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet with an all-black beard, without a single white hair: Joy and fertility in everything.
• The Prophet’s neck looking thicker and stronger than usual: The imam is worthy of the trust of Muslims.
• The Holy Prophet having an admirably big chest: The imam will be extremely generous and, when asked, will provide plenty of soldiers for the army.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet with an empty stomach: The treasury is empty.
• The Prophet looking slender and light-hearted:  (1) Relief from worries.  (2) Release from prison.  (3) The end of a siege.  (4) An end to injustice.  (5) The end of fears.
• The Prophet’s legs longer than usual: the imam’s life will stretch.
• The Holy Prophet’s thighs looking bigger, more beautiful, and hairier than usual: The dreamer’s folk will become more numerous and get stronger and richer.
• The Prophet appearing pale and weak or with ragged or worn-out clothes: Religious values are deteriorating in that place, and heresy is having its way.
• Seeing a sick Muhammad recovering: The people of that place will commit no more sins and return to the right path.
• The fingers of the Prophet’s right hand sticking to each other:  (1) The imam is not distributing any goods or alms.  (2) The dreamer will not perform the pilgrimage, will not engage in the Muslims  Jihad  (holy struggle), and is not spending on his children and in-laws.
• The Holy Prophet gripping the dreamer’s left hand:  (1) The imam is withholding what God has bestowed on his followers or soldiers as well as the moneys allocated for the Jihad and the alms destined for the poor.  (2) The dreamer is not paying the zakat, or religious dues, and is turning away from those who request his assistance.
• The fingers of the Holy Prophet tightly pressing on the palm of the dreamer’s hand: Complications and worries both for the imam and the dreamer.
• The Prophet’s hand wide open and the fingers widespread: The imam will distribute the goods, and the dreamer will go to Mecca (Makkah) and play his part in the Jihad.
• A cordial Muhammad giving the dreamer something nice to eat or wear, promising him something, or praying for him:  (1) The dreamer will become a just ruler, if eligible, promoting virtue and combating vice.  (2) If a scholar or an erudite, the dreamer will optimize the use of his science and acquire extraordinary spiritual powers  (karamat).  (3) If disobeying God, the dreamer will repent and return to the right path.  (4) If an atheist, the dreamer will come back to his senses and study religion even if he is illiterate, like the Holy Prophet was, as stated in the Quran.  (5) If scared, the dreamer will be secure from the more powerful as someone will intercede in his favour.  (6) If a heretic, indulging in innovations, the dreamer had better fear God.
• Seeing oneself in the image of the Holy Prophet, wearing his dress, or receiving his ring or sword:  (1) If eligible to become a king or ruler, will become one.  (2) Status will radically improve and all wishes will come true.
• The Prophet sitting in a place: The location will become a trend-setting one.
• The Prophet leading the prayers in a place: Muslims will unite.
• The Holy Prophet frowning or looking sad: The dreamer is in bad condition.
• Drinking the Prophet’s blood, in hiding, out of love for him: Will die as a martyr.
• Drinking the Prophet’s blood overtly as a manifestation of love and affection: The dreamer is a hypocrite who speaks ill of his own family or community and will help bring about their doom.
• Seeing one’s blood mixed with that of Muhammad: A marital relationship with someone from the lineage of the Holy Prophet or a ulema  (religious scholar).
• Seeing the Holy Prophet riding on a horse or camel, et cetera: Will visit the Prophet’s Mausoleum in this manner.
• The Prophet proceeding by foot: Will head for the Prophet’s Mausoleum by foot.
• The Holy Prophet standing: The dreamer and the spiritual leader of his time will change for the better.
• The Prophet launching the athan, loud but melodious appeal for prayers in a devastated area: Reconstruction.
• The Holy Prophet eating with the dreamer: The latter is called upon to pay his religious dues.
• Dreaming that you are the child of the Prophet but not from his lineage: You are a genuine believer.
• Dreaming that you are the Prophet’s father: Religious faith will weaken.
• Having obtained part of the body of the Holy Prophet: The dreamer is abiding by parts of the Islamic institution and leaving the rest, thereby behaving like a heretic.
• The Holy Prophet smiling: The dreamer is abiding by Muhammad’s Tradition.
• A woman dreaming of the Holy Prophet:  (1) Will reach a high degree of virtue, loyalty, and fame.  (2) Will have rivals, other wives sharing her husband.  (3) Will give birth to pious children.  (4) Will spend her money in a way as to please the Almighty.  (5) Will endure harm with stoicism.
• A pregnant woman seeing the Prophet: A male child is in her womb.
• Dreaming that one of the Prophet’s wives is your mother: Faith will become stronger.
• The Prophet seen with his companions: Victory for the believers and havoc and destruction for the atheists.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet fraternizing with his companions: Learning, erudition, and jurisprudence.
• An orphan or a stranger seeing the Holy Prophet: Elevation in life.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet in his youth: The dreamer is a warmonger.
• The Holy Prophet looking young and tall: Intrigue will be followed by a massacre.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet in his forties: The dreamer is powerful and will crush his enemies.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet in his relatively old age: The dreamer is looking for peace.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet as an old man: The people are healthy.
• The Holy Prophet standing amid soldiers armed to the teeth and laughing with vanity: The Muslims  army will be defeated that year.
• The Holy Prophet standing amid soldiers bearing a minimum number of weapons and looking contemptible: The Muslims will triumph over their enemies in view of the verse of the Holy Quran that says: “God had helped you at Badr, when ye were a contemptible little force …”  (“Al-Imran” [The Imran Family], verse 123.)
• The Holy Prophet combing his hair and beard: The dreamer’s worries will disappear.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet in his mosque or Haram or his usual place: Power and prestige.
• Walking behind the Holy Prophet: You are following in his footsteps and Sunnah  (Tradition).
• The Holy Prophet looking into the dreamer’s behaviour: The Prophet is enjoining upon the dreamer to be fair to his wife and give her dues.
• The Holy Prophet shaking hands with the dreamer: The latter is observing the Prophet’s Tradition.
• Eating with the Holy Prophet: The Holy Prophet is directing the dreamer to pay his share of zakat, or religious dues.
• The Holy Prophet eating alone: The Prophet wants the dreamer to pay his zakat  (religious dues) and sadaqa  (alms to the poor), which he is not doing.
• The Holy Prophet without his sandals: The dreamer is not engaging in jamaa  (collective prayer), and the Prophet wants him to change his bad habits.
• The Holy Prophet wearing his half-boots or his slippers: The Prophet is ordering the dreamer to engage in Jihad.
• The Prophet giving some lovable earthly matter, food, or drink to the dreamer: The dreamer will receive benefits as much as he was given. If the substance of what was given by Muhammad was negligible, like the contents of a watermelon, some harm will befall the dreamer and he will face hardships, but he will be saved from something terrible.
• The Holy Prophet giving the dreamer some starchy food, legumes, or pulses: The dreamer will escape trouble.
• The Prophet giving something sweet to the dreamer, like dates or honey: The dreamer will memorize the Holy Quran and become knowledgeable inasmuch as the Prophet had given him.
• The Holy Prophet giving anything to the dreamer: The dreamer will acquire knowledge and observe right and justice, but if the dreamer returns that thing to Muhammad, it means that the dreamer would turn heretic.
• The Holy Prophet addressing people: The dreamer will promote virtue and combat vice.
• The Prophet blaming the dreamer, arguing with him, or shouting at him: The dreamer has introduced some innovation in religion  (heresy).
• Kissing the Holy Prophet: The dreamer should check the stories being told about him.
• Reading from a Quran book to the Holy Prophet: The dreamer will memorize the Quran.
• A bachelor dreaming of any of the Prophet’s wives, except Hafsa: He will marry a virtuous woman.
• The Holy Prophet dying in a place: The Prophet’s Tradition will die in that place.
• Dreaming that the Prophet has died: One of the dreamer’s children will die.
• Seeing the Prophet’s funeral: Some terrible tragedy will occur at that spot.
• Marching in the Prophet’s funeral procession to the grave: The dreamer has a penchant for heresy.
• Visiting the Prophet’s Mausoleum: Fabulous financial gains.
• Seeing the Prophet’s Boraq or winged horse  (Pegasus, hippogriff):  (1) Very high promotion.  (2) Will have a round-trip full of health and wealth.  (3) Martyrdom.

Silver Dream Explanation — Though silver is better than gold in the interpretation of dreams, bangles and bracelets are a bad omen for men, who are not supposed to wear them, and a good augury for women. A man wearing a silver anklet will experience fear, be chained, or go to jail. For men anklets are chains. Anyhow, no ornaments are good for the masculine gender in dreams, except rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings. For women, all jewels and ornaments are, generally, good dreams in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that reads as follows: “Beautiful for mankind is love of the joys [that come] from women and offspring, and stored-up heaps of gold and silver, and horses branded [with their mark] and cattle and land. That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah! With Him is a more excellent abode.”  (“Al-Imran” [The Imran Family], verse 14.) The bracelet and the anklet symbolize the husband or marriage, in particular. For men they represent sorrow. Lady’s jewels could also refer to their children, since mothers are proud of them. Gold is a reference to boys and silver to girls. Likewise, whatever is masculine refers to boys and anything feminine to girls. Certain interpreters hate to hear about silver in view of the etymology of the word—in Arabic feddah from fadd or yafeddo, meaning “to disperse” or “to deflower.” In general, silver is hoarded money. An alloy of silver and gold is a beautiful white girl or slave girl  (or servant in the modern sense), because silver is part of the essence of women  (according to the ancient Arabs). Whoever dreams of having acquired such an alloy will seduce a pretty woman. If the piece is big, he will find a treasure.
• Hoarding silver: Will go to Hell. “… they who hoard up gold and silver if not in the way of Allah, unto them give tidings  (O Muhammad) of a painful doom, on the day when it will [all] be heated in the fire of Hell, and their foreheads and their flanks and their backs will be branded therewith  (and it will be said unto them): Here is that which ye hoarded for yourselves. Now taste of what ye used to hoard.”  (“Al-Baraah” or “Al-Taubah,” verses 34–35.)
• Silver roofs, houses, stairs, doors, or couches: A reference to atheism in view of verses 33 to 35 of “Surat Al-Zukhruf”  (Ornaments) in the Holy Quran: “And were it not that mankind would have become one community  (of disbelievers), We might well have appointed, for those who disbelieve in the Beneficent, roofs of silver for their houses and stairs  (of silver) whereby to mount, and for their houses doors  (of silver) and couches of silver whereon to recline, and ornaments of gold. Yet all that would have been but a provision of the life of the world. And the Hereafter with your Lord would have been for those who keep away from evil.”
• Melting silver: Will be angry with one’s wife and people will speak ill of the dreamer.
• Giving away a silver knickknack, artifact, mirror, piece of jewelry: Will lose money or other assets.
• Seeing oneself in a silver mirror: Popularity will be at its lowest ebb, or reputation will be badly damaged.
• Entering a silver cave and taking something out of it: Will be deceived by wife in a matter regarding her or somebody else.
• Becoming part of the silver metal: Wife will deceive the dreamer.
• Silver and golden containers: Women. But silver is good and gold is bad.
• Seeing silver in a container: Someone will deposit something with the dreamer and place his confidence in him.
• A silver or golden container, such as a pitcher, a jug, a ewer, a tea- or coffeepot or a flagon, a platter or trencher, or a cup: Business or good deeds conducive to Paradise. Reference should be made here to certain verses of the Holy Quran: “Therein are brought round for them trays of gold and goblets, and therein is all that souls desire and eyes find sweet. And ye are immortal therein”  (“Al-Zukhruf’ [Ornaments], verse 71.) “Goblets of silver are brought round for them, and beakers  (as) of glass,  (bright as) glass but  (made) of silver, which they  (themselves) have measured to the measure  (of their deeds)… their raiment will be fine green silk and gold embroidery. Bracelets of silver will they wear. Their Lord will slake their thirst with a pure drink.”  (“Al-Dahr” or “Al-Insan” [Time of Man], verses 15–16 and 21.) “There wait on them immortal youths with bowls and ewers and a cup from a pure spring.”  (“Al-Waqiah” [The Event], verses 17–18.) “A cup from a gushing spring is brought round for them, white, delicious to the drinkers.”  (“Al-Saffat” [Those Who Set the Ranks], verses 45–46.) But ancient Arab interpreters were divided about the interpretation of dreams involving silver. To some finding silver tablets or bars meant joy or that the dreamer would procure some in reality. To others it meant worries and sorrow; it all depended on the personality of the dreamer himself. According to Al-Kirmani, genuine and intact silver meant some truthful news would arrive. Broken silver is a reference to misleading information and animosity.
• Finding some molten piece of silver or receiving it from someone: The dreamer will marry a woman from that person’s folk.
• A golden or silver salt cellar: An agreeable woman, as in Arabic salt is melh and agreeable is maliha. But silver is always better than gold.
• A man wearing two silver bracelets:  (1) Benefits obtained the hard way.  (2) Hardships of one’s own making and deep regret, especially if the metal is twisted.
• Seeing a silver bracelet: The dreamer will get a male servant or have a child.
• A silver armlet or bangle: Worries and hatred, but less than if it were gold.
• An armlet on a man’s upper arm: His daughter or his brother’s daughter will get married.  (The upper arm and the forearm represent the brother.)
• A silver pendent: A pretty girl, servant, or slave.
• Seeing one’s wife wearing two earrings of gold and silver or one of gold and the other of silver: The dreamer will divorce her. A man once went to a dream interpreter and told him, “I dreamed that my wife was wearing a ring, half gold and half silver.” The interpreter said, “You divorced her twice, and there remains only the last time.” “Yes,” conceded the man.
• A man seeing himself wearing a silver earring: He will memorize all the Holy Quran. If the man is honest, he will have beautiful maids, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: “Round about them will serve,  (devoted) to the, youths  (handsome) as pearls well-guarded.”  (“Al-Tur” [The Mount], verse 24) , and other verses that say: “And  (there will be) companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes, like unto pearls well-guarded.”  (“Al-Waqiah” [The Event], verses 22–23.)
• If the earring is coupled with a sword: The dreamer will have a girl child. If the dreamer is a pregnant woman, she will give birth to a boy.
• A man wearing a twisted silver ring: Good deed. Unlike the case of a golden ring.
• Wearing a silver ring: Great joy and comfortable living.
• A silver girdle, belt, or sash: Justice will prevail in the area, as mintaqa in Arabic is used both for belt and district.
• Wearing anklets made of silver, especially a colored one: The dreamer will renew a deal with one’s brothers to regret it later on or perhaps will use a whip.
• Wearing or bearing any silver ornament with something carved on it: Welfare. If it is just plated, the benefit will be less; if it is plain, the reverse should apply.