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Islamic dreams about Anointed find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Anointed dictionary!
Anointed dream interpretations

Incident - Shaikh Salim Bin Tsa and reading Qur'an Dream Explanation — He said: 'Oh Hamza, say You.' I replied: 'Lord, I cannot say that!' He again said: 'Say You.' I said: 'You.' He said: 'You spoke the truth Hamza. I swear by the Qur'an, I shall honor its readers and particularly those who lived by it and acted with it. Oh Hamza, the Qur'an is My Word, and I love no one better than the people of the Qur'an. Oh Hamza, come nearer.' So I did, and my Lord anointed me with a musky ambergris. Then He added: Oh Hamza. This is not only for you. I did the same to your companions who are higher than you and to those who are lower than you, as well as to those who read the Qur'an like you and who seek no reward except Me.

Mortuary Balm Dream Explanation — • A corrupt person being anointed with mortuary balm: Will repent.
• Seeking someone’s help in buying mortuary balm: Will seek that person’s help in a blessed endeavour.
• Seeking someone’s help to buy mortuary balm for a cadaver: The seeker is mediating in favour of a person who lost religious faith or asking to be given something to alleviate his own poverty or ordeal of any type.
• Dreaming of having been embalmed:  (1) Repentance.  (2) Relief from worries.  (3) Good reputation.

Mortuary Balm Dream Explanation — The mortuary balm or other stuff used in the mummification or embalming process to preserve the corpse and keep it from stinking symbolizes:  (1) Repentance for the profligate.  (2) Relief from deep worries. In general, it is a good augury:
• Dreaming of having or collecting mortuary balm: Piety and welfare, especially toward Muslims.
• Distributing balm: The dreamer is pursuing a matter that will benefit people.
• A virtuous person being anointed with mortuary balm:  (1) Worldly and religious affairs will be better.  (2) Troubles and worries will disappear.  (3) Will be secure and fear no one anymore.

Prophet Dream Explanation — In a dream, each one of Allah's prophets, upon all of them be peace and blessings, is like a compassionate father toward his son, who is trying to save his child from the hell of this world and the hell-fire in the hereafter. In a dream, a prophet also represents a teacher, a tutor, a sheikh, a warning, or glad tidings. If one sees them standing in a stately form, or if one prays behind them, or follows them on the road, or eats something from their delicious food, or drinks from their drink, or if one is anointed with their perfume, or learns something from them, or acquires a particular knowledge from them in a dream, it demonstrates his trueness, faith in Allah's oneness, following His Messenger and being faithful to his traditions. Otherwise, if one walks before them, or leads them into a narrow lane, or stones them, or mocks them, or argues with them in a dream, it means that he is an innovator and a heedless person. This could also mean that he will be persecuted by his superiors, for a prophet in a dream also represents a ruler or a king, and Allah's prophets are in truth the guardians of the souls, and they are kings in this world and in the hereafter.

Head Dream Explanation — If one's head is hit with a stone in a dream, it means that he neglects to perform his night prayers before sleeping. If one contracts any pain in his head or neck in a dream, it means an illness. If one sees his head anointed with fragrances or oils in a dream, it represents his good endeavors and piety. Eating someone's head raw in a dream means backbiting him. Eating it cooked in a dream means steeling money from him if he recognizes him. Otherwise, it means steeling from one's own property or share. Holding one's head between one's hands in a dream means reorganization of one's debts. Seeing someone's head on a tray drenched with blood in a dream represents the head of a leader who lies, or who is lied to. Blood in a dream means lies or falsehood.


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