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Islamic dreams about Elephant find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Elephant dictionary!
Elephant dream interpretations

Elephant Dream Explanation — An elephant symbolises a foreigner who is despotic, powerful and vehement. He has no compassion_striking fear into the hearts of people. Mounting an Elephant : If a person sees himself as mounting or owning an elephant or encircling it or utilizing it for any purpose other than ploughing, it is a glad tiding that he will either be endowed with power and superiority or he will be appointed to an important office by the government of a foreign country.

Elephant Dream Explanation — (Arrogance) In a dream, an elephant represents a respected and feared enemy who is dull-witted, who carries heavy burdens or responsibilities and who is expert in war tactics. An elephant in a dream also signifies arrogance. Riding an elephant or controlling it in a dream means establishing ties with a leader or a politician and profiteering from one's connection. It also means living a long and a prosperous life. Riding an elephant during the night time in a dream means rising in rank, and should one be suited for leadership, he will receive it then engage in a war which he will lose. Riding an elephant during the daylight hours in a dream means divorce, perfidy, betrayal or deceit. Milking an elephant or taking something out of its trunk in a dream means either extortion or receiving lawful money from a powerful person. It is also said that an elephant in a dream represents a mighty king who is gracious and generous, patient and tender hearted. If an elephant hits someone with his trunk in a dream, it means receiving benefits from such a person or inheriting something from him, receiving a political appointment, or becoming wealthy through high connections. An elephant in a dream also represents righteous people, scholars and noble ones. An elephant in a dream also denotes hardships, toiling, then relief from adversities. Seeing an elephant in a dream and failing to ride on it means lack of integrity or loss of business. Seeing a dead elephant in a dream means that the ruler or a great person from that land will die, or that a noble person will be killed. Seeing an elephant in a land other than its native land in a dream means adversities. If one faces a threatening elephant in a dream, it means an illness. If one falls under the feet of an elephant in a dream, it means his death. Speaking to an elephant in a dream means receiving a precious gift from someone in authority. Running away in fear of an elephant in a dream means being persecuted by someone in authority. Riding an elephant during a war in a dream means defeat and subsequent destruction. Eating elephant's meat in a dream means money. As for worldly people, seeing an elephant in a dream means benefits, but as for pious and religious people, it denotes adversities. Riding an elephant in a dream also may denote lies or oppression. An elephant entering a land other than its natural habitat signifies an official visit of a king or a president to another country, or it could mean invading it.

Elephant Dream Explanation — Dream interpreters differ about what the elephant symbolizes in dreams. Some of them regard it as a gigantic foreign king, feared, cool, and heartless, but well trained in the arts of war and capable of lifting extraordinary weights. By contrast, others say it is a good and extremely tolerant, patient, and generous king. The elephant also symbolizes hardworking people or the working class, in view of its nature and hard tasks, the devout, the learned, and the noble. Certain interpreters feel it represents an obese woman or a cursed man, because it belongs to the category of those metaphor hosed by God, according to religious beliefs. A man told Ibn Siren he dreamed that he was riding an elephant, to which the great seer replied, “The elephant is not an animal that Muslims usually ride. I’m afraid you are no longer a Muslim.” The elephant is also seen as something great and famous but useless, because people can neither eat its meat nor milk it. More, the elephant is said to be the animal of the Prince of the Inferno. Especially for women and for pious people, those who seek the Hereafter, the sight of an elephant never augurs well. It is not the same for worldly individuals.
• Eating elephant meat or taking any of its limbs, skin, or bones: Money from the ruler.
• Milking an elephant: Will outwit a foreign king and get his money through lawful means.
• Seeing an elephant and failing to ride it: Prestige and fortune will decline. Conversely, riding it, especially by night, means that the dreamer, if eligible, will triumph over a huge but niggardly king  (or chief). If the dreamer is not eligible, the same dream would indicate that the dreamer will enter a war but be defeated or get killed in it, in view of the following verses in the Holy Quran: “Hast thou not seen how thy Lord dealt with the owners of the Elephant? Did He not bring their stratagem to naught.”  (“Al-Fil” [The Elephant], verses 01–02.)
• Riding an elephant by day: Will divorce one’s wife and sustain harm in the process.
• Riding an elephant with a saddle and driving it at will:  (1) Will marry the daughter of a foreign giant.  (2) Business will prosper.
• A bachelor riding an elephant:  (1) Will get married, possibly to a foreign woman.  (2) Will board a ship or the like.
• Seeing an elephant anywhere other than in India: Hardships and terror.
• Herding elephants: Will befriend foreign rulers.
• Seeing a slaughtered elephant in a country: The ruler of that country or one of its celebrities will die.
• An elephant posing a menace to the dreamer or trying to get hold of him: Coming sickness.
• Falling under the elephant’s feet or being foiled by it: Will die, unless the elephant did not step on the dreamer or crush him, in which case he would just face hardships, then escape unharmed.
• Talking to an elephant: Welfare from the king.
• An elephant chasing the dreamer: Harm from the king.
• An elephant beating the dreamer with its trunk or taking anything from that animal’s trunk: Will strike it rich.
• Two elephants fighting: Two kings are in the same position.
Elephant dung or droppings: The king’s money.
• An elephant getting out of a city whose ruler is ill:  (1) The ruler will die; otherwise, he will be deposed or leave for good.  (2) If it is a port city a ship will set sail.  (3) Some epidemic or plague will disappear.
• A woman dreaming of riding an elephant: She will die.

Elephant trainer Dream Explanation — An elephant trainer in a dream represents the master teacher of children of noble families, a horse trainer, a sports trainer or a translator. (Also see Elephant)

Elephant man Dream Explanation — A chronic disease which is characterized by the enlargement of certain parts of the body, especially the legs and gentiles. In a dream, an elephant man represents love for the world from the wrong angle.

Eating elephant Meat Dream Explanation — The One who eats the meat will receive assets from some authority. The extent of such assets will depend on how much meat he eats. The same interpretation is given if a person sees himself taking possession of the skin, bone or any other portion of the elephant.

Riding an Elephant in Battle Dream Explanation — He will gain victory over his enemy in battle.

Elephantiasis Dream Explanation — (med. See Elephant man)

Love for the world Dream Explanation — (See Elephant man; Love)

Invasion Dream Explanation — In a dream, invasion means poverty, failure, facing danger and destruction, or seeking to do business overseas. (Also see Elephant)

Interpretation according to Varying Times Dream Explanation — If a person dreams during the night that he is mounted on an elephant it suggests that he will profit immensely from a certain affair or contractor task. But if such a dream is observed during the day it means he will divorce his wife.

Arrogance Dream Explanation — To show arrogance in a dream based on one's success in life and richness means the nearing end of one's life in this world. Arrogance in a dream also means prosperity and a high rank in this world, though evil maybe the end of it. (Also see Advice; Elephant)

Incident Dream Explanation — this incident is related to a group of people living on the Island of Saqliyyah . It is narrated that their king was bent on annihilating the Muslims. For this, he prepared a powerful navy comprising of thousands of soldiers. At this point he saw a dream in which he saw himself mounted on an elephant while drums were beaten and trumpets were blown before him. When he awoke he summoned some of his clergymen and asked them to interpret the dream. They gave him the glad tiding of victory. He demanded proof from them for their interpretation. The said that the elephant is the most powerful animal on land and mounting such a powerful animal means becoming the master of power and strength. And the beating of drums and blowings of trumpets are signs of happiness, ecstasy and victory. Also drums are only beaten in the presence of asking if there is some reason for happiness. When the king heard this, he became both surprised and delighted. He then summoned some Jewish ulama and asked them for their interpretation. They also interpdreted the dream as a glad tiding of victory. He then called some Muslim ulamaa and demanded that they interpret the dream. They all pointed to an experienced Alim to respond to the king's demand. The Alim said to the king that he would interpret the dream only if he guaranteed their safety which he did. The learned Alim interpreted the dream thus; “O king, I see no wisdom in your wanting to kill the Muslims and marching on them for this purpose. Please do not deploy your army for they will not return to you alive. They will be defeated and destroyed. And do not for one moment think that I give this interpretation because I am a Muslim”. The king asked him for proof to which he replied that the Holy Book of Allah was the source for his proof. He quoted the verse: Have you not seen what your Lord had done to the people of the elephants. He recited the entire Surah Feel. The king said: “This is your proof regarding the elephants. What have you to say about the drums?” He recited the verse: And when the trumpet will be blowns, this will be a very hard day for the non-believers-not an easy one. When the king heard this he became utterly shocked and perplexed since the Shaikh's explanation was rational and irrefutable. To avoid embarrassment to himself he dismissed the sheikh and his colleagues saying that he would have believed him if he (the sheikh) were not a Muslim. But since he is a Muslim he is biased in his delivery of interpretation. The Shaikh said: “You will soon find out for yourself, o king!”. When the sheikh and his colleagues departed the king began to ponder deeply about what the sheikh had said. He became convinced and decided not to go ahead with his plans. When the clergy heard of this they approached him and urged him to go ahead with his plan. They reasoned with him not to believe the interpretation of the sheikh as he was a Muslim and a Muslim would obviously be opposed to king Muslims. They also sought his permission to kill the sheikh which he refused. They continued to incite him against the Muslim and urged him to go ahead with his plans. He had no choice but to accede. He deployed a huge army under the command of his son. The two sides met in the middle of the sea. For three days a fierce battle ensued between the Muslims and non-Muslims. One the third day the Christians army was defeated. Not a single person was spared. When the king came to learn about this, he called for the sheikh and admitted his folly before him. He then secretly accepted Islam at his hands and bestowed many of his favours on him. It is said that he also learned the Holy Quran by the Shaikh and this affair of the king became popular in Saqliyyah.

Death Dream Explanation — Death symbolizes the loss of religious faith and divorce as well as poverty, most probably on the spiritual plane. It also means regret and repentance for a great sin. Likewise, it alludes to imminent marriage, because the bridegroom or the married person, like the dead, enjoys special care, such as washing, incense, et cetera.
• Seeing one’s corpse carried on a bier or in a coffin amid tears and sobbing after all mortuary rituals have been accomplished: Weakening faith and debauchery along with dignity and power in this world. If, furthermore, the body had been buried, it would mean that the dreamer will be completely immersed in worldly matters and lost spiritually and will die without repentance. If he comes out of the grave, he will repent. In any case, the hero of such a dream will have absolute mastery and will almost enslave or humiliate as many people as were seen carrying his bier over their necks and shoulders. He might also rule over his province or state. But for a slave burial means that he will be set free. For the custodian of something it means that whatever he is entrusted to keep will be snatched from him.
• Sudden death: Unexpected troubles and worries.
• Death of the king: The country will be lost.
• Death of the imam  (Muslim spiritual leader):  (1) Havoc in the city or country.  (2) Loss of the dreamer’s religious faith.
• Death of a ulema  (Muslim religious scholar): No more learning or Islamic Law in that place.
• Death of either parent: Will deteriorate materially and/or spiritually.
• Death of the father: Quandary regarding the dreamer’s livelihood.
• Death of the mother:  (1) Worries and sorrow.  (2) Aims will not be fulfilled.
• Death of a son:  (1) Will get rid of or be safe from one’s enemy.  (2) An inheritance.
• Death of a daughter: Despair will replace joy.
• Death of a sick brother:  (1) The brother in question will die.  (2) Someone from that brother’s side will pass away.
• A person who has no brother dreaming that his brother has died:  (1) The dreamer will die or go broke.  (2) The dreamer will lose an eye or a hand.
• Death of a conjoint or a partner: Divorce or the end of a partnership.
• Death of the wife:  (1) Will make money and become self-sufficient.  (2) Will lose one’s source of living. More often it is a good dream.
• Death of a relative: Will become less able.
• Death of a pregnant woman: Will give birth to a male child who will prove to be very beneficial and bring about a lot of joy.
• Death of an unknown woman:  (1) Worldly matters will run into a snag.  (2) Drought. Death of a friend:  (1) The dreamer will die.  (2) The dreamer will lose that friend.
• Death of an unknown old man: The dreamer’s endeavours will not bear any fruit.
• Death of a night watchman:  (1) Death of a ruler or governor.  (2) Fear.
• Death of a bachelor: Marriage.
• Death of a professional or a craftsman: The craft will go through a recession.
• Death of a slave: Snags and loss of prestige, especially if that was the only slave in the house.
• Death of unchaste and wanton persons:  (1) Comfort for the devout and torture for the disbelievers.  (2) Religious corruption.
• Death of an animal: The interpreter should bear in mind what the animal symbolizes. For instance, a lion or an elephant would refer to the supreme authority in the country. The elephant represents a huge man, the cat and the mouse are thieves, and females are, indeed, women.
• Death of a ferocious animal with fangs and claws: Triumph over enemies and safety from harm.
• Death of a domestic beast: Bad omen, especially if it is the only beast that the dreamer possesses.
• Difficult passage from life to death: Severe chastisement in the Hereafter.
• Death of a child: Death of a woman and vice versa, because Muslim scholars used to find that women and children have this in common: lack of religious faith and reason.
• Terrible death occurring in a certain place: A fire will break out in that place.

Pilgrimage Dream Explanation — (Hajj) Performing the pilgrimage to Mecca, fulfilling its obligatory pillars and celebrating its ceremonies in a dream represents one's spiritual and religious growth. It will bring him a great reward in this life and in the next, appease his fears, and imply that he is a trustworthy person. If this dream occurs during the pilgrimage season, it means profits for a merchant, recovery for the sick, finding guidance after heedlessness, or it could mean that one will perform his pilgrimage if he had not yet fulfilled this obligatory religious duty. If one's dream takes place outside the pilgrimage season, then it could mean the opposite. If one sees himself as a pilgrim in a dream, and if he disdains from actually perform his pilgrimage, though he possesses the means to do so, it means that he is a reprobate and an ungrateful person. Performing one's pilgrimage in a dream also indicates the necessity to serve one's parents and to be true to them, or the duty to serve one's teacher and be truthful with him. Performing one's pilgrimage in a dream also means visiting a gnostic, a saint, a sheikh, a scholar, or it could mean getting married, acquiring knowledge, satisfying one's needs, recuperating from an illness, repenting from sin, or joining the company of pious people. If one travels to perform his pilgrimage using a vehicle in a dream, it means that he will receive help from Allah Almighty. If he travels on foot leading a camel in the dream, it means that he will do so with the help of a woman. If he rides an elephant in the dream, it means that he will perform his pilgrimage as a member of a governmental delegation. If one travels on foot in the dream, it means that he has made a vow which he must fulfil. Seeing oneself returning from a pilgrimage in a dream means profits and relief from stress. If one carries his provisions with him in the dream, it means that he stands before his Lord with piety and reverence. Carrying the pilgrim's provisions in a dream also means paying poor people their dues, or it could mean paying one's debts. If one sees himself going to perform his pilgrimage alone, and the people standing up to pay their farewell to him in a dream, it means that he will die shortly. (Also see Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Mina; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Responding; Sai; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

Head Dream Explanation — The person’s head is the imam or Muslim spiritual leader, his chief, his capital, or his endeavours. It also symbolizes his parents and his children if they are alive. Moreover, it symbolizes the mind or the brain. Any disease in the head applies to the dreamer’s chief.
• The imam seeing his head bigger than usual: Abundance and more power.
• An ordinary person seeing his head bigger than usual: More dignity. The reverse is also true.
• The imam seeing himself with a ram head: He will be fair and just.
• The imam seeing himself with a dog head: He will be a tyrant and treat his subjects foolishly.
• A person whose parents or children are alive dreaming of having been beheaded: Bad omen.
• The same dream made by a person who is afraid or condemned to death: A good dream, because you only die once.
• A capitalist dreaming that his head has been severed: Will lose his capital.
• Owning a head: Will have a capital of at least one thousand monetary units.
• Eating one’s own head or some of the bones of the skull: Will eat up one’s capital.
• Having two or three heads:  (1) If engaged in a duel: Will beat the adversary.  (2) If poor: Will get rich.  (3) If rich: Will have good children.  (4) If a bachelor: Will get married and obtain what is desired.
• A merchant seeing himself upside-down: Will suffer a setback in his business.
• A man seeing himself hanging upside-down:  (1) Will have a long life, but full of toiling.  (2) Will be blamed.
• Hanging upside-down in front of a crowd: The dreamer has done something wrong, feels sorry about it, and is repenting, but will live long, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: “He whom We bring unto old age, We reverse him in creation  (making him go back to weakness after strength). Have ye then no sense?”  (“Ya-Sin,” verse 68.)
• One’s head being reversed:  (1) If planning a trip, there will be a hindrance, but the trip will take place at a later time.  (2) If already abroad, will return to the homeland but a bit late, unintentionally.
• A cold sore and pain in the head or neck: An epidemic will strike the people.
• Seeing oneself with a dog head, a donkey head, a horse head, or the head of any domestic animal: Will suffer from vexation, trouble, fatigue, and servitude.
• Seeing oneself with the head of an elephant, a lion, a tiger, or a wolf: The dreamer is handling matters beyond his capacity or surpassing himself, but not without success, and he will rise to the top and subdue his enemies.
• Having a bird head: Will travel very often.
• Seeing severed heads: People will submit to the dreamer’s authority.
• Eating a person’s head raw: Will backbite a chief and obtain money from some leaders.
• Eating a cooked head: Will eat up capital.
• The dreamer’s head having been removed without being hit: Separation from the chief. The head being subsequently displaced means money will go.
• Recovering one’s head, which had fallen without reason:  (1) Financial gains.  (2) Will recover, if ill.
• Replacing one’s severed head and seeing it working: Will be killed in Jihad  (holy struggle).
• Seeing a head on a metal or wooden spearhead: A reference to a high-ranking official.
• Seeing a head in a container stained with blood: A chief is lying to the dreamer.
• The neck having been hit with a sword, sending the head reeling on the ground:  (1) If ill, will heal.  (2) If indebted, will settle debts.  (3) If the dreamer has never been to Mecca (Makkah), he will go there.  (4) If worried or at war, will be relieved. In case the one who had cut off the head was identified, relief would come at the hand of such a person. If that person was a child below the age of puberty or if the dreamer was ill for a long time, relief would be followed by death. However, the same dream made by someone who is neither ill nor indebted, nor worried, nor at war would mean that the dreamer will no longer be prosperous and will be abandoned by his chief and his power will wane.
• A king beheading the dreamer: The king is God, Who will save the dreamer from his trouble and help him out.
• A king severing the heads of his subjects: That king will grant an amnesty to convicts.
• Carrying the head in one’s hand: Good dream for a childless person or one who cannot go abroad.
• Carrying an alternative head: The dreamer is fighting a plague or trying to remedy something bad he had concocted.
• Seeing oneself having cut off people’s heads at one’s home: People will be driven to the dreamer and will come to his home of their own free will or will assemble there.
• Seeing horns on one’s head: The dreamer is an invincible man.29
• Seeing oneself with a big head: The dreamer has a big brain.
• Seeing oneself headless: The dreamer is ignorant and has little, if any, brains.
• Eating the head of a dead person: The dreamer will die soon.

Surah Or Surat, Plural Suwar  (Chapter Of The Holy Quran) Dream Explanation — • “Al-Fatihah”  (The Opening): Dreaming of reading it or part thereof: The doors of welfare will be open before the dreamer and prayers will be responded to favourably. No more harm.
• “Al-Baqarah”  (The Cow or The Heifer): Better virtue, blessings, and long life.
• “Al-Imran”  (The Imran Family):  (1) Mind will be clearer and will contest the wrongdoers.  (2) The dreamer might be unlucky amid his family.
• “Al-Nisae”  (Women): The dreamer will distribute people’s heritage, will marry free women and girls, will inherit women, and after a long life will marry a beautiful woman who will not be good to the dreamer but will inherit his fortune, if any.
• “Al-Maidah”  (The Table Spread): More faith and prestige, sagacity, and a noble soul.
• “Al-Anam”  (Cattle): The dreamer will have more cattle or assets, will be more proficient in religion and blessed by God.
• “Al-Araf  (The Heights): The dreamer will master many disciplines and will not die before visiting Mount Sinai.
• “Al-Anfal”  (The Spoils of War): Victory, booty, and prosperity.
• “Al-Baraah”  (Freedom from Obligation) or “Al-Taubah”  (Repentance): The dreamer will always be praised by good people and die after repenting.
• “Yunus”  (Jonah): The dreamer will worship God more, receive good tidings, and live in welfare and never shall any plot or witchcraft affect him.
• “Hud”  (Hud): The dreamer will plow the land and be blessed with many children, but have numerous enemies and might be estranged.
• “Yusuf”  (Joseph):  (1) The animosity of one’s own family, which will compel the dreamer to find his way and try his luck away from home.  (3) Rehabilitation will replace injustice.
• “Al-Rad”  (The Thunder):  (1) Poverty and early graying of hair.  (2) The dreamer will use various formulas to implore God.
• “Ibrahim”  (Abraham): The dreamer will constantly use the rosary, and prayers will be heard by God. “Al-Hijr”  (The Rocky Tract): The dreamer will be blessed by God and well preserved by his family.
• “Al-Nahl”  (The Bees): The dreamer will acquire knowledge, will recover, if ill, and will always find his bread.
• “Al-Israe” or “Bani Israil”  (The Carrying by Night or The Children of Israel):  (1) The dreamer will be persecuted by the sultan  (authority).  (2) The dreamer will become the target of conspiracies, but will be cherished by God and will triumph over his enemies.
• “Al-Kahf  (The cave): The dreamer will be lucky, wishes will be fulfilled and the dreamer will live so long as to find life tedious and yearn for death.
• “Maryam”  (Mary):  (1) The dreamer will experience hardships, with ultimate relief.  (2) The dreamer will be calumniated, then the dreamer’s innocence will be discovered and known to all.
• “Ta-Ha”  (Enigmatic Expression): The dreamer will be immune from witchcraft, but must pray at night and be good to others.
• “Al-Anbiyae”  (The Prophets): Relief after hardships, prosperity after dearth; knowledge; and people’s hopes will be pinned on the dreamer.
• “Al-Hajj”  (The Pilgrimage): The dreamer will perform the pilgrimage and the Umrah, minor or out-of-season pilgrimage, several times.
• “Al-Muminun”  (The Believers): Stronger and irreversible faith in and reverence to God.
• “Al-Nur”  (Light): The dreamer will promote virtue and deter vice, and God will light the dreamer’s heart and path during his lifetime and in the Hereafter.
• “Al-Furqan”  (The Criterion): The dreamer likes justice and cannot stand mischief. He discerns perfectly between what is right and what is wrong.
• “Al-Shuarae”  (The Poets): Tremendous gains, God will shield the dreamer against sins. •Al-Naml”  (The Ants):  (1) The dreamer will be given a realm or rule over his folk.  (2) He will like truth and abhor injustice.
• “Al-Qasas”  (The Requital or Law of Equality):  (1) The dreamer will be put to a test by The Almighty.  (2) He will find a treasure.
• “Al-Ankabut”  (The Spider): God is giving the dreamer good tidings and will not put him to a hard test as long as he lives.
• “Al-Rum”  (The Romans): The dreamer is a hypocrite deep inside. If a military leader, he will conquer, by the grace of God, an atheistic country whose people will worship God as a result of his efforts. “Luqman”: The dreamer will acquire wisdom.
• “Al-Sajdah”  (The Prostration): The dreamer will be a staunch believer in the unity of God  (Tawheed) and will die prostrate and earn Paradise.
• “Al-Ahzab”  (The Clans): The dreamer will live long and always be good to parents.
• “Sabae” (Sheba):  (1) The dreamer is courageous and not afraid to carry arms.  (2) He will become an ascetic or a recluse.
• “Al-Fatir”  (The Creator):  (1) The dreamer will see God Almighty and become a holy person.  (2) God will shower His blessings on the dreamer.
• “Ya-Sin”  (An Enigma): The dreamer will be religious and righteous and loved by Muslims in particular.
• “Al-Saffat”  (Those Who Set the Ranks): Honest living and the dreamer will be blessed with two male children or one but very obedient.
• “Sad”  (Enigma):  (1) The dreamer will get richer and more skilful in his craft or profession.  (2) He will be jealous.  (3) He will be a womanizer.
• “Al-Zumar”  (The Troops):  (1) The dreamer will live to become a great-grandfather or -mother.  (2) He will remain or become religious till the end of his life.
• “Al-Mumin” or “Ghafer”  (The Believer or The One Who Forgives):  (1) Whatever the believer is certain of is good and sound.  (2) He will always be prosperous.
• “Ha-Mim As-Sajdah”  (Enigmatic letters followed by The Prostration) or Fussilat  (The Surah whose verses have been explained in detail): The dreamer will promote right and justice and be appreciated by plenty of people whom he will show the right path.
• “Al-Shura”  (The Counsel) or “Ha, Mim, Ain, Sin, Kaf  (Enigmatic letters): The dreamer will learn and act in the right direction and will have an extremely long life.
• “Al-Zukhruf  (The Ornaments [of Gold]): Despite the deterioration in earnings, luck, and living conditions, the dreamer will remain truthful.
• “Al-Dukhdn”  (The Smoke): The dreamer will get rich and be immune from tyrants and from the tortures of the Hereafter.
• “Al-Jathiah”  (The Crouching or Bending the Knee): The dreamer will become a hermit or always revere God.
• “Al-Ahqaf  (The Wind-Curved Sandhills):  (1) The dreamer will witness incredible things in life.  (2) He will neglect and fail to support his parents.
• “Muhammad”:  (1) The dreamer will enjoy good or better reputation.  (2) He will be visited by an angel in the best shape.
• “Al-Fat’h”  (Victory):  (1) The dreamer will be cherished by God.  (2) Struggle will culminate in victory.
• “Al-Hujurat”  (The Private Apartments or The Rooms):  (1) Material responsibilities toward parents and in-laws will be discharged.  (2) The dreamer will be knowledgeable, and people will come to the dreamer to seek his help.
• “Qaf  (Enigmatic letter):  (1) Plenty of welfare.  (2) The dreamer will reconcile people.
• “Al-Dhariyat”  (The Winnowing Winds): The dreamer will be lucky in agriculture and with girls. “Al-Tur”  (The Mount):  (1) The dreamer will settle near Mecca (Makkah).  (2) God will accept the dreamer’s prayers.
• “Al-Najm”  (The Star): The dreamer will have a good-looking and handsome boy or will have many children who will die while trying to earn God’s satisfaction.
• “Al-Qamar”  (The Moon): The dreamer will be the target of sorcery, but in vain.
• “Al-Rahmdn”  (The Beneficent): The dreamer will enjoy the benefits of this world and God’s mercy in the Hereafter.
• “Al-Waqiah”  (The Event):  (1) The dreamer will be foremost among those who obey God.  (2) He will be a benefactor.
• “Al-Hadid”  (Iron): The dreamer will be religious-minded and healthy and leave a praiseworthy imprint.
• “Al-Mujadalah”  (The Argumentation or She That Disputeth or the Woman Who Pleads [ as probably mistranslated in the English versions of Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall and Yusuf Ali, respectively, who relied on the first verse in this surah]:  (1) The dreamer will contest the wrongdoers and the dreamer’s arguments will prevail, thanks to the evidence the dreamer will produce.  (2) He will be harmed by evil people.
• “Al-Hashr”  (The Gathering or Banishment): God will bless the dreamer and destroy his enemies.
• “Al-Mumtahanah”  (She That Is to Be Examined): The dreamer will be tested and rewarded for passing the test.
• “Al-Saf”  (The Ranks or Battle Array): The dreamer will die as a martyr.
• “Al-Jumuah”  (The Congregation or The Assembly [Friday] Prayer: God will shower His blessings upon the dreamer in life and in the Hereafter.
• “Al-Munafiqun”  (The Hypocrites): The dreamer will be immune from hypocrisy.
• “Al-Taghabun”  (Mutual Disillusion or Mutual Loss and Gain): The dreamer will follow the right path and die as a true believer.
• “Al-Talaq”  (Divorce): A dispute between the couple that could lead to the two parting from each other.
• “Al-Tahrim”  (The Banning or The Prohibition): The dreamer will abstain from all that is prohibited.
• “Al-Mulk”  (The Majesty): Dominions or assets will increase.
• “Al-Qalam”  (The Pen or Nun [An enigmatic character]): Will be gifted in writing, eloquence and Law.
• “Al-Haqqah”  (The Sure Reality): The dreamer is right, but in danger of being beaten and cut to pieces or ostracized.
• “Al-Maarij”  (The Ascending Stairways or The Ways of Ascent): The dreamer will be secure, as Allah will give him victory.
• “Nuh”  (Noah): The dreamer will promote virtue, deter vice, and overcome adversaries.
• “Al-Jinn”  (The Jinn): The dreamer will be immune from the evil of the genies.
• “Al-Muzzammil”  (The Enshrouded One or The One Folded in Garments):  (1) The dreamer will be blessed with the ability to wake up and pray at night.  (2) He will be patient and will be praised by various people.
• “Al-Muddath-thir”  (The Cloaked One or The One Wrapped Up): The dreamer’s reputation will improve, and he will be patient. In other interpretations, everyday bread will shrink.
• “Al-Qiyamah”  (The Rising of the Dead or The Resurrection):  (1) The dreamer will avoid swearing.  (2) He will never swear.
• “Ad-Dahr”  (Time) or “Al-Insan”  (Man) or “Hal-Ata”  (Hath There Come Upon Man):  (1) The dreamer will be overgenerous, and people will show their gratitude.  (2) He will live nicely.
• “Al-Mursalat”  (The Emissaries or Those Sent Forth): Abundance and enemies will be silenced.
• “Ah-Nabae”  (The Tidings or The Great News) or “Amma Yatasaalun”  (What Are They Wondering About):  (1) Promotion or more power, prestige, and recognition.  (2) Heart will be free from worries and sorrow.
• “An-Naziat”  (Those Who Drag Forth or Those Who Tear Out): Worries, grievances, and betrayal will disappear from the heart. •” Abas”  (He Frowned): The dreamer will pay religious dues and plenty of alms.
• “Al-Takwir”  (The Overthrowing or The Folding Up): The dreamer will travel a lot, eastward, and make plenty of money from those trips.
• “Al-Infitar”  (The Cleaving Asunder): The dreamer will be closer to the rulers and receive honours and benefits from them.
• “Al-Mutaffifeen”  (Defrauding) or “Al-Tatfif  (Dealing in Fraud): Honesty, fidelity, and justice.
• “Al-Inshiqaq”  (The Sundering): The dreamer will have plenty of children, especially boys.
• “Al-Buruj”  (The Zodiacal Signs or The Mansions of the Stars):  (1) The dreamer will get rid of worries.  (2) He will learn a science, most probably astronomy.
• “Al-Tariq”  (The Morning Star or the Night Visitor): The dreamer will remember God at all times, rosary in hand.
• “Al-Aala”  (The Most High) or “Sabbeh”  (Glorify The Name): Relief will come.
• “Al-Ghashiyah”  (The Overwhelming Event): Promotion, knowledge, and related fame.
• “Al-Fajr”  (Dawn or The Break of Day): The dreamer’s name will shine, and will be feared and respected.
• “Al-Balad”  (The Country or The City): The dreamer will feed the poor and come to their rescue and dress the orphans.
• “Ash-Shams”  (The Sun): The dreamer will be blessed with perception, intelligence, and shrewdness.
• “Al-Layl”  (The Night): The dreamer will be alert and efficient at night and immune from slander and will be lucky and have the ability to memorize anything.
• “Ad-Duha”  (The Morning Hours or The Glorious Morning Light):  (1) The dreamer will be good to the needy and the orphans.  (2) He will die shortly.
• “Al-Inshirah”  (The Expansion or Solace): The dreamer will have patience and be freed from worries, and everything will go smoothly.
• “At-Teen”  (The Fig): Matters will be processed quickly: needs will be satisfied and earnings will come easily.
• “Al-Alaq”  (The Clot) or “Iqrae”  (Read):  (1) The dreamer will be gifted in writing and eloquence, but remain modest.  (2) He will live long and be respected.
• “Al-Qadr”  (Capacity and Power): The dreamer will be better off as earnings and other benefits will accrue.
• “Al-Bayyinah”  (The Clear Evidence): The dreamer will make the atheists shake and will restore to the right path people who had gone astray.
• “Az-Zilzal”  (The Earthquake): The unbelievers will be shaken as a result of the dreamer’s action and feel the earth move under their feet.
• “Al-Adiyat”  (The Coursers): The dreamer will have horses.
• “Al-Qariah”  (The Calamity or The Day of Noise and Clamour): The dreamer will love, fear, and worship God.
• “At-Takathur”  (Rivalry in Worldly Increase or Procreation and Proliferation): The dreamer will no longer care about amassing wealth, but leave it to the public.
• “Al-Asr”  (The Declining Day or Time Through the Ages):  (1) The dreamer will have patience until support from Heaven reveals the truth.  (2) Business losses will be followed by tremendous gains.
• “Al-Humazah”  (The Traducers or The Scandal-Monger): The dreamer will make a fortune and spend it on philanthropic activities.
• “Al-Fil”  (The Elephant): The dreamer will triumph over enemies and, eventually win military victories for the Muslims.
• “Ash-Shitae”  (Winter) or “Quraish”  (Custodians of the Kabah): The dreamer will feed the poor and be at peace with mankind.
• “Al Maun”  (Small Kindness or Neighbourly Needs) or “A-Raayt”  (Hast Thou Observed): The dreamer will win a victory over opponents or whoever stands against or contradicts him.
• “Al-Kauthar”  (Abundance): The dreamer will be well off on Earth and in the Hereafter.
• “Al-Kafirun”  (Those Who Reject Faith): The dreamer will be successful in the struggle against atheists.
• “An-Nasr”  (Succor or Victory): The dreamer will triumph over enemies but will die soon, because it was the last Sarah revealed to the Holy Prophet and the one he used for his own obituary.
• “Al-Lahab”  (The Flame) or “Tabbat Yada”  (Perish the Two Hands) or “Al-Masadd”  (The Palm-Leaf Fibret):  (1) Some hypocrites are bracing to harm the dreamer, but God Almighty will see to it that they perish.  (2) Wishes will be fulfilled and good days are ahead.
• “Al-Ikhlas”  (The Sincerity or Purity of Faith):  (1) Wishes will come true, life will improve, reputation will be great but children will diminish or no male child born to the dreamer will live.  (2) The dreamer will repent.  (3) Death is near.
• “Al-Falaq”  (The Daybreak): God will ward off every evil, whether it comes from a human being, a genie, or any living being, and will shield the dreamer against the evil eye.
• “An-Nas”  (Mankind): The dreamer will be immune from all kinds of harm and tragedies and protected from Satan and his soldiers or aides, as well as the latter’s evil thoughts, which he induces.