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Islamic dreams about Decapitation find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Decapitation dictionary!
Decapitation dream interpretations

Decapitation Dream Explanation (See Beheading; Cutting off)

Cutting off Dream Explanation (Amputation; Beheading; Cutting; Decapitation; Scission; Chopping off; Severing) Cutting off one's hand in a dream signifies failure to perform one's obligatory prayers or being devoid of any need or an income that eliminates the need to ask others for anything, or it could mean repentance from sin.

Thunderbolt Dream Explanation Thunderbolts in a dream are signs of punishment, illness or death. If a thunderbolt hits and burns something in the dream, it means false rumours, damages, financial losses, recession, or dumping of merchandise. A thunderbolt in a dream also means a warning for a sinner, the punishment for his crime, devastation, calamities, diseases, tornados, plagues, a blast, a major political shift, tyranny, decapitation, a bad death, incineration, burning people alive, or a robbery.

Beheading Dream Explanation (Capital punishment; Death; Decapitation) In a dream, beheading means freedom from slavery or dispelling sorrows and dismay, payment of one's debts, or it could mean prospering. If one knows his assailant in the dream, it means receiving wealth at his hand. If one is sick, it means that he will recover from his illness, and if he is not sick, it means that he will attend a pilgrimage. If the assailant is a young boy, then it means comfort, joy and relief from his burdens through his own death. If a healthy person is beheaded in a dream, it means the end of his comfort or loss of his job or authority. If one sees the governor of the town beheading him in a dream, it means that Allah Almighty will save him from his sorrows and strengthen him in this life.


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