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Islamic dreams about Dates find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Dates dictionary!
Dates dream interpretations

Dates Dream Explanation — (Fruit; Palm tree) In a dream, dates mean money or a good message. Eating dates in a dream means earning lawful income. Dates are like money, they do not have a long shelve life. Unripened dates in a dream indicate the availability of water for those who need it. Red unripened dates in a dream may signify some type of blood disease, whereby the red cells grow to exceed in number the white cells. Dates in a dream also mean rain. Eating dates in a dream means reading the Holy Quran and reaping benefits from one's religion. Buried dates in a dream represent one's savings. If one sees himself burying dates in a dream, it also means stealing from the property and money of orphans. Dates placed to dry in the open represent money which does not last. To harvest dates in a dream in season means that one may get married to a noble and a wealthy woman. It also means acquiring knowledge. Harvesting dates out of season in a dream means that one will learn something good but fail to act upon it. If one see that he is fanning himself with a tender and a wet branch of a palm tree in a dream it means learning something beneficial from a hypocrite, or it may mean relief from distress. If a woman sees herself eating ripened dates that are dripping with juices in the dream, it means that she will receive an inheritance from her husband and that her name will be included in his will, even if she is divorced. If one sees himself taking a date, splitting it in half and extracting the date pit from it in a dream, it means that he will beget a son. Eating fresh dates in a dream means hearing good words beside other benefits. (Also see Bunch of dates; Date spread)

Dates Dream ExplanationDates symbolize the reading of the Holy Quran, good religious faith, rain, general and honest welfare, and savings.
• Eating high-quality dates: Will hear something good and useful.
• Buying dates: Will save money or receive money from some safe or treasury.
• Opening a date and removing its pit: Will have a child, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: “Lo! Allah  (it is) Who splitteth the grain of corn and the date-stone  (for sprouting). He bringeth forth the living from the dead, and is The bringer-forth of the dead from the living. Such is Allah. How then are ye perverted?”  (“Al-Anam” [Cattle], verse 95.)
• Eating dates with tar: Will divorce secretly.
• Seeing a measure of dates: A booty.
• Seeing scattered dates: The dreamer is planning a trip.
• Picking a date from a palm tree during the right season:  (1) Will marry a noble, rich, and blessed woman.  (2) Will obtain money from generous and noble people without effort.  (3) The dreamer’s farm will yield him good money.  (4) Will acquire useful knowledge and benefit from it. If the date was picked in the wrong season, he would acquire such knowledge but not use it.
• Picking nice dates from a dry palm tree:  (1) Will learn something useful from an unholy man.  (2) If in trouble, relief will come.
Dates being picked for the dreamer: Money will come to the dreamer through dangerous people he will govern. A man said, “I dreamed that I found forty dates.” “You will receive forty lashes,” said the famous dream interpreter Ibn Siren. Sometime later, the same man came to Ibn Siren and told him he found forty dates at the gate of the sultan, to which Ibn Siren said that the man would receive one thousand dirham's. When asked about the contradiction, Ibn Siren said that the first dream was made when the season was over and trees were dry; as for the second, it took place when waters were irrigating the trees. And he was right, on both occasions.

Bunch of dates Dream Explanation — (Dates) Having a bunch of dates in a dream means savings, family reunion and each bunch of dates represents a member of a clan, or a head of a household.

Intoxicants Made from Dates or Grapes Dream Explanation — They signify apprehension and doubt about one's resources or about the lawfulness of one's earnings.

Blood disease Dream Explanation — If one is presented in his dream with red unripened dates, then they represent some type of blood disease where the red cells exceed the white cells in number. (Also see Dates)

Bunch Dream Explanation — (Bundle) In a dream, a bunch or a bundle represents atonement for one's sin, or something offered to compensate for failing to fulfill a vow, or it could mean a tainted business or money. (Also see Bunch of dates)

Date spread Dream Explanation — (Jam; Paste; Spread) In a dream, date paste represents a lawful and pleasant wealth which is collected from different sources. Eating date paste in a dream means taking a cure for an illness. (Also see Dates)

Narration Dream Explanation — A person revealed to Imaam Jafar As-Saadiq (RA) his dream: “ I saw the sun rising from my body”. The Imaam Interpreted the dream thus: “You shall be given abundant wealth and treasures by the king orruler and they will also confer honour upon you”. Another person revealed his dream to the Imaam saying: “I saw the sun rising upon my feet and not any other part of my body”. The Imaam interpreted this dream thus: “ Wherever you travel, you shall receive from the king or governor. Wheat, dates and the produce of the land as your livelihood. All these will prove to be most beneficial and profitable for you.”

Sweets Dream Explanation — Seeing or eating sweets in a dream indicates one's sincerity in his religious attendance, release of a prisoner, arrival of a traveller, recovery of a sick person, marriage of an unwed person, guidance, repentance, learning the Quran, buying new clothing for one's children, having a loyal servant, or earning blessed monies. Seasonal sweets in a dream represent witnessing an annual festival, or the reinstatement of a just ruler. To feel saturated with sweets in a dream means self-conceit, lies, or it could mean extolment, or speaking nice words. Eating sweets in a dream also means suffering from cold symptoms. Though, eating fermented sweets or preserves in a dream may represent a cure. If a sweet is made from the basic four ingredients (i.e., honey, sugar, flour and manna or dates, or other fillings) in a dream, it means happiness, longevity, or escaping from the consequences of a dangerous business one ventures in with greed. As for a believer, eating sweets in a dream means tasting the blessings of one's faith, though for a disbeliever, it means indulging in the pleasures of this world. (Also see Pastry; Seasonal sweets; Sweets maker)

Henna Dream Explanation — (Dye; A reddish-orange cosmetic dye produced from the stalks and leaves of henna plant) Henna for a man represents his working tools. It also means adornment, money, prosperity, or children. If a man sees his hands dyed with henna in a dream, it means that he keeps praising his Lord. If only the right hand is dyed with henna but looks ugly in the dream, it means that he may commit a murder. Dying one's hands with henna in a dream also means carelessness about exposing one's good and bad qualities in public, or it could mean that he delivers his merchandise or work in any condition without acknowledging blame, fault, or recognizing his improper behavior with his customers. If one's hands are tattooed with henna in a dream, it means that he cheats to acquire his earnings. Eventually, he will be exposed and his opponents will rejoice at his misfortune. If a woman sees her entire body dyed with henna in a dream, it means having a good relationship with her husband. If after applying the henna to her hands, the dye does not work in a dream, it means that her husband does not show his love for her. If only the fingers are dyed with henna in a dream, they then represent branches of dates, or clusters of grapes. In general, dyeing one's hands and hair with henna as a makeup in a dream represents joy for the husband and wife as long as they do not exceed the common norms. (Also see Dye; Tattoo)

Underground granary Dream Explanation — (Granary; Pantry; Storage room; Subterranean storehouse) An underground grain storage house in a dream represents a caring mother, a single parent or a foster mother. This interpretation comes from the example of a fetus in his mother's womb and its dependence on her to supply the necessary nourishment. Once the stored food is consumed, then it is necessary to depend on a new source. If one sees an underground granary demolished or filled with dirt in the dream, and if his mother is sick, it means that she may die from her illness. If one's wife is pregnant, it means that she will soon deliver her infant. A demolished underground granary in a dream means finding a buyer for one's grains, and the dirt that fills the storehouse in the dream represents money. If the stored grain turns into dirt in a dream, it means that market prices will come down, or it could mean the loss of one's investment. Seeing a granary filled with food in a dream means that one's wife is pregnant. If a fire consumes the stored grain in a dream, it means rising prices. If one sees a granary filled with sugar or dates in a dream, it means that prices will stabilize and become attainable, while the type of food stored therein will be in limited supplies and consequently, its price will rise. If a sick person falls into an underground granary in a dream, it means his death, or drowning in the sea, or facing a highway robbery. As for one who is engaged in a fight, an underground granary in his dream represents a prison or a visit to a brothel.

Pregnancy Dream Explanation — In general, pregnancy means that the dreamer’s share in life will increase, be he a man or a woman. But there is a host of contradictions in the interpretation of such a dream.
• Seeing one’s wife pregnant: The dreamer is aiming for something.
• A man dreaming that he is pregnant: (1) His share in the world will increase inasmuch as the belly was big. (2) Sorrow is ahead. (3) If he had given birth to a boy  (in the dream), that means big calamity. Conversely, a girl means benefit. (4) He has severe problems and worries that nobody has noticed yet. They are likely to grow further, and he might be uncovered. (5) If a scholar, the dreamer will acquire more knowledge. (6) If a craftsman, the dreamer will earn money to somebody else’s benefit. (7) He is staying next to an enemy, or his neighbour is an enemy. (8) He is deeply in love. (9) He brings together men and women.  (10) A robber will break in his house.  (11) A wicked woman will hide in his place.  (12) He is sowing in the wrong land.  (13) He will steal something and hide it.  (14) He will perish by the cord  (a homonym for pregnancy in Arabic, the word for both being habl).  (15) He will get ill after eating dates.  (16) He will have a dropsy  (kind of swelling).  (17) A foreigner dear to the dreamer will be buried at his place.  (18) The dreamer is a liar who brags and pretends that he can do impossible things.  (19) He is concealing his corrupt faith and creed.
• A boy under the age of puberty being pregnant: A reference to his father.
• A pregnant woman:  (1) Her wealth will increase, commensurate with the size of her belly.  (2) She will persevere till she makes the money she wants, which will grow constantly. She will be proud of her achievements and highly dignified and praised.  (3) Trouble, unhappiness, worries, and concealed matters.
• A girl under the age of puberty being pregnant: A reference to her mother.
• A maiden getting pregnant:  (1) Bitter events will occur to her family because of her.  (2) Evil—like a robbery or a fire—at her place.  (3) She will be possessed by a demon.  (4) The clothes made or given to her on the occasion of her wedding will not suit her or will not be to her liking.  (5) She will be wedded to an incapable person.  (6) She will be deflowered before marriage and hence stay single for a long time.  (7) She will get married.
• A single woman dreaming of being pregnant: Will get married.
• An old woman being pregnant:  (1) A reference to an arsenal or an arms cache.  (2) A reference to unemployment.  (3) Fertility after drought.
• A pregnant animal, especially a good and useful one: Benefits and welfare.
• A sterile woman or a bull being pregnant: A year characterized by drought, barrenness, intrigues, and evil brought about by bandits and atheists. If, afterward, a frightening or ferocious animal is born, it means that evil, misery, fear, or worries will disappear.

Dye Dream Explanation — (Color; Expose; Hair; Henna; Hide; Gray hair) Applying henna or a dye to one's hair or hands in a dream represents a pharmacist, celebrations, glad tidings, tenderness, or it could mean compassion. Dyeing one's hair in a dream also means veiling or protecting one's personal life and that of others. To dye the gray hair of one's beard in a dream means ostentatiousness and adorning one's merchandise or deeds to make them look better than reality. Dyeing one's hair in a dream also connotes a display of blessings and favors, or it could mean dictating one's conditions to his enemy, if the person is in such position. However, if not, it means difficulties, aggravation, distress, debts or dropping off one's ties with those who love him. Interpreting woman's dyeing of her hair in a dream is the same as that of a man. To dye one's gray hair in a dream means strength, dignity and valor. Applying henna dye to one's head and not to one's beard in a dream means emulating the traditions of Allah's Prophet, upon whom be peace. To dye both the head and the beard in a dream means concealing one's poverty, though one will keep asking people to pay him respect or to recognize him in their circles. If one's hair accepts the dye in the dream, it means regaining one's status, though with less emphasis on his pride, or it could mean that he will make contentment his new ornament or trim. If one uses a dye other than what is commonly used, and if it works in the dream, it means that he will be saved from an adverse condition through miraculous events. If the new dye does not work in the dream, it means that his true nature will be exposed and he will have no solutions to protect himself from defamation or public abuse. If he tries to dyes his hair with dry henna clay, and if his hair still accepts it in the dream, it means that he is an ignorant person, though he will ultimately repent for his sins, amend his actions and improve himself. If a woman sees her hands dyed with gold in a dream, it means that she will give all her wealth to her husband and that she will be satisfied to see him happy, though in reality she too will gain power and status in her family. If a man sees his feet dyed and tattooed in a dream, it means that he will be struck with family problems. A dyed hand in a dream means hardship in making ends meet. If one dips his hand into a laying corpse in a dream, it means that he will witness a conspiracy. If one sees his hands dyed in a dream, it also means that he has reached the end of the rope with his money or business. If one sees his dyed hands wrapped or bandaged in a dream, it means that he will lose a trial or a fight with his rivals, or that he will fail to meet such a challenge again. Dyeing only the finger with henna in a dream represents branches of dates or clusters of grapes. In general, dyeing one's hands with henna or one's hair with regular dye as a makeup in a dream represents joy for the husband and wife as long as they do not exceed the norms. Dyeing one's hands and feet in a dream means redecorating one's house. If a poor person sees himself dyeing his hands or hair in a dream, it means that he will cover up the loss of his ablution during prayers or during his reading of the Holy Quran or during other ritual occasions where he is required to have ablution before proceeding. It could also mean that he cares little about attending his prayers. As for women, dyeing means happiness, new clothing, receiving gold, or a wedding celebration. If the dye exceeds the required surface of the hands or the feet in the dream, it means being struck with fear and worries caused by one's business or friends. If a man sees himself in a dream dyeing his hair or beard with other than henna, it means that he will suffer from what he fears most. Dyeing or suppressing one's feelings for a sick person means recovering from his ailment. Dyeing one's hair black in a dream means hiding one's bad conditions, spoiling the benefits of one's deeds, or hiding one's evil intentions. This is taken from the practice of Egypt's Pharaoh who sometimes dyed his hair black, thus trying to hide his appearance and ignorance.

Muhammad, The Muslims Holy Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him Dream Explanation —   (Also see Companions.) According to the Hadith  (Reliable Quotations of the Holy Prophet), Muhammad, Peace be upon him, said, “Seeing me in a dream is like seeing me in reality, because Satan neither incarnates, nor impersonates me. Whoever has dreamt of me has actually seen me. And he who has dreamt of me will not go to Hell.”40 The best of all dreams is to see the Holy Prophet in good shape, because most if not all interpreters agree that the Prophet is, for the dreamer, like a shining mirror. Therefore, his image reflects the state of the dreamer himself. And he is sometimes identified with the imam  (spiritual leader) of the place where the dreamer lives. It is also contended that when a person dreams of the Holy Prophet alone, the dream applies to all Muslims. The wives of the Holy Prophet allude to mothers, welfare, blessings, children, mostly girls, trouble, jealousy, and slander. When a woman dreams of Aisha, she will be highly appreciated and respected and have a good reputation. She will also be favoured by her parents and her husband. If she sees Hafsa, it is a sign of wickedness. Seeing Khadija means that she will be happy and have virtuous progeny. The sight of Fatema, daughter of the Holy Prophet, means that the dreamer will lose her husband, father, and mother.
• In general, seeing the Holy Prophet looking good: (1) Good tidings and joy. (2) God will help the dreamer settle his debts. (3) The dreamer will recover from a disease. (4) The dreamer will win a battle and achieve victory. (5) The dreamer will perform the pilgrimage. (6) The truth will appear with related evidence. (7) Truthful statements. (8) Promises will be fulfilled. (9) High prestige among one’s family and unprecedented gifts.  (10) Or, on the contrary, hostility, evil eye, and spite on the part of one’s family, whom the dreamer will be forced to part from. He might also emigrate.  (11) The dreamer might lose both parents.  (12) The dreamer will eventually have supernatural powers.  (13) The dreamer will treat the eyes with admirable skill  (14) The end of drought, thirst, and hunger and the start of prosperity and abundance.
• The Holy Prophet seen at his best: The leadership and authority of the imam will be enhanced.
• The Prophet seen in his best shape in a barren land: The dreamer will become fertile.
• The Prophet seen in good shape in a place where injustice reigns supreme: Justice will prevail.
• The Prophet seen in good shape in a place studded with dangers: The people of that place will be secure.
• The Holy Prophet looking white-skinned: Repentance, good deeds, and righteousness.
• The Holy Prophet looking dark-skinned: The dreamer will abandon apostasy and repent.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet with an all-black beard, without a single white hair: Joy and fertility in everything.
• The Prophet’s neck looking thicker and stronger than usual: The imam is worthy of the trust of Muslims.
• The Holy Prophet having an admirably big chest: The imam will be extremely generous and, when asked, will provide plenty of soldiers for the army.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet with an empty stomach: The treasury is empty.
• The Prophet looking slender and light-hearted:  (1) Relief from worries.  (2) Release from prison.  (3) The end of a siege.  (4) An end to injustice.  (5) The end of fears.
• The Prophet’s legs longer than usual: the imam’s life will stretch.
• The Holy Prophet’s thighs looking bigger, more beautiful, and hairier than usual: The dreamer’s folk will become more numerous and get stronger and richer.
• The Prophet appearing pale and weak or with ragged or worn-out clothes: Religious values are deteriorating in that place, and heresy is having its way.
• Seeing a sick Muhammad recovering: The people of that place will commit no more sins and return to the right path.
• The fingers of the Prophet’s right hand sticking to each other:  (1) The imam is not distributing any goods or alms.  (2) The dreamer will not perform the pilgrimage, will not engage in the Muslims  Jihad  (holy struggle), and is not spending on his children and in-laws.
• The Holy Prophet gripping the dreamer’s left hand:  (1) The imam is withholding what God has bestowed on his followers or soldiers as well as the moneys allocated for the Jihad and the alms destined for the poor.  (2) The dreamer is not paying the zakat, or religious dues, and is turning away from those who request his assistance.
• The fingers of the Holy Prophet tightly pressing on the palm of the dreamer’s hand: Complications and worries both for the imam and the dreamer.
• The Prophet’s hand wide open and the fingers widespread: The imam will distribute the goods, and the dreamer will go to Mecca (Makkah) and play his part in the Jihad.
• A cordial Muhammad giving the dreamer something nice to eat or wear, promising him something, or praying for him:  (1) The dreamer will become a just ruler, if eligible, promoting virtue and combating vice.  (2) If a scholar or an erudite, the dreamer will optimize the use of his science and acquire extraordinary spiritual powers  (karamat).  (3) If disobeying God, the dreamer will repent and return to the right path.  (4) If an atheist, the dreamer will come back to his senses and study religion even if he is illiterate, like the Holy Prophet was, as stated in the Quran.  (5) If scared, the dreamer will be secure from the more powerful as someone will intercede in his favour.  (6) If a heretic, indulging in innovations, the dreamer had better fear God.
• Seeing oneself in the image of the Holy Prophet, wearing his dress, or receiving his ring or sword:  (1) If eligible to become a king or ruler, will become one.  (2) Status will radically improve and all wishes will come true.
• The Prophet sitting in a place: The location will become a trend-setting one.
• The Prophet leading the prayers in a place: Muslims will unite.
• The Holy Prophet frowning or looking sad: The dreamer is in bad condition.
• Drinking the Prophet’s blood, in hiding, out of love for him: Will die as a martyr.
• Drinking the Prophet’s blood overtly as a manifestation of love and affection: The dreamer is a hypocrite who speaks ill of his own family or community and will help bring about their doom.
• Seeing one’s blood mixed with that of Muhammad: A marital relationship with someone from the lineage of the Holy Prophet or a ulema  (religious scholar).
• Seeing the Holy Prophet riding on a horse or camel, et cetera: Will visit the Prophet’s Mausoleum in this manner.
• The Prophet proceeding by foot: Will head for the Prophet’s Mausoleum by foot.
• The Holy Prophet standing: The dreamer and the spiritual leader of his time will change for the better.
• The Prophet launching the athan, loud but melodious appeal for prayers in a devastated area: Reconstruction.
• The Holy Prophet eating with the dreamer: The latter is called upon to pay his religious dues.
• Dreaming that you are the child of the Prophet but not from his lineage: You are a genuine believer.
• Dreaming that you are the Prophet’s father: Religious faith will weaken.
• Having obtained part of the body of the Holy Prophet: The dreamer is abiding by parts of the Islamic institution and leaving the rest, thereby behaving like a heretic.
• The Holy Prophet smiling: The dreamer is abiding by Muhammad’s Tradition.
• A woman dreaming of the Holy Prophet:  (1) Will reach a high degree of virtue, loyalty, and fame.  (2) Will have rivals, other wives sharing her husband.  (3) Will give birth to pious children.  (4) Will spend her money in a way as to please the Almighty.  (5) Will endure harm with stoicism.
• A pregnant woman seeing the Prophet: A male child is in her womb.
• Dreaming that one of the Prophet’s wives is your mother: Faith will become stronger.
• The Prophet seen with his companions: Victory for the believers and havoc and destruction for the atheists.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet fraternizing with his companions: Learning, erudition, and jurisprudence.
• An orphan or a stranger seeing the Holy Prophet: Elevation in life.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet in his youth: The dreamer is a warmonger.
• The Holy Prophet looking young and tall: Intrigue will be followed by a massacre.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet in his forties: The dreamer is powerful and will crush his enemies.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet in his relatively old age: The dreamer is looking for peace.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet as an old man: The people are healthy.
• The Holy Prophet standing amid soldiers armed to the teeth and laughing with vanity: The Muslims  army will be defeated that year.
• The Holy Prophet standing amid soldiers bearing a minimum number of weapons and looking contemptible: The Muslims will triumph over their enemies in view of the verse of the Holy Quran that says: “God had helped you at Badr, when ye were a contemptible little force …”  (“Al-Imran” [The Imran Family], verse 123.)
• The Holy Prophet combing his hair and beard: The dreamer’s worries will disappear.
• Seeing the Holy Prophet in his mosque or Haram or his usual place: Power and prestige.
• Walking behind the Holy Prophet: You are following in his footsteps and Sunnah  (Tradition).
• The Holy Prophet looking into the dreamer’s behaviour: The Prophet is enjoining upon the dreamer to be fair to his wife and give her dues.
• The Holy Prophet shaking hands with the dreamer: The latter is observing the Prophet’s Tradition.
• Eating with the Holy Prophet: The Holy Prophet is directing the dreamer to pay his share of zakat, or religious dues.
• The Holy Prophet eating alone: The Prophet wants the dreamer to pay his zakat  (religious dues) and sadaqa  (alms to the poor), which he is not doing.
• The Holy Prophet without his sandals: The dreamer is not engaging in jamaa  (collective prayer), and the Prophet wants him to change his bad habits.
• The Holy Prophet wearing his half-boots or his slippers: The Prophet is ordering the dreamer to engage in Jihad.
• The Prophet giving some lovable earthly matter, food, or drink to the dreamer: The dreamer will receive benefits as much as he was given. If the substance of what was given by Muhammad was negligible, like the contents of a watermelon, some harm will befall the dreamer and he will face hardships, but he will be saved from something terrible.
• The Holy Prophet giving the dreamer some starchy food, legumes, or pulses: The dreamer will escape trouble.
• The Prophet giving something sweet to the dreamer, like dates or honey: The dreamer will memorize the Holy Quran and become knowledgeable inasmuch as the Prophet had given him.
• The Holy Prophet giving anything to the dreamer: The dreamer will acquire knowledge and observe right and justice, but if the dreamer returns that thing to Muhammad, it means that the dreamer would turn heretic.
• The Holy Prophet addressing people: The dreamer will promote virtue and combat vice.
• The Prophet blaming the dreamer, arguing with him, or shouting at him: The dreamer has introduced some innovation in religion  (heresy).
• Kissing the Holy Prophet: The dreamer should check the stories being told about him.
• Reading from a Quran book to the Holy Prophet: The dreamer will memorize the Quran.
• A bachelor dreaming of any of the Prophet’s wives, except Hafsa: He will marry a virtuous woman.
• The Holy Prophet dying in a place: The Prophet’s Tradition will die in that place.
• Dreaming that the Prophet has died: One of the dreamer’s children will die.
• Seeing the Prophet’s funeral: Some terrible tragedy will occur at that spot.
• Marching in the Prophet’s funeral procession to the grave: The dreamer has a penchant for heresy.
• Visiting the Prophet’s Mausoleum: Fabulous financial gains.
• Seeing the Prophet’s Boraq or winged horse  (Pegasus, hippogriff):  (1) Very high promotion.  (2) Will have a round-trip full of health and wealth.  (3) Martyrdom.