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Islamic dreams about Chin Hairs find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Chin Hairs dictionary!
Chin Hairs dream interpretations

Chin Dream Explanation — A chin in a dream represents one's beauty, wealth, a supporting father, a helping son, a servant, an honorable position or a respected status designated uniquely for such a person. Seeing one's chin in a dream also means properly satisfying one's ritual ablution or perhaps it could represent the foundation of one's house. (Also see Jaws)

Chin Dream Explanation — The chin symbolizes one who is the master of his folk and who has an impressive progeny.

Jaws Dream Explanation — (Chin; Indignant talk) The lower jaw represents the chief of a group of people who has a large offspring. If one sees his chin elongated in his dream, it means that he will become reproving of others, and he will gossip in vain. It also means weakness after strength. (Also see Body; Chin)

Hair Dream Explanation — • Removing one’s white hair, one by one: The dreamer is doing things contrary to the Tradition of the Holy Prophet and has no respect for the elderly.
• A young man seeing some white hairs on his head: An absent one will come back.
• Seeing one’s hair having turned white: Will have a child.
• A woman dreaming that all her hair has turned white:  (1) Her husband is corrupt.  (2) Her husband will make her jealous by having an affair with another lady or a maid.  (3) She will bring trouble and sorrow to her man.

Beard Dream Explanation — • The part between the lower lip and the chin represents the man’s asset (s), which he prides himself on.
• Seeing one’s beard half-shaven: Will become poor and unimportant.
• The beard being shaved by an unknown young man: The dreamer’s prestige will be shaken or completely destroyed by an enemy whom he knows, his homonym, or his counterpart.
• The beard being shaved by an old man: Prestige will disappear to a certain extent.
• The beard being shaved by an unknown old man: Prestige will be shattered by a haughty and crushing chief, a bastard.

Beard Dream Explanation — A white beard in a dream means honor, dignity and good fame. If one's beard turns gray, leaving few black hairs in the dream, it means earning respect. If all its hair becomes gray in the dream, it means poverty and loss of integrity. Seeing one's wife having a beard in a dream means increase in one's wealth or growth of the bond business, or sickness of one's wife, or it could mean that she will no longer be able to conceive children, though if she had a son, it means that he will control the entire family. If a woman sees herself having a beard in a dream, it means losing her husband and if she is a widow, it means that she will marry a hard-working man who is compatible with her. If a pregnant woman sees that in a dream, it means that she will beget a son, and if she has a quarrel with someone, it means that she will win the battle and stand for herself with dignity and courage.

Gray hair Dream Explanation — If one's gray hair increase, but still include some black hair in the dream, it means dignity and reverence. If no black hair remains, then it means a rebuke or a reprimand one will hear from his superior. If one's black beard turns gray in a dream, it means that he may fail in his religious life, or lose his wealth. If one discovers two or three gray hairs in his black beard in a dream, it means that he will beget a son or that someone he loves will return from a long journey. If the hair of one's chest turns gray in a dream, it means that his food will become spoiled. Seeing one's beard brilliantly gray and beautiful in a dream means honor and fame throughout the lands. To pluck a gray hair in a dream also means disrespect for the elderly. Gray hair in a dream also means poverty, debts, pain, distance from others, being harsh with others, or imprisonment. (Also see Dye; Elderly person)


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